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Currituck County Wills

Hodges Gallop

Sept. 2, 1875 - no probate date given
Currituck Co. Wills Vol. 5, pp. 39-41

I Hodges GALLOP of the County of Currituck in Atlantic Township in the State of North Carolina Being of a sound mind and memory, but considering the certainty of death, do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows

Item 1. I give to my three Grand Children, Clara GALLOP, Hodges G. GALLOP, and Marian GALLOP, during their natural life, and to their heirs, the property of all kinds, whatsoever, that I left with their mother, to be equally divided between them and their heirs, lawfully begotten of their bodies, as they become of age. The property is as follows: The James BEAN tract of land, the Hannah DAVIS and Nathan GREGORY tracts, running from the Albemarle Sound to the little MURRILL field line, to them and their heirs forever.

Item 2. I give to my daughter Nanbanna FORBES fifty dollars in money or notes if on hand at my death.

Item 3. I give to my grand children Willis G. BANKS and Margaret WOODHOUSE twenty-five dollars each in money or notes if on hand at my death.

Item 4. I lend to my son Graham G. GALLOP the same piece of land he now lives on, with both of the SAWYER tracts, the Dempsey GREGORY tract, and the piece I patented, with all the marsh and land adjoining the said tracts of land belonging to me, and at his death, to his widow as long as [she] lives, or as long as she remains his widow, and then to Graham G. GALLOPs heirs forever.

Item 5. I give to my two Grand Children, the sons of John C. GALLOP, Edward [Edgar] and John C. GALLOP, JR. a tract of land on Powells Point beginning at the lane of William W. CHADDICKs line running a Southwardly and westwardly course with CHADDICK's line and others to Isaac TILLETT's line thence Southward and Eastward course to a cedar standing on the main road, to where a school house stood, thence northwardly along the main road to first station, to them and their heirs forever.

Item 6. I give to my daughter Robanna GRIGGS the Ives tract of land whereon she now lives, the Noah OWENS and HARRISON tracts of land her life then at her death to her heirs forever.

Item 7. I give to my daughter Sarah WOODHOUSE a tract of land on Powells Point known as the MURRILL tract where Warner SAWYER now lives consisting of several pieces in one tract to her and her heirs forever.

Item 8. I give to my daughter Lucetta GALLOP a certain tract of land known as the John Lindsey SANDERS and Abel OWENS tract and also my right of patent in the North River Swamp, running from the North River to the main Road and lying on the Main Road, also bed and furniture, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 9. I give to my son Parron GALLOP all the body of land to the South of the old GAMIEL Bridge on the Currituck Sound running an East course to the sea thence a Southwardly course along the sea to James HOBBS and SANDERLIN lines; thence various courses on SANDERLIN and others lines to Ivey DOWDY's on Currituck Sound thence along the Sound to GAMIELs landing and bridge, also all the marsh and islands I own along the Banks to Long Point & Marsh. Also one bed and furniture one horse named Charley and one cow to him and his heirs forever excepting four acres of land where John TILLITT now lives which I give to him.

Item 10. I give to my son Willis GALLOP the following tracts of land: where James GALLOP ___ [There is an abbreviation following "James GALLOP", but I cannot identify it.] now lives on Powells Point and the FREEMAN place. Also the HARRISON tract and all lands thereunto adjoining belonging to me that I have not already given away, his mother having the rent of the Point Field as long as she lives. Also fifty acres on the North Banks adjoining that which I gave to my son Parron, from Currituck Sound to Creek Swamp far enough to contain fifty acres to him and his heirs forever, and if my son the said Willis GALLOP should die without any heirs begotten of his body, the said property left to him to go to my two youngest children Marshall P. GALLOP and Clarance D. GALLOP to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever.

Item 11. I leave to my son Marshall P. GALLOP the tract of land on the Banks to join the tract of land I gave my son Parron GALLOP, beginning on the west side of the Creek Swamp on the line of the tract of land I gave my son Parron, running an east course with said line to the sea thence along the sea to a place called Grahams Fish House, thence a West Course to Jean Guite Creek and thence along the Creek to the Mill Dam, thence a west course from the Mill Dam to Currituck Sound, and thence along the Currituck Sound to GAMIEL's Bridge to Parron's line except the fifty acres I have already given to my son Willis in this will; also a tract of land on Powells Point where Lemuel SANDERS now lives with Connie Island and marsh, to him and his heirs forever.

Item 12. I leave to my beloved wife Jane GALLOP during her natural life all of my household and kitchen furniture that I have not already given away or sold; one yoke of oxen (first choice) one horse (first choice) and John the old horse . Four cows and calves first choice; the big canoe flat and skiff all the farming utensils of every kind all the corn and provision and poultry, all the sheep and hogs of mine on the Banks, also I lend to my wife Jane the place where I now live Martin's Point with the priviledge of the Banks land the beach the Shoals and creek beginning at the line according to the will of the tract of land given to my son Marshall P. GALLOP at the Creek and running along the said line to Grahams Fish House thence along the beach to Starke HARRIS line, thence a west course along the said Starke HARRIS line to a pine at Starke HARRIS landing, thence the various courses of the shore of the Sound to the first Station. Also all the priviledge in all my marsh and beach land from Durand ROGERS to Josephus BAUMs line above the Cedar Swamp [stump?].

Item 13. I give to my son Clarence D. GALLOP, at the death of his mother Jane GALLOP, Martin's Point tract with the creek and a tract of land beginning where the line of Marshall P. GALLOPs began at the creek running Eastward to Graham's Fish House thence along the Beach to Starke HARRIS line on the Beach thence westward to Currituck Sound, thence along the Sound and Jean Guite Creek to beginning, the Marsh beach and Shoals and all the land I have not given away on the North Banks to him and his heirs forever. Also my iron chest with one half of what it contains to school him and the other half of what it contains to my son Marshall P. GALLOP.

Item 14. I give to my son Hodges M. B. GALLOP all of the lands and marsh on Powells Point that I have not already given away or otherwise disposed of. Also the tract where Mathias OWENS now lives to him and his heirs forever.

Item 15. I commend my soul to God and wish when dead to be decently buried. I now appoint James M. WOODHOUSE and Graham G. GALLOP Executors to my last will and testament. I wish my executors to sell at my death to the best advantage two mules and one horse at Powells Point with all of my stock of Cattle on Powells Point and the Banks that I have not already disposed of, and to pay all of my just debts of every description, Also sell all of my sea boats and nets and rope and after paying all my expenses use the remainder together with notes and money to be expended to school my five boys Parron, Willis, Hodges, Marshall, and Clarence, and if my wife should need anything that she may be provided for is my wish. I wish the burying ground to be fenced in and put in order, and I wish to be buried with the rest of my family at Powell's Point.

Given under my hand and seal this the second day of September in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy five.
    /s/ H. Gallop, E___ [Esq.? Elder?]

Signed and Sealed in the presence of
    J. [I.?] A. STOUT

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