Currituck County Wills

Joseph Abington
January 2,1734/5; July Court 1735
Secretary of State Original Wills NC 1663-1789

In the name of God Amen Janeivary the 2th Day 1734/5 I Joseph ABINGTON of Curituck presink in Arbermarl County in North Carolina Being very sick & weak of Body but of perfect health both of mind and memory caling to mind the mortality of the Body that all must dye I do ordain this as my last will and testament First of all I do Recommend my Soul to God who gave it and my Body to the Earth from whence it came thear to be Buried in desent & Christen Buriel at the discretion of my Executor nothing doubting but that I Shal Recive the same again by the mighty poure of God who gave it And as for the worldly Goods where with it hath been pleased the Lord to bless me with in this life I do will and bequeth them in manor & form as followeth Imprametus

I will and bequeth to my Sone William ABINGTON and to my Daughter Mary ABINGTON my whole track of Land upon the Banks to be Equalie Divided betwext them when they arive to the age of eighteen years and that they shall be free for themselves at that age to Recive their portions.

Itiam I will and bequeth to my Son William ABINGTON one gun and a violin

Itiam I will and bequeth also to my son one mair big with fole & all her Increas to be equaly divided betwixt him and his sister Mary ABINGTON

Itiam I will and Bequeth to Kathren BECKLY one foure year old Black Bull Runing at Duck Jiveleses(?)

Itiam I will and Bequeth to my Son & Daughter all the rest of my Cattel & their Increse to be equaly divided betwixt them.

Itiam I will and bequeth also to my son & daughter all my sheep to be equaly divided betwixt them.

Itiam I also will and bequeth to my son and daughter all my hogs to be Equaly divided betwixt them

Itiam I will & bequeth all my housel goods to be equaly divided betwixt my son & Daughter and if either my son or daughter should dye without Issew that the survivor shall inherit all my estate

Itiam I will and bequeth to Henry WOODAS one gun also I constitute my friend Henry WOODAS as my whole and sole Executor of this my last will and testament and also if both my children should dey without Issew that their estate should be divided betwixt the said Henry WOODASes children

I also do disalow & disanul all former will or wills testaments or lastaments legases or bequests and confirming this as my last will & testament given under my hand and seal the Day and year above writen

Joseph ABINGTON (his signature and mark)

Sealed Signed in the presence of us
    Mathias (his M mark) TOLER
    Mary (her X mark) TOLER
    Francis HODGES
    Otho HOLLAND

No. Carolina
(Two lines crossed through. Appears to say, “At a Court be____(?) and held on _____(?) ____(?) at the Couthouse on the first day of” then continues undeleted) July Court Anno Dom 1735
His Magesties Justices
These may certifie that Mathias TOLER and Otho HOLLAND two of the Subscribing Evidences to the within will Appeared in Open Court and made Oaths on the holy Evangalists that they were present and saw Joseph ABINGTON Sign Seal and declare the within to be and contain his last will and Testament and that the said Joseph ABINGTON was then and at that time of Sound & disposing memory and that they also saw Mary TOLER and Francis HODGES the Other Subscribing Evidences Sign their names there to at the Same time (three lines crossed through. Appears to say, “There also appeared the witness named Henry WOODHOUSE and refused to take the Executors Oath ______(?) ________(?)” then continues undeleted) Ordered (several words crossed through.  Appears to say, “then by the said court” then continues undeleted) that the Honorable Nath’ll RICE Esq. Secrety Of this province have notice thereof that Letters Testamentory Issue thereon as the Law directs
Test James CRAVEN

Letters Issd. Nov. ye 22 1735

This will was transcribed by Marty Holland. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research. If you find anything in these records that pertains to your families, it is strongly suggested that you look at the original record on your own to check for errors or possibly other additional and helpful information. Thank you!




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