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Currituck County Wills

Dr. David Jones
Nov. 8, 1822 - Feb. Term 1823
Currituck Co. Will Book 3, p. 139-140

In the name of God Amen. I David JONES of the County of Currituck N. Carolina; weak in body, but of sound mind, do make declare and pronounce this to be my Last Will and Testament. I commend my soul to he who created it my body to be buried by the side of my former Wives.

I lend unto my Wife Mary during her natural life or widowhood, negro woman Love and her two youngest children, Bob and Tom, negro woman Rose & child Miles also negro man Simon; and after her death the two negro woman and their children to be sold and the money equally divided between all my children, the negro man Simon I give after the death of my Wife to my Son Joseph Jacob.

I give to my Wife Mary forever, my horse Bob, double chair two beds and furniture, bible, two tables, sideboard looking glass, all the crokery ware and kitchen furniture twenty two hogs first choice at the plantation called DENBYs, three cows, mule called Jenny, two plows, horse cart, yoak of oxen at DENBYs, and negroe girl Sue & thirty five barrels of corn.

I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary C. FEREBEE the plantation I now live on upon Currituck Shore and to which she is entitled after my death it being her Mothers maiden land. I also give her negro boy March one bed and furniture, secretary & bookcase, all my silver spoons and watches & the mahogany washstand.

To Dr. E. D. FEREBEE give his own note of one hundred and eighty dollars or upwards, also all other debts he may owe me, also all my medical books and stock of medicine, shop furniture instruments etc.

I give and bequeath to my Daughter Bridget Elizabeth the land I bought of the THOMSONs were James HARVEY now lives and subject to his Wife's life estate, also my swamp land lying in buckskin swamp south of William PERKINS containing about three hundred acres, also the marsh I own on Bells Island, also one bed and furniture, also negro boy Alexander and girl Phebe and two hundred dollars in notes of hand and I nominate Dr. E. D. FEREBEE the guardian of said Daughter B. Elizabeth.

To my Son Joseph Jacob JONES I give and bequeath negro man Daniel, negro man Charles, boy Bush. I also give to said Son the tract of land called DENBYs lying in Gibbses Wood all the tract adjoining it called ARGILs these two tract contain seven or eight hundred acres, also I give him the tract of land I own in Moyock that I bought of WILSON it's the third of a tract of six or seven hundred acres together with all my other land not already given away.

I desire that negro girls Miria and Sarah be sold to the best advantage, it is also my will and desire that all other parts of my estate not given away be sold at vendue, the proceeds with my notes, book debts and ready money I should suppose would raise a fund of twenty hundred dollars or there abouts, out of this fund I desire all of my just debts of which there are but few and none of magnitude to be paid, and also 3 plain marble slabs to be purcased out of it and one at the head of each of my Wives and the other at my own. All the balance or residue of my estate not before given away give to Son Joseph Jacob JONES.

Its my will that if either of my children should die under age or without issue, that its share of estate should go equally between my surviving children or their heirs. I own three quarter sections of Mclalany Bounty land in the state of Illinois, which I also give to my Son Joseph.

Its my will that my Son Joseph be well educated and study some of the liberal professions, if he is found to have talents if not some mechanic art, of the profession I should perfer the Law. I appoint General James IREDELL his guardian with leave to sell part of his real estate, should it be necessary to complete his studies.

I appoint Thos. C. FEREBEE & Enoch D. FEREBEE executors to this my Last Will and Testament. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of. November 8th 1822.
    /s/ David JONES seal

Recorded Sept. 23, 1823

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