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Currituck County Wills

Henary Etheridge
March 14, 1742/3 - July Court 1743

In the name of God amen I Henary ETHERIDGE of Coratuck County being very Sick and weak of body but of perfect Sence and memry thanks be to God for it but now knowing that [it] is ordained for all men once to die doe make this my last will and testement In maner and form as folloeth first I Give my Soul to almight God who gave it me and my body to the Earth to be buried at the desertion of my Exectors heare after menchoned and my worly goods I despose of in maner and form as folloeth.

Itham  I Give and bequath unto my Son Samel ETHERIDGE one young mair which he is no pusessed of onley the first Coult She brings to bear? _____ ould to be for my Son William ETHERIDGE but all the Rest of her increase to him the said Samel and his heairs for Ever with one hamor one ads one oager and one drawing knife.

Ithem  I Give and bequath unto my son Richard ETHERIDGE one hefor to with all her increace with 3 Chissels one hand sawe.

Ithem  I give and bequath unto my Son William ETHEREDG one hefor belongin to Stump with all her in Crease to him and his heairs for Ever with two Ewes and one lam and one great broad ax.

Ithem  I give and bequath unto my Son John EHTERIDGE one young mair with all her Increace to him and his heairs for Ever with one hefor and lam and one Gose and one Sow and Eight pigs.

Ithem  I give and bequath unto my Son Henary ETHERIDGE one two Cows and one yearling with all there increase to him and his heairs for Ever with one Ewe lam two Sows and aleven pigs 2 puter basons 2 glas botels and one small [smudge].

Ithem  I give unto my daughter Ann ETHERIDGE one Iron pot one puter bason.

Ithem  I give and bequath unto my daughter Peg? ETHERIDGE [Gordon Jones' book has Tedy Etheridge but it looks more like Peg or Pegy to me] three Sheep one puter bason.

Ithem  I give and bequath unto my daughter Mary ETHERIDGE two Ewes with all there Increase with one Sow one puter bason and all the Rest of my Estate with in and with out on menchined [unmentioned] I Give and bequath unto my well beloved wife Lusey [or Susey--can't tell which] ETHEREDG and her heairs for Ever and doe Constitute make and order her to be my hole and sole Exectrex of this my Last will and testment Revokeing all other wills by me made as witness my hand and Seail this fortenth day of march anodomony 1742/3.
    /s/ Henary [his x mark] ETHERIDGE        Seaill

Sined Seailled and delivered [cut off] _____ents of
    J.B. [his  x mark] BALLANCE
    William [his W mark] MAKEFASHON
    Moses LINTON

   North Carolina  }    Att a Court Begun Opend and held att the Court House In the County afore Said
Currotuck County}    on Tuesday The fifth Day of July Anno D. 1743   

Pres: His Maiesties Justices
    These may Certifie That John BALLANCE William MAKEFASHON and Moses LINTON three of the Subscribing Evidences To the with In Will came into open Court & maid oaths on the holy Evangelist That they were present & Saw Henry ETHERIDGE Sign Seal Publish and Declare the with in To be and Contain his Last Will and Testement.  Then also appeared Lusey ETHERIDGE [this name looks more like Lusey than Susey here] Executrix to the with In Will and Took the oath appointed by Law for The Qualification of Excr.
    Ordered that the Honorable Nathaniel RICE Secretary have Notice That Letters Testamentory may issue ther on.
    Datid att the Clerks office The 13th Day of July anno Dom 1743.
    Test: John LURRY  Clk Court

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

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