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pg. 61 Richard H. DEFORD Mary E. SOUTH 25 May 1861
John FORBES Sarah Ann DOXEY 26 May 1861
Malichi CORBELL Sarah L. STONE 16 May 1861
Samuel DOWDY Mary DOWDY 20 May 1861
William H. SCOTT Ann POOL 21 Apr 1861
Spencer BAUSEN
(free person of color)
[Spence Bowser of Roanoke Island in 1860]
(free person of color)
[I imagine this surname is also Bowser]
4 May 1861
Spence D. MANN Aby COOPER 27 Jun 1861
Andrew S. HOOPER
[of Rodanthe, Hyde Co., NC]
Martha C. MANN 25 Apr 1861
Cosa SAWYER Elizabeth V. DOZIER 13 Mar 1861
David SMITH Eliza WILSON (of color) 14 Apr 1861
Henry CLARRA Mary Susan STEVENSON 18 Apr 1861
pg. 62 Benjamin MERCER Sally Jane STONE 14 Aug 1861
William BERRY Martha Jane WRIGHT 14 Apr 1861
Peter MORSE Margaret GREGORY 10 Jan 1861
John B. ACHIP? Ann V. BARNES 6 Jul 1861
Malichi W. BEASLEY Mollie E. GREGORY 7 Jul 1861
Hollowell TATUM Caroline WHITEHALL 23 Aug 1861
Nathan O'NEAL
[married Mary Tillett before 1830; married Charlotte "Lottie" (Perry) Gamiel July 10, 1872 in Dare Co.]
Sarah Jane KINDLEY 15 Aug 1861
Lemuel BARKER Emiline GIBSON 8 Aug 1861
Caleb EVERTON Lucinda DOWDY 25 Sept 1861
John H. WHITEHURST Mary E. EATON 28 Oct 1861
pg. 63 Alfred A. RAMSON Mary H. TILLETT 4 Nov 1861
Brencil A. CREEKMORE Mary Matilda ALLISON 26 Dec 1861
George W. WALLER Fanny C. CULPEPPER 30 Dec 1861
Cary SPENCE Martha FULFORD 31 Dec 1861
Edmond MANSFIELD Narcissa Ann DUGLASS 30 May 1861
John W.F. BANKS Hellen A. MORTON 2 Jan 1862
Isaac WILSON Susan HUNTER 30 Jan 1862
James H. BELL Rutha B. FISK 9 Jan 1862
Taylor WATERFIELD Elizabeth CAPPS 19 Jan 1862
William W. McLANIN Mary WHITEHURST 6 Feb 1862
pg. 64 Luke POOL Nancy ROBERTS 2 Feb 1862
John H. MUNDEN Virginia E. MANN 13 Feb 1862
pg. 65 H.E. BAXTER Lydia FROST 24 Apr 1863 [see listing here]
A.J. PARKER Marion JARVIS 22 Aug 1861 [see listing here]
Thomas WALTERS Laura A. ASHBEE 14 Apr 1863 [see listing here]
George H. WILSON Mary E. PRITCHARD 3 Feb 1863 [see listing here]
Dempsey SMITH Melissa HAMPTON 31 Dec 1865 [see listing here]
John DENBY Frances MANSFIELD 11 Dec 1865 [see listing here]
Thomas NEWBERN Sarah HARRISON no date given [see listing here]
George N. JARVIS Sara C. LUPTON no date given [see listing here]
pg. 66 John W. JONES Elizabeth BAMAN no date given
Ashley CORBELL Martha DOXEY 7 Aug 1865
Edward H. HOLT Mary Jane NORTHERN no date given
Joseph B. GRANDY Arah Ann FORBES 21 Sept 1865
Richard AYDELOTT (of color) Frances PRICE (of color) no date given
Apollus O. DEY Missouri? A. FEREBEE
[listed as Lulia A. in 1870]
27 Nov 1862
James E. GARRETT Chloe RITTEN 9 May 1866
George A. WILKENS Louisa A. WILKENS 26 Sept 1866
pg. 67 James T. LAPELL Julia Ann SANDERSON 24 Mar 1864
E.S. HUGHES Mollie A. STEVENSON 15 Mar 1864
Davis B. MORSE Milly AYERS 14 Dec 1862
Jordan POYNER Lydia GRIGGS 4 Jan 1862

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Information for these marriage bonds housed in Marriage Book A is the research of Leland Tillett who submitted them to the Albemarle Genealogical Society.  While they are a good source of information sometimes the original records were faded or illegible so possible errors could occur.  Researchers are urged to use this information as a guide for further research.  If you should see errors in this work please contact Kay Midgett Sheppard for corrections.




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