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Currituck County Wills

Francis Farrow
Oct. 7, 1721 - Feb. 4?, 1722/3
[This will and probate was very difficult to read in places.  There were two creases in the will which were darker and the handwriting was somewhat different than other wills I've tried to transcribe during this same time period.]

North Carolina

In the Name of God, amen: october the 7th 1721

I Francis FARROW of the presink of Currituck and County of albemarle in the Provence a four Sd Being Sick & Week In body but of perfeck Sound Memory praised be God for the Same & knowing the uncertainty of this Life on Earth & being Desirous to Sette things in order Do make this my Last will & testiment in maner and form following that is to Say, first & principally I Comend my Soul to almighty God that Gave it and my body to ye Earth from whence it was taken to be Decently buiried as my Exe____ hereafter named Shall think fitt & as touching ____ worldly Estate as the lord in mercy hath Lent me my will & meaning is the Same Shall be Disposed of as followeth.

Item  I Give & bequeth to my Children all the caitle? according to ther Severall marks all the __ ______ & there increas being ______ to be in there own possishon to the boys at ye age of twenty one & the garles to have thers at ye Day of Maridge Saving my Eldist Daughter who has her Stock already in her own possishon & my will is that in case any of my Sd Children Should Dye before they com of age or maried that then ___ catle is of ye Deceaseds mark to be Equelly Devided amongst ye Surviving Children.

Item  I Give & bequeth to my wife Barbary FARROW all my Estate Reall & personall tell the Days of maridge but in case Shee merry again that then Shee Shall have her thirds reall & personall & the Remainder to be Equelly Devided amongst My Children in quantitys & quallitys.

Item  I Give & bequeath to Danll Guthrie FARROW one Cow heffer yearling & her in Creas forever.

Item  I Give & be queath to William ROLLISON JUNIOUR one Cow yearling & her in creas for Ever.

Item  I Constitute ordain & appoynt my Loving wife Barbary as? a ___ to be whole & sole Executrix of this my Last will & testament.

    Signum Francis FARROW

Signed Sealed & Dilivred in presents of us
    Danl: GUTHRIE
    John [his x mark] MACKUIN?
[his RJ mark] JOHNSON

Febry ye 4th (could be 9th)1722/3
    This Day Comme Dainell GUTHERIE before me and profesesed? that he saw Frances FARROE assine this as his Last will and that he saw John MACQUIRE? (or MACQUIN?) and Richard JOHNSON ________ __________ be fore said?.
   Wm REED  presedent of north Carolina

[On the back of this will is written: July 31st 1723.  Regestd /s/ Jno. CORNICK, Clk.]

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

This will was contributed by Kay Midgett Sheppard. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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