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Currituck County Wills

Henry E
Dec. 2, 1785 - Dec. 15, 1785
Currituck Co. Will Book 1, pp. 213-214

State of No. Carolina, I Henry EVANS, of the County of Currituck and State aforesaid being in a very low state of health that Thanks be to God for my being in a disposing mind and memory do call to mind it is once appointed for all men to die and (worn) the first place I recommend my soul to Almighty God that gave it me, and my body to be buried at the descretion of my executors, and after the recomandation of my soul and body I dispose of my worldly estate in the following manner and form, and where(worn) to put an end to all former wills that have been heretofore writ, I make and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament this second day of Dec. 1785

Item: In the first place I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved Wife Jane four pewter dishes, four plates, and four basons also all my pot iron, my loom and harness and wooden ware and one feather bed and furniture, one large paper trunk and one chest, and all my (worn) and four chairs, also I give my Wife one riding mare, bridle and saddle, and two cows and calves to her and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten forever, also I give my Wife twelve barrels of corn, and four stocks of bees, now my desire and whole will is that if my Wife Jane should die without a lawfull heir begotten of her bodday (sic) that all the estate that is above given to her should be equally divided between my Brothers Joseph EVANS, Ezekel EVANS, and my Sisters Jane WROTEN and Easther OVERTON, also the whole of my lands I leave to my Wife during her natural life then I give my lands to my Brother Ezikel EVENSes Son Henry EVANS to him and his heirs forever.

Item: I give to Joseph GAMEWELL five barrels of corn, and now I conclude with the rest of my whole estate as follows that is to say my will and desire is that my executors shall discretionally divide the rest of the whole of estate to and between my Brothers Joseph EVANS, Ezekel EVANS, and my Sisters Jane WROTEN and Easter OVERTON to them and their heirs forever and now I constitute and apoint my beloved friends Nathan HALL and William RUSSELL my whole and sole executors to this my Last Will and Testament in which doe sign seal publish pronounce and dedclare the same to be my Last Will and Testament.
    /s/ Henry [his H mark] EVANS     seal

    Matthias [his M mark] TOLLAR jurat
    Joine [her mark] THOMAS
    Ezekel [his mark] EVANS             jurat

Recorded and examined December 15th, 1785

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