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Currituck County Wills

William Hunt, Sr.
July 31, 1886 - Sept. 2, 1890

  North Carolina     }    Supr Court
Currituck County   }    Fall Term 1890  

Wm. HUNT et als }
           vs                     Judgment
Sallie HUNT et als}

    This cause coming on now to be heard before Hon. H.G. CONNER judge presiding - and a jury having found the following issue, to wit,
Q. - Is the paper writing in controversy or any part thereof, the last will and testament of Wm. HUNT, and if so what part?
Answer - The whole will sans and except the words "daughter and Joanah HUNT" in the 6th clause thereof as interlined.
    Therefore upon motion of W.B. IHARD?, attorney for the plaintiffs, it is considered and adjudged that the last will and testament of said Wm. HUNT decd is as follows: [this entire will was in quotes]

  North Carolina  }
Currituck County}
    Know all men by these presents, that I William HUNT, SR. being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows - After my body receives a decent burrial - Item first.  I give and bequeath to my daughters Frances Esco HUNT, Virginia Dare HUNT, Sallie HUNT and Joanna HUNT, one bed and bed steds? with all necessary coming to each one of them.  I mean a bed apiece.
    I give and bequeath all my stock, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry all to be equally divided between my four daughters above mentioned.
    It is my will that all the balance of my chattle property be sold and my debts paid and any surplus to be equally divided between my four daughters above mentioned.
    I give and bequeath to my son Lincoln HUNT and daughters Martha JARVIS, Frances Esco HUNT and Joanna HUNT all the lands I bought of W.C. STONE? wife and whereon Abner JARVIS now lives, to be equally divided among them, each to share and share alike to them and their heirs forever.
    I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sallie HUNT all the land I bought of J.M. WOODHOUSE Adm. of W.H. NEWBERN known as the ALLEN place to her and her heirs forever.
    I give and bequeath unto my son William HUNT and Virginia Dare HUNT all the lands whereon I now live, known as my home place to them and their heirs forever, each to share and share alike.
    I give to my daughter Marina THOMAS five dollars to be paid her by my executors.
    I make, constitute and appoint Lincoln HUNT and William HUNT, my two sons executors to this my last will and testament.  I now declare this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills made by me, this July 31st 1886.
        /s/ William [his x mark] HUNT

    Leothedos? THOMAS

    It is further adjudged and ordered that the cause be remanded to the Superior Court Clerk of Currituck County that he may proceed to probate said will in accordance with this decree.
    It is further ordered that the cost of these proceedings be taxed by the Clerk of this court against Wm. HUNT, Executor of Wm. HUNT, decd.
        /s/ H.G. CONNER, Judge

State of North Carolina}    In the Superior Court
    Currituck County     }    Before H.B. ANSELL, Clerk

    A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of William HUNT, decd., having been exhibited in this court for probate by William HUNT, the surviving executor therein named, and a caveat was entered to same by said William HUNT and ___ginia raising the issue as to what part of said paper writing was the will of Wm. HUNT, and the said issue having been found at Fall Term 1890, of Currituck Superior Court, at term time, that the whole of said paper writing was the last will and testament of said Wm. HUNT, dec'd., except the words "daughter" and "Johanna HUNT" interlined in the sixth clause in said paper writing: and judgment to that effect having been rendered and filed in said cause in accordance with the issue so found by the jury; and the matter having been remanded back to the Clerk of this Court with the order that said will be admitted to probate as amended.  Therefore, upon the proofs taken and filed as to the execution of said will by the said Wm. HUNT, dec'd., and in accordance with the judgment aforesaid, it is ordered that said will be admitted to probate and be with the judgment aforesaid, recorded in the Book of wills of Currituck County, and as such filed as provided by law in the office of the Clerk of the said Superior Court of said County.  It is further ordered that said William HUNT the only surviving be allowed to qualify as the law directs and enter upon his duties imposed in said will.  This 2nd day of September 1890.
    /s/ H.B. ANSELL, Clerk of the Superior Court

William HUNT, the executor, came forward took the oath prescribed by law and letters Testamentary was granted him with will annexed as amended.  Sept. 2, 1890.
    /s/ H.B. ANSELL, CSC


  North Carolina  }        SS. In the Superior Court
Currituck County }
    I, William H. HUNT, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I believe this paper writing to be and contain the last will and testament of William HUNT deceased; and that I will well and truly execute the same by first paying his debts and then his legacies, so far as the said estate shall extend, or the law will charge me, and that I will well and faithfully execute the office of an executrix agreeable to the trust and confidence reposed in me, and according to law, so help me God.
    /s/ W.H. HUNT
        Sworn and subscribed before me, this 2nd day of Sept. 1890.
            /s/ H.B. ANSELL Clerk Superior Court

[Source: Microfilm G.030.1548672 - Currituck Co., NC Wills (original) 1841-1924; Vol. Ansell-Woodhouse]

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