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Currituck County Wills

Richard Bradley
April 13, 1756 - June Term 17__ [Gordon Jones has June 1756]

In the Name of God Amen I Richard BRADLEY of Corotuck County and Province of North Carolina being Sick and weake of body but of perfect mind and memory blesed be the Almighty God for itt and noing that it is appoynted for all men once to Die & therefore first and princepoly I Recomend my Sole to the Hands of the Almighty God that gave it Hoping by the merets of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ to Reveal forgiveness for all my Sins that I have Committed in this world.  Second by my bodey to be buried in Such Dessent and Christion maner as my Exetr hereafter appoynted shall fill.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Hener BRADLEY one fether bed and furniture & also all my Stock of both Cattle and Hodgs which is in the mark Swalow fork to Right and hinder Square the left as also one puter bason and one Dish as also one mare and named boney and also one horse colt belonging to said mare & also one Set of Shomaker tools also one Iron pot also one you and lam one Chest.

Item I give and bequeath to my Son William BRADLEY one Spaid? mare named Dimon as also one Sadle and bridle.  I give to my Son William all my stock of both catle and Hodgs which is in this mark Swalow fork to the left and hinder Squard the Right as also one set of Cupper tools also one you and lam as also one fether bed and furniture one puter Dish and also one large puter bason and also one gun which is my Sons using gun and also one Croskut Saw as also one Carpenter ads and one frow and one larg Chist.

Item I give and bequeath to my Son Abel BRADLEY all [a small word was inserted here but is to small to read] stock which is in this mark Crop and half crop ___ Ear as also his using gun and one you and lam as also one puter bason and one Dish.

Item I give and bequeath to my Dafter Ann ETHREDGE one three year old Heffer as also one you and Lam togather with what she haith already Resived as also one galand bason and one Sow and pidgs.

Item I give and bequeth to my Son Abel one Hors Colt abou two years old.

Item I give and bequeath to my Dafter Alidea CORBILL one you and lam togather with what she have Resievd.

Item I give to my Son John BRADLEY one gun as also one Cow and Calf.

Item I give and bequeath to my Dafter Mary BRADLEY one Cow and Calf and also one foot Wheal.

Item I give and bequeath Elizabeth BRADLEY one Cow and Calf as also one [smudge] and two cast? heators? also one foot wheal.

[this line was totally obliterated by either tape or a crease in the paper]

Item I give and bequeath to my Son [smudge] BRADLEY one Cow and Calf as also [word unreadable] wedges.

Item I give and bequeath to my Well beloved Wife Dority BRADLEY one bay mare caled fillis as also the use of my plantation Whare on I now Live During her life or Widowhod and my Will and desiar is that When my Wife Dority maries or Dies that then my plantation Should fall to my two Sons Henery and William and their Heirs and my desiar is that Nither of my Sons Should have Liberty to Sell or Dispose of any Part of the Said Lands So Long as thay both Should live and if Either of the Said Sons Should Die with out lawful heir my Desiar is that then the Said Land Should fall to the Surviver and my Desiar is that if Either of my Sons Henery or William ofer to Sell his part of Land that then the other Should have full Right to borth parts and my Will and Desiar is that the remainer of my Whole Estat what is not already given away Should fall to my Wife Dority BRADLY and to her Disposial.  I also acknoledg this to be my Last Will and testament Renouncing all other Wills by me formely maid.  I also make ordain nomenate and appoynt my well beloved wife and my Son William to be my hole and Sole Exectrs of this my Last Will and testament to See the Same duly Proved as Witness my hand and Seal this 13th Day of Aprel Anno Dom 1756.
    /s/ Richard [his x mark] BRADLEY

Sined Sealed in the Presents of
    Kedar MARCHANT
    Josiah [his x mark] DOUGH
[hir x mark] DENBY

 Currituck County    June County Court Anno Dom 17__ [last 2 numbers obliterated on the microfilm]
    Present His Majesties Justies

These may Certifi that Keder MARCHANT and Josiah DAUGE apeard in open Court and made oath That they Saw Richard BRADLEY Sign Seal publish and Declare the within Writting to be and Contain his Last will and Testament and that the Said Richard BRADLEY was then and at that Time of Sound and Disposing Memory and also appeard Dorrethy BRADLEY and William BRADLEY and Took the Executors oath in Due Form of Law orderd that his Honour the Secretary have notice thereof that Letters Issue thereon as the Law Directs.
        William SHERGOLD CC

[Written on the back of this will is:]
    Richd BRADLEY
May 1758? Will Proven?
    Letters Issue May 11th/50?
    10 Copy Sheet 2.3.4
    Recorded in Secry office
    in Lib No. 9 Page
    208.209.210. 211. 212 & 213
    [signature unreadable]

[Source: North Carolina State Archives - MARS ID: (folder)]

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