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Vera Blanche Woodhouse
June 16, 1897 - July 13, 1899

This photograph is owned by Judy Merrell Brickhouse.  The back says Blanche Woodhouse and then Mrs. W.L. Litchfield Poplar Branch, NC. So far no census records have turned up a Blanche Woodhouse nor W.L. Litchfield.  Anyone have a clue who Blanche Woodhouse and W.L. Litchfield might be?

UPDATE from Roy Sawyer received Feb. 2, 2010 solves the mystery of Blanche Woodhouse - The picture that Judy Brickhouse posted of Blanche Woodhouse just about has to be "Vera Blanche Woodhouse", dau. of Daniel Wilson Woodhouse (21Jan 1863 - 6 Aug 1925) and his wife Sadie Dunton Woodhouse.  Vera Blanche's dates were:  16 Jun 1897 - 13 Jul 1899.  I know of no other person who this Blanche Woodhouse could be.  Daniel Wilson and Sadie Woodhouse only had one son, Wilbur Woodhouse, who survived to adulthood.  He died in 1980.  Wilbur and his wife, Eunice Whaley Woodhouse, had two sons, Wilson Whaley who is deceased and Edwin, and a dau. Betty Jane who died in her 20's.  Edwin has a son, Brad Woodhouse, who appears from time to time on MSNBC and has a job with the Democratic National Committee in DC.

UPDATE from Mary Hurst received Feb. 2, 2010 solves the mystery of W.L. Litchfield  - I did a cursory search on the family and found Willie Love (Jarvis) Litchfield in the NC death certificates (1844 -1932).  According to her death certificate Willie Love was the daughter of William Jarvis & Cynthia Tatem.  The informant was Mrs. Sadie Woodhouse whose own 1943 death certificate shows her parents as Sanford Dunton & Willie Love Jarvis.  [Currituck marriage records shows Love Jarvis married to S. [Sanford] D. Dunton on Aug. 6, 1868.  Sanford died in 1885 and Willie Love married Thomas J. Litchfield in Currituck Co. on Nov. 29, 1888.  All of these people are buried in the Dennis W. Dunton Cemetery in Aydlett, NC]

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