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Elias Dozier
November 12, 1827; Nov. Term 1829
Currituck Co. Will Book 3; pg. 232

State of North Carolina Currituck County in the name of God I Elias DOZIER do agree this to his last and Testimony in his proper senses of the sd.County I give to Amy WORDIN four dollars and seventy cents due by Louis L. DAUGE. I give to Amy WORDEN twenty dollars due from Patsey DOZIER. I to give Susanah SAWYER my sixty seven dollars and twenty five cents due from Samuel SAWYER.  I give to Winey STUART seven dollars and seven shillings which she or is due. I give to R. DOUGE one flax rake two hogheads and fat tub. I give to Ansalina WORDEN one wheel, one bed and chest and jarrs, some earthen wear. I give to my Sitter Amy WORDEN to do what she pleases with sic. I give to Amy WORDEN one note due from BUNNELL and a pare of wool cards and the note on BUNNELL eight dollars and eighty one and quarter cents.

To the above heirs given under my hand this the 12 day of November 1827.
        /s/ Elias [His x mark] DOZIER

Test. Thomas FANSHAW
         Dinah [Her x mark] LEE     jurat

North Carolina Currituck - November Term 1829
    This Last Will and Testament of Elias DOZIER was proved in open court by the oath of Dinah LEE and ordered to be recorded.
        /s/ S. HALL CLK

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