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 Winton & William Poyner

John Winton Poyner, Jr. and William Poyner were the sons of John Winton Poyner, Sr. and Maud Woodhouse.  John Jr. was born in Currituck Co. on October 18, 1899.  He married Sybil P. Munn in Currituck Co. in 1929.  If anyone has information on William Poyner please contact me for inclusion on this page.

Great update from Roy E. Sawyer, Jr. 9/13/2005
John Winton Poyner first married Evelyn Wroten (Roughton), and they had a son, Charles Wesley Poyner.  His wife was named Frances, and he lived in New York City, now deceased.  His children were John and Cynthia Poyner.
     John Winton Poyner second married Sybl Munn, a native of Los Angeles.  Their only child is Roger Poyner, an attorney in the firm of Poyner and Poyner, in Los Gatos and Monterrey, Ca.  His daughter, Jessica, joins him in the firm.  Roger's first wife was named Eve, and they were the parents of John Roger (b. 1967) and Jason Paul (b. 1970).  Roger's second wife is Faun, and their two daughters are Jessica and Jocelyn.
     John Winton Poyner was born 18 Oct 1899 and died from leukemia 23 May 1960.  For a while he managed a hunting club in Santa Barbara, Ca., and later became a manager for Lockheed Aircraft in Los Angeles.
     William Griggs Poyner was born 9 Mar 1904 and died in a car accident at Northwest, Va. June 1951.  His wife was Margaret Jarvis, and he is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk, Va.  William was a left-handed pitcher of some note and played at UNC. He had been to the Dog Racing Track in Moyock, and shortly after leaving and just across the state line his car plunged off the curved bridge at Northwest, Va., and he was killed.  William played class B professional baseball for the New York Giants.
     John Winton (who was always called Winton) and William have a sister, Mary Elizabeth Poyner Glines (b. 24 Aug 1906), and who at 99 lives in San Diego today.  Mary married John Estes Glines (1903 - 1981), and they had two sons.  John Estes Glines, Jr. (8 Jun 1927 - 26 Sep 1991), was a school principal in Midland, Michigan, married Barbara Staebler in 1949.  Jack Jr. was Ted Williams' bat boy in the old Winter League in San Diego.  They have four daughters, Dr. Cynthia Lynn Glines, Sandra Suzanne Glines, Barbara Ann Glines, and Pamela Gay Glines.  Pam lives in Raleigh, NC, and Sandra lives at Maggie Valley.  Cindy lives in Traverse City, Michigan, and Sandy lives in Dallas, Tx.  The other son of Mary and Jack Glines is Winton Poyner Glines, PhD, who was born 25 May 1939.  Know as "Skip", he lives with his mother in San Diego and cares for her.  Skip for many years was administrative assistant to US Senator Jake Garn, of Utah, and lived in Washington, DC.
     Their father, John Wesley Poyner (son of Peter Poyner and Lydia Jane Poyner - they were second cousins, she was the dau. of Rev. Nathan Poyner & Lydia Dailey Poyner), was born 4 May 1874 and died 5 Apr 1962.  He married Maud Woodhouse (20 Sep 1872 - 12 Jul 1948), dau. of Col. James Monroe Woodhouse and Sarah Gallop Woodhouse.  Uncle John was superintendent of the Currituck Shooting Club from 1909 - 1960.  His sister, Mary Susan Poyner, married Charles Wilson Forbes, and they were my great grandparents.  Uncle John married second to Blanche Lucille Forbes (1919 - 2005), and she remarried to Eugene Baker in 1965.

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