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Currituck County Wills

James Owens
Nov. 3, 1854 - Nov. Term 1854

In the name of god Amen.  I James OWENS of the County of Currituck and State of North Carolina being low in helth but of Sound desposung mind an memery do mak and Publesh this to be my Last will thereby Invoken all others will made by me.

Itom I lind my wife Keziah OWENS the track of whereon I now Live Commencing at grave yard At the line betwen Samul OWENS and runing the main road a northly corse to a dich a joinding the Land of Isaac OWENS JU. thence along the ditch to achesnetree [this word was written as one word but probably should be "a chesnut tree"] then southly Course along a dich to Samuel OWENS line then along Samuel OWENS line to the main rode or to the first station.

Itom I lind to my wife during her widow hood or naturl life one third part of my wooling Land during her nathly life or widow hood.

Itom all my Island Land I give to my son Isaac OWENS and to my son James M. OWENS to be equelly divided betwen them.

Itom give my wife a years Provision Propty.

Itom I give to my wife one negro woman by the name of Suson.

Itom my two bouys Popy and Jordan be hired out in 1855.

Itom my will is that all my propty be equealy divided betwen all my children except Esekin? norn__? is to pay to my Executor to sum of fifty dollors also Capt. Frederick WIND? is to pay to my said Executor the sum of fifty dollors.

Itom I give to my wife one small Canoe.

Itom I give the Land that I have Lent to my wife at hir death or marriage then the foresad Land to be equealy divided betwen my son James M. OWENS & dauter Rebcer [Rebecca?] OWENS.

Itom my will is that all my Lands in Tyrel County be Sold By my Executor except my Juniper Swamp in Calehands and that I give to my son Isaac OWENS and my wife to have a privelge to git rales and post and shingles and any timber for her own use.

Itom my will is that if my flat will Bring the sum of two hundred & fifty dollors to be sold be my Executor.

Itom I lind to my [word left out] during of her natuel life all my household propty of ever kind and also the kitching furniture and at her dath to be devid be twen all of Children.

lasty I hereby make my son Isaac OWENS my executor.

/s/        Seal

Signed in the Presants of us this the 3rd of Novembr 1854
Joseph BERRY

[On the back of this will is written:]
The Last Will & Testament of James Owens Decd.
Exhibited at November Term 1854
Recorded in Book No 4 Page 194 & 195

Isaac OWENS brings into Court a paper writing in the following words.  letters? a ____ to wit and proved the same in common form as the last will and Testament of James OWENS decd. by the oath of Joseph BERRY one of the witnesses thereto, who swears that he saw & heard said OWENS sign, seal, publish & declare said paper writing as & for his last will & Testament, that at the time thereof the said testator was of sound & disposing mind & memory, and that said BERRY & John NEWBERN the other witness thereto signed the same as witnesses at the same time & at his the testators request & in the presence of each other.  By the Court it the said paper writing be and it is hereby admitted to probate as a will _____ real & personal property & be recorded.  At the same time Isaac OWENS the Exr named therein appears & qualifies.  Let letters testamentary issue when called for.

Keziah OWENS widow of James OWENS comes into open Court and enters her dessent? from the provisions of said James OWENS will & the same is ordered Intered on the minutes.
    /s/ J.W. BAXTER    C.C.C

[Source: Microfilm G.030.1548672 - Currituck Co., NC Wills (original) 1841-1924; Vol. Ansell-Woodhouse]

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