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Currituck County Wills

John Dean
Dec. 4, 1800 - March 16, 1800
Currituck Co. Will Book 2, p. 164

Mr. John DEAN request is if he should depart life that is to say his full desire is that his Wife Mary should have all right and title to every article and property that I received when I was married to the said Mary that was belonging unto her and my boy Petter to have the use of him during her life then after her death the said negro boy Petter is to have his Freedom and fifty acres of swamp between Jermiah LAND and John PERKINS that is to be purchassed by the persons that settle the estate and my earnest wish is the persons should be Andrew BATES or Edward DOUGHTY the remainder of my estate to be sold and one third to be delivered to my Wife Mary and the other two thirds to my Mother Sarah DEAN now in Hannoritter (sic) County at the seven pines after all my lawfull debts are paid this is his real desire before us this 16th March 1800
    /s/ John [his mark] DEAN

    Chas. V. HERBERT
    Benjamin SURR

Upon second consideration it is my will and desire that Thomas WALKER have the schooner on shares one half the profits to him the other half to my estate he finding all expences excepting the ware untill the fall and then to be sold for twelve months credit also the plank in the jarl and at Jeremiah PERKINS to be put to the use of the house now building
     /s/ John [his mark] DEAN

    John SCURR
    William STANDLEY

Recorded and examined this 4th day of December 1800

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