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Currituck County Wills

William Bateman
March 30, 1703; April 25, 1704
Secretary of State Original Wills, NC 1663-1789

In the name of God Amen I William BATEMAN of the Northwest river in Currituck presink in north Carolina Being very weak of body but having my perfect senses And Remembering doe make this my Last will and Tastiment in manor and form following first I make [unclear words] all wills formerly made by me by These presents secondly I remitt my soull into the great and mercyfull probation of Jesus Christ trusting and stedfastly belleaving that Lo through his infinitt goodness and marcy And nott by anny merits of my own hath by meritorious Death and passion purchased Eternall Salvation for the same And my body I commit unto the Earth to burial After A Christian manor at the Discretion of my Executrix here after mentioned and for my worldly goods and Estate I dispose of in mannor and form following whereas I have three hundred Acres of Land back in the woods I give unto my daughter Mary one hundered Acres my Daughter Elliza one hundered Acres of it and my Daughter Isabell one hundered acres To them and the heirs of their bodies Law fully begotten The said Land being Devided Crossways into three Equall parts by my Executrix the first Choice I give unto my Daughter Mary the second to Isabell third unto Elliza And I give unto my son Joseph my dwelling plantation After his mothers Deseas and all the [unclear word] joyning unto it from the Beech knole branch [unclear words] branch and go back unto the woods as far as my [unclear word] goeth to him the said Joseph and the heirs of his body Lawfuly begotten And All the Land on the other side of the said beech knole branch unto my Corner trees by the swamp side I give unto my son William and to the hiers of his body Lawfully begotten my desire is that if Anny of my children Aforementioned Do die without such Issue as Aforesaid that then the youngest of them that shall sirvive shall posses his or their posesion of land given as aforesaid I give unto my daughter Elizabeth three pounds & fifteen shillings or the vallue thereof in this Country Comodities at the price Curant And I give unto my son Samuell one pound and five shilling in the same {unclear word] The said mony I doe order shall be payed unto the said Elizabeth and Samuel perpotionaly Alike by all those of my Chillderen on which I have given Land unto as Aforesaid as soon as they shall poses their Land my desire is that If my son Joseph doe sirvive and be of adge before his mother dye that then he shall have Liberty to seat by or with her as he and she shall agree.

I give unto my daughter Mary my Linnin wheell I give unto my son Joseph my Daughter Eliz my daughter Isabell and my sonn William Each of them A cow calf Emeediatly after my Deseas And all the rest of my Estate I give unto my Loving wif which I doe by these presents Apoynt to be my whole Executrix of this my Last will my desire is yt my executrix payeth all my debts whereas I owe to be payd out of my said Estate my desire is that If all my Childeren doe die without issue as aforesaid that then their land shall be for the maintanance of the poor of This presink unto the worlds[?] and as wittness my hand and seall this thirtyeth of March 1703


Signed sealled and Delivered Before us under written
Robert SMITH
Daniell ( his x mark) MAKEFASHION
Andrew (his x mark) MAKEFASHION

This will was proved in open Court ye 25th Day of April 1704 by ye oaths of Robt. SMITH and Andrew MAKEFASHION.
Test Edwd. TAYLOR Clk Court

Recorded the 7th day of May 1704
Pr. Edwd. TAYLOR Clk. Court

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