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Currituck County Photographs


Mathias Toler  Georganna (Crane) Toler

Mathias Toler was born in Aug. 18, 1840 in Currituck County, NC and died Oct. 5, 1905, in Pasquotank County, NC.  He was the son of Jasper Toler and  Sally (last name believed to be Beasley).  He married Zilphia Beasley in 1867. She was born in Jan. 29, 1850 and died Oct. 22, 1881.  She was the daughter of Burden Beasley and Mary "Polly" Hill Mathias and Zilphia had six children:
   1)  Sarah Toler, b. Sept 5, 1868 in  Currituck County, NC
   2)  William M. Toler, b. Feb. 15, 1871
in Kitty Hawk, NC
   3)  Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Toler, b. March 12,
1872 in Kitty Hawk, NC.  She died in Battery Park, Va. on Mar. 7, 1960.  She married Thomas Able Winder in Elizabeth City, NC on May 9, 1892.  She was his second wife.
   4)  John Toler, born May 10, 1874 in
Kitty Hawk, NC and died in a car accident on  Dec. 26, 1942.  He was first married to Margaret D. "Maggie" Midgett on Dec. 21, 1893.  Maggie died in 1926 and he later married Lula Lee (Beasley) Mann, widow of Thomas Lathan Mann.
   5)  Daniel Toler, born Feb. 11, 1877 in Kitty
Hawk, NC
   6)  Clyde Toler, born Jan. 4, 1880 in Kitty
Hawk, NC.

After Zilphia's death, Mathias married Georganna Crane on Jan. 4, 1882 at Powells Point, Currituck Co.  They had seven children:
   1)  Ambrose Brite Toler, born
in Feb. 28, 1883 in Kitty Hawk, NC.  He married Kizzie Jones.
   2)  Anna Elizabeth "Annie" Toler, born
Aug. 26, 1886 in Kitty Hawk, NC.  She married James M. Crank in Colington, NC on May 3, 1902.
   3)  Cassandra Matilda "Cassy" Toler,
born Sept. 6, 1888 in Kitty Hawk, NC.  She married Roberson Carusoe Skiles on April 22, 1908 in Elizabeth City, NC.  Roberson was born in Windsor, Bertie Co. on Sept. 27, 1888 and  died in Elizabeth City on Dec.1, 1974. Cassandra and Roberson had 10 children, all of whom were born in Elizabeth City: Olive Pearl, b. 1909; Marvin, b. 1911; Nettie, b. 1913; Robert Earl, b. 1914; Annie Elizabeth, b. 1917; Evelyn, b. 1919; twins b. & d. 1921; Norman Ferring, b. 1923; and, Marian June, b. 1927.
   4)  Elizabeth "Bettie/Betsy" Toler,
born Jan. 7, 1891 in Nags Head, NC.  She died Aug. 22, 1970 in Chesapeake, Va.  She married Ezekiel Decatur Midgett in Elizabeth City, NC on June 26, 1907
   5)  Macedonia "Donie" Toler,
born Feb. 23, 1894 in Kitty Hawk, NC and died July 14, 1985.  She married Jerome G. "Rommie" Ferrell.
   6)  Noah Mathias Toler, born May 20, 1895 in Nags Head, NC and died Aug. 22, 1992 in Elizabeth City, NC.  He married Minnie Maybelle Reaves in Elizabeth City on June 15, 1915.
   7)  Penny Toler, born in Nov. 1897 and died Jan. 27, 1908 in Elizabeth City, NC.

Georgianna Crane, 2nd wife of Mathias Toler,  was born on March 26, 1857 in Currituck County, NC, the daughter of Elizabeth "Bettie" Crane.  She died Nov. 16, 1932 in Elizabeth City, NC.  She is buried in Old Hollywood Cemetery in Elizabeth City.

left to right - Siblings Cassandra "Cassy" (Toler) Skiles, Noah M. Toler and Macedonia "Donie" (Toler) Ferrell in Point Harbor, NC in 1957.

John & Margaret (Midgett) Toler

John Toler (far left), son of Mathias and Zilphia Toler, with woman believed to be his 1st wife (second from left), Margaret "Maggie" (Midgett) Toler.  Picture believed to have been taken in early 1900s in Dare County, NC. Two men at right are unknown. Fish anyone?

Thomas A. & Mary (Toler) Winder

James M. & Annie Crank

Mary Elizabeth Toler, daughter of Mathias and Zilphia Toler, with husband, Thomas "Tom" Able Winder.  They were married May 9, 1892 in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, NC. Tom was born Jan. 30, 1859 and died July 25, 1945. Mary Elizabeth died March 7, 1960 in Battery Park, VA.

James M. Crank, husband of Anna Elizabeth "Annie" Toler. They were married May 3, 1902 in Colington, Dare County, NC.  James was born on Dec.13, 1876 and died on Oct. 5, 1947 in Elizabeth City, NC. He was the son of William Henry & Mary Jane Crank Annie died Nov. 25, 1976 in Elizabeth City, NC.  They had one child, Odessa Mae Crank who married Patrick Henry Miller.

l-r: Odessa Mae (Crank) Miller; Russell Lee Miller; Anna Elizabeth "Annie" (Toler) Crank.  Photo taken in 1967.

Ambrose Brite Toler & Kizzie (Jones) Toler

Ambrose Brite Toler, son of Mathias and Georganna (Crane) Toler, was born Feb. 28, 1883 and died Dec. 12, 1955 in Camden County, NC.  Ambrose married Kizzie Jones (1894-1944), daughter of Lodwick Jones and Sarah E. Williams, before 1911 and they had 6 children who were all born in Pasquotank Co., NC.
   1)  Penny Nicey Toler, born in 1911.  Married George Conoway Jewell in 1928 Pasquotank Co., NC
   2)  David Mathias Toler, born 1913.  Married Alma Alice Godfrey in 1933 Pasquotank Co., NC
   3)  Ambrose Sigsbee Toler, born & died in 1915
   4)  Conrad Oswald Toler, born May 11, 1920 & died Jan. 18, 1998
   5)  Ambrose Wilson Toler, born 1918
   6)  Sarah Ellen Toler, born 1926

Ezekiel Decatur & Elizabeth "Bettie" (Toler) Midgett

Elizabeth (Toler)  "Bettie" Midgett with husband Ezekiel Decatur Midgett and one of their sons, probably  William Ambrose Midgett, the firstborn.  Ezekiel and Bettie were married in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, NC on June 26, 1907. Ezekiel was born in Colington, NC on March 14, 1885 to Ezekiel & Charlotte (Gamiel) Midgett and died Nov. 4, 1958 in Perquimans Co., NC.  Betty died Aug. 20, 1970 in Chesapeake, VA.  Bettie and Ezekiel are both buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk, NC.  They had 12 children:
   1)  William Ambrose Midgett, born Sept. 4, 1909 & died Aug. 27, 1984.  Married Vera Selena Carolyn Reed in Asheville, NC on Sept. 27, 1942.
   2)  Robert Loran Midgett, born Oct. 16, 1911 & died Nov. 18, 1978.  Married Geneva Gulley before 1948.
   3)  Margaret Elizabeth Midgett, born July 25, 1913 & was still living in 2003.  Married Orlando Shalor Meekins in South Mills, Camden Co., NC on Feb. 4, 1934.
   4)  Ezekiel Mathis "Little Zeke" Midgett, born Sept. 16, 1915 & died Nov. 6, 1992.  Married Lucy Gray Sawyer in Elizabeth City, NC on Oct. 16, 1935.
   5)  Dorothy Mae Midgett, born Sept. 2, 1917 & was still living in 2003.  Married Benjamin Andrew Burge in Elizabeth City, NC on Sept. 29, 1950.
   6)  Alfred Lewis Midgett, born June 24, 1919 & died Feb. 10, 1998.  Married 1st Hazel Viola Mansfield in Shawboro, Currituck Co. on Oct. 4, 1939.  Married 2nd Mildred C. Sawyer in Moyock, Currituck Co., NC on Oct. 18, 1987.
   7)  Carl Maxton Midgett, born Jan. 20, 1921 & died July 8, 1997.  Married Edith Evelyn Thompson in Georgia on June 15, 1950.
   8)  Wilbert Ervin Midgett, born June 21, 1922 & died Aug. 4, 1992.  Married 1st Helen Marie Creef in Elizabeth City, NC on Sept. 30, 1950.  Married 2nd Helen Delois (Forbes) Jennings in Elizabeth City, NC on Aug. 11, 1985.
   9)  Jarvis Wetherington Midgett, born Oct. 13, 1924 & was living in Charlotte, NC in Sept. 2001.  Married May Ester Joy in York, York Co., SC on Jan. 6, 1959.
 10)  Lora Mahala Midgett, born Oct. 20, 1927 & died Sept. 14, 2001.  Married Roy Perry Outz in Kitty Hawk, NC on Aug. 25, 1945.
 11)  Flora Ellen "Flip" Midgett, born Oct. 12, 1930 & was living in Elizabeth City in Sept. 2001.  Married 1st Noah A. Brickhouse in Kitty Hawk, NC on June 29, 1947.  Married 2nd Floyd Smithson.
 12)  Decatur "Buck" Midgett, born June 22, 1924 & died Oct. 8, 2004.  Married Eileen Whaley (no date); Edith Kathryn Cole before 1960 and Helen Lee Holland in Peatuo, Oklahoma on Dec. 12, 1969.

Jerome & Macedonia (Toler) Ferrell

Macedonia "Donie" Toler and her husband, Jerome G. "Rommie" Ferrell.  They were married in 1912 in Elizabeth City, NC. Jerome was born Feb. 20, 1891 in Camden Co., NC and died Nov. 1, 1950 in Elizabeth City, NC.  Donie died July 14, 1985 in Elizabeth City, NC.  They had 8 known children:
   1)  Hubert M. Ferrell, born 1913
   2)  Georganna Ferrell, born 1914
   3)  Willie J. Ferrell, born 1916
   4)  Donie Lucille Ferrell, born Jan. 18, 1918 & died Jan. 12, 1992.  Married Maurice H. Beals in 1938 & Ellis H. Williams in 1953.
   5)  Mildred M. Ferrell, born 1920
   6)  Mary John Ferrell, born 1922
   7)  Caleb Wesley Ferrell, born Feb. 16, 1925 & died Aug. 13, 1978
   8)  Charles H. Ferrell, born Nov. 2, 1927  & died Nov. 7, 1998

Noah Mathias & Minnie (Reaves) Toler

Noah Mathias Toler (on left)  and with his wife, Minnie Maybelle Reaves. They were married June 15, 1915 in Elizabeth City, NC. Minnie was born Oct. 29, 1900 in Wayne County, NC and died July 9, 1996 in Elizabeth City, NC.  Noah died August 22, 1992 in Elizabeth City, NC.  An e-mail from Marion Toler Crank sent in  2000 made the following statement:
"...Actually we are not sure where Mom was born. Her father moved around a lot and she would sometimes say Duplin Co. but mostly Wayne. Her birth is not listed that we can find and as so many of us do we didn't ask those who might know for sure while we had the chance. At any rate her grandparents were from Wayne Co. and that seems the most likely. Her name correctly is Minnie Maybelle Reaves. Sometimes members of her family spell it Reeves...."

Noah & Minnie had 6 children:
1)  Noah Alvin Toler, born Nov. 26, 1916 & died Aug. 28, 1990.  Married Maragret Dickens
2)  Miles A. Toler, born Jan. 3, 1919 & died Aug. 19, 1919
3)  Seldon Georganna Melvina Toler, born May 16, 1920 & died Sept. 28, 2003.  Married Darwin Thomas Bundy
4)  Dorothy N. Toler, born June 17, 1923 & died Nov. 15, 1923
5)  Marion Belle Toler, (birthdate withheld); lived in Norfolk, Va. in 2000.  Married Merion (later changed to Marion) Randolph Crank
6)  James Clyde "Jimmie" Toler, (birthdate withheld); lived in Fort Payne, Alabama in 1996.  Married Bettie June Hughes

Noah Mathias & Minnie (Reaves) Toler Home

This home sat on the shore of the Currituck Sound in Point Harbor, Currituck County, NC.  Three cabins on 11 acres were purchased in 1941 from C.C. CrawfordNoah joined two of the cabins together to make their home and later added an expanded kitchen, a fireplace and a side porch.  This picture was taken in the 1940's prior to the expansion of the house but after the two cabins were joined. Pictured is their eldest son Noah Alvin Toler (on the right holding gun); Darsel Bundy (in the center holding the gun), and Fern Bundy (sitting on the porch).

The Toler home as it looked in the 1960s.  Noah and Minnie lived in this home on the shores of the Currituck Sound for almost 50 years.  The home was sold in about 1987/88 when they were very elderly and moved to Elizabeth City, NC to live with family.

Currituck Young People - c1945

Standing left to rightGladys (Parker) Midgette, unknown, Sarah Ellen (Toler) Harris, Norman Earl Gallop, Ruby (Parker) Garrenton, Jimmy Toler, Harold Parker, Marion (Toler) Crank, Lewis Owens (above Marion's head)
Kneeling left to right - Fern (Bundy) Lewis; Darsel (Bundy) Keiller

All photographs and information kindly submitted by Shelah Portoukalian, granddaughter of Noah M. & Minnie Reaves Toler.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.  However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.