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Currituck County Photographs

Gideon Marchant and Mary Brinson Sawyer
Family Album

Mary Brinson Sawyer
Jan. 4, 1868 - Aug. 29, 1949

Mary Brinson Sawyer was the daughter of James Brinson and Elizabeth Rogers. Mary married Gideon Marchant Sawyer, and their children were L. Gertrude Sawyer (1884-1885), Emerson Gideon Sawyer, E. Louis Sawyer, Elizabeth Sawyer, and Nora Sawyer. Here, Mary Brinson Sawyer is shown beside a 1937 Chevrolet owned by Fred Etheridge, second husband of Gideon and Mary's daughter, Elizabeth. Emerson Sawyer married Gladys Forbes, Louis Sawyer married Ruth Owens, Elizabeth Sawyer married first Tregarron Guard and second Fred Etheridge, and Nora Sawyer married Edward Etheridge. The family lived at Mamie, sometimes referred to as Kilmarlic.

Mary Brinson Sawyer and her granddaughter, Nora Mary Etheridge Sawyer. Nora Mary was the daughter of Nora Sawyer and her husband Edward Etheridge, was raised by her grandparents, and used the name Sawyer. Nora Mary married Arnold Perry of Kitty Hawk. Emerson Gideon Sawyer (1888-1942), son of Gideon Marchant and Mary Brinson Sawyer.

E. Louis Sawyer and wife Ruth Owens, Norfolk, Virginia, 1966. He is the son of Gideon Marchant Sawyer and Mary Brinson Sawyer. Fred Etheridge beside his 1939 Chevrolet at the home of his mother-in-law, Mary Brinson Sawyer, who is sitting on the porch.

Roy Edward Sawyer (Aug. 28, 1913 - Jan. 4, 1998), son of Emerson and Gladys F. Sawyer, grandson of Gideon and Mary B. Sawyer. Right Field, freshman team, Duke Univeristy, 1932, varsity catcher, Duke University, 1933. Catcher, 1933 - 1935 Class B baseball, Detroit Tigers. District Manager, Elizabeth City district, Home Security Life Insurance Company. Married to Eva Garrenton Aug. 27, 1938. Picture taken 1938, Fisher's Landing, Jarvisburg, NC. Gladys Forbes Sawyer (July 8, 1893 - Jan. 11, 1980), wife of Emerson G. Sawyer, and her daughter-in-law, Eva G. Sawyer, outside the Sawyer Store at Jarvisburg, NC, 1939.

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