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Currituck County Wills

John Crank
Oct. 27, 1823 - May Term 1825
Currituck Co. Will Book 3, p. 193

The Last will and testament of John Crank Decd
Exhibited and proved at May Term 1825

In the name of God amen. I John CRANK of the North Banks in the County of Currituck in the state of North Carolina being weak in Body but perfect mind and memory. Blessed be to God for the same as _______ of my worldly affairs I make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say -

Item the first. - I lend to my beloved wife Lidy CRANK during of natural life or widowhood all my lands, houses, household and kitching furniture of all kinds all of my Negroes known by the names of fillis and Hariat also one Schooner called Honest-endeavour with all of the appurtenances also one half of the schooner called Decatur with all of Equal half of appurtenances three unto belonging also all of my flotiing Ba_lnegs that belong to me of all kinds with all of my stock consisting of horses, cattle and logs also my will and desire is that my Eldest son Caleb CRANK shall have one Negro girl called Harrot for his own use benefit and behalf also fifty acres land on the head of Kitahawk Bay ajoining the lands of William SIKES and Elijah SIBRON to him and his heirs forever - one half of the Honest Endeavour I also give to my said son Caleb CRANK for his own use benefit and Behauf also my will and desire is that my son Thomas CRANK shall have my Negro woman called fillis to him and his heirs forever with half of the schooner called the Cote together with all of Rights of two peaces of Land laing on Northern Gut to him and his heirs forever - now my will and desire is that if my wife Lidia CRANK should bring fourth and lawfull in time limits by Law be it a son or daughter that the said child shall have one half of the schooner called honis indeavour also the land whereon I now live with all of the improvement thereon also one peace of Land laing on the N Banks ajoining the lands of Mathias BEST containing forty four and three fourths acres to the said child to it and its heirs and asines forever now my will and desire is that my son Caleb CRANK and my son Thomas CRANK and my unnamed child if any should have all of my household furniture of all kinds all of my kitchen furniture all of my stock of all kinds Eaquly divided between the said three children with all of priviledge Land to them and there heirs forever - now my will and desire is that if my unnamed child shall not come to lawful the part of my property that that is given the said unnamed child shall shall be Equally divided between my two sons Caleb and Thomas CRANK to them and their heirs and asine forever. Lastly I made and ordain my worthy friend Daniel LINDSEY and my Beloved wife Lidia CRANK my lawful Executors sind seald and witnessed this the twenty seventh day of October one thousand Eight-Hundred and twenty three
    /s/ John CRANK

    Abraham BAUM JR.

Recorded and examined July 9th 1825

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