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Currituck County Wills

Tully L. Dozier
Nov. 17, 1852 -  Nov. Term 1852
Currituck Co. Will Book 4 ; pg. 168-169
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   I Tully L. DOZIER of the County of Currituck and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say:

  Item first I loan unto my beloved wife Sarah the farm on which I now reside together with the following negroes namely Lem, Tom, Isaac, Andrew, Daniel, Jonas, Lennon, and George and woman Lydia and children, and girl Mary for the purpose of supporting herself and raising and educating my children and for the further purpose of giving off to each one as they shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, their distribution share of said farm & negroes.

   Item 2nd I desire my executors (herein after named) to take charge of farm lying in Princess Anne Va. and also the farm whereon William C. ETHERIDGE now resides after his demise.  I also authorize my executor to make any repairs and improvements that he may deem necessary and also to cultivate the farm in Princess Anne or rent it out or sell it after two or three years should he think it best for the estate and to excise the same power over the negroes now on said farm in Princess Anne to wit Jeremiah, Bill, Lamb and girl Eliza and children.

   Item 3 I loan to Father in Law William C. ETHERIDGE during the term of natural life the following negroes to wit: Bob and Cudjoe and after his demise to go into the hands of my executor.

   Item 4 I desire my executor to sell the following named negroes for the purpose of paying certain debts assumed by me for William C. ETHERIDGE namely Mack, Luke, Smith and Stephen and Peggy and two children.

   Item 5 All moneys and notes that may be on hand after paying all my just debts I desire my executor to invest in good bonds or in bank stock as he may think best for the benefit of my heirs.

   6th and lastly I do hereby constitute my friend Jos. B. MORGAN my lawful executor to all intents and purposes to execute this my last will and testament according to the true intent of the same and every part and clause thereof hereby revoking and declaring utterly void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made.

In witness whereof I the said Tully L. DOZIER do hereunto set my hand and seal this the Seventeenth day of November A.D. 1852.

    /s/ T.L. DOZIER seal

Signed sealed published and declared in presence of

Currituck SS Court of P & Q Session - Nov. term 1852
   This paper writing is produced in open court and its due? and formal execution as the last will and testament of Tully L. DOZIER is proved by Alfred PERKINS and Wm. P. FORBES witnesses thereto who severally swore to said DOZIERs death that previous to his death they saw him sign seal publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament that he was then of sound and disposing mind and memory and that they signed the same in his presence and at his request as witnesses thereto it is therefore adjudged the same be and is admitted to probate as a will passing real and personal and mixed property. Let it be recorded.

   At the same time Jos. B. MORGAN the executor appeared and qualified as executor.

        Attest: B.T. SIMMONS, CCC

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