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Currituck County Wills

Azricam Parker
Feb. 18, 1738 - Oct. 3, 1738
[There were two wills in this folder--one was the original and the other a copy in a different handwriting and transcribed differently.  The below is a transcription of the original.]

In the Name [smudge] God Amen the Eighten Day of feboreay 1738 I Azrikom PARKER of the presink of Coratuck in North Carolina being very Sick & weak In body but of perfict minde and memory thanks be to God therefor Calling unto Mind the Mortality of My bodey and knowing that it is Apoynted for all Men Once to Dye Do Make and ordaine this My Last will and testament that is to Saye principly and first of all I give and Recomend my soul unto the Hands of god that give it and My bodey I Recomend to the Earth to be buried In Desant Christan buriell at the Descreiton of My Exectors Hereafter Mentoned Nothing Doubting but that at the genrall Reseuriction I Shall Recive the Same Againe by the Mighty power of god and as touching such worldly Esteate wharwith it Heath pleased god to bles in this Life I give and Devis and Dispose of the same in the folowing Manner and forme

Imprimis Item I Give and bequeth unto My beloved wife Thomezon one Nigor Child Called Clemie? to be at hir Disposal after My Descese and Likewis one small troonk with a pies [piece] of Linen and one small pies of Cambrey and three or fower Silk Hand Corchifs [handkerchiefs] and Likewise I Do Make A reserve of this plantation which I Nowe Live on and give it unto My beloved wife Dewring hir widohood with all Improvfments Houses Housall goodes Catal Horses sheps and Hogges and all other materils belonging ther unto as it is at this presant Dewring the [torn] time and Likewise I order Thomas Salvester to Stay with My wife untill such time that he Comes of Eage and if she shold Dey befor he Comes to Eage that then My Son James Shall have him untill he Comes to the Eage of twenty one.

Item I give and bequeth unto My son James PARKER all this plantation which I Nowe Live on Contening one Hondred and fiftey Acors of Land with all Houses orchas [orchards?] pastors fences woods woodland marches wators wator Coorses to Have and to hold the same at the Expration of the aforsaid time which Land I Do by thes presents give unto the aforsaid James PARKER to him and the Ears of his bodey Lafuly begoten for Ever and Likewis this feather beed which I and My wife use to Ly on with all the fornetor belonging unto it and one gon [gun] Called the palentin and Likewis I give unto My son James PARKER one Hondred and fiftey Acors of Land A joyning on the south side of this plantacion which I Nowe Live on and Desier that he May Morgag or Mak seall of the same and ther with pay My Just Deebts and Likwis I order that the feather beed that Lyes on the trinol beed steed May be soled in order for to Reas the aforsaid Money.

Item I give and bequith unto my son Thomas PARKER one mosket gon and one Chist which heath a D__cik loock and Likewis I Give and bequith unto My Daughtor Thomezon STEVANS that feather beed which Lyes on the highe beedsteed above stears and such fornetor for it as hir Mother thinks beest for to Let go with it -- Likewise I Desier that My son Thomas PARKER shold Have My Nigor winch Called __t at My wife Desese to be and Reman with him for the speace of two years and then to be Delivored unto My son James and so to Reman with him for the speace of two years More and so to Continue Dewring Life Equly Deviding the time betwixt the parties afor said and in Consideration of the said Nigors work I Do order that the aforsaid Thomas PARKER and James PARKER Shall pay or cas [cause] to be payed unto Thomezon STEVANS the sume of two pound ten shilens in speachie yearly and Every year During the time that the said Nigor winch is of the abilotey to work and if aforsaid Nigor which shold bring Childrin the Child or Childrin Shall be Equly Devided betwixt Thomas PARKER Thomezon STEVANS and James PARKER.

Item I give and bequith unto my Daughtor Sera PORTWOOD one shilen starling Moneys of Ingland and Nomor [no more] and at the Expration of My wifes widowhood then all my movebl Esteat shall be Equly Devided thats to say Catal Horses Mars Sheap and Hooges and all Howsal planosen? that is Not alredey Desposed of shall be Equly Devided as afor Said in to fower [four] Equal partes and My son Thomas shall have on forth part and My Daughtor Thomezon STEVANS shall Have another forth part and My son James PARKER shall Have the other two parts of all the Movabls and Likewise I order that My Cooat and Jacket and briches Shall be given after My Descess unto Azricom PARKER and I Do set Miche ONEALL free or at Eage for to Act and Do for Him Self and I Do by thes presants Acknolidg this to be My Last will and tesment Revocking and Making Noll and Voyde all other of My wills and tesments and I by thes presants Do Make ordean Constitut and apoynt My Loving wife and My son James PARKER My wholl and soll Exectors of this My Last will and tesment in witness wherof I Have here unto set My Hand and seall the Day and year Above writen sined and seelled in the presants of
    /s/ Azricom [his x mark] PARKER        Seal

    Josias LITELL
    Timothy IVES
    Michel ONEAL

North Carolina}   At a Court began & held for the sd precinct at the Court House on Tuesday the 3d Octor 1738
    Currituck     }
Present His Majesties Justices
     These may certifie that Timothy IVES & Michal ONEAL two of the Subscribing Evidences to the within Will personally appeared in open Court & declared on the Holy Evangelist that they were present and Saw the within named Azaricam PARKER Sign Seal publish & declare the within to be & Contain his Last Will & Testament & that he was then and at that time of Sound & perfect Memory & that they allso Saw Josias LITELL the Other Subscribing Evidence Sign his name thereto at the Same time.  When allso appeared at the Same time Thomazin PARKER Exetrix & James PARKER Exetor & took the Exetors Oath in due form of Law.  Ordered that the Secry. have Notice thereof that Letrs testry issue thereon as the Law Directs
    By Order  Wm SHERGOLD Clk Court

[Written on the back: Recorded in the Secy Office in Book L? Page 211]

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

This will was contributed by Kay Midgett Sheppard. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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