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Currituck County Photographs

Poplar Branch 8th Grade Class of 1923-24

     Miss Olan Shrarere    English
     Miss Wooten             Math
     Miss Lucy Gilmore     Math
     Mr. Carl Walker        Civics
     Miss Sara Newbern   Home Ec.

(Not listed in order as shown on the photograph; some names unreadable and are indicated with question marks; married names of females are in parenthesis)

Marie Gallop Millrion Guard Fred Owens Mary Sumrell Orion Evans Denni Smithwick Maude Perry Docer Sumerland
Roxey Parker (Dee Rant) Goldie Saunders (Little) Madeline Sanderlin (?) (O’Neal) Cecil Kensey Eva Guard (Owens) Elva Gregory (Walker) Pearl Brickhouse (O’Neal) Margaret Dowdy
Gladys Newbern (Griggs) Melvin Newbern Julie Sawyer (Dunton) Johnnie Gallop (Rose) Walton Griggs Hernie O’Neal (Baum) Elizabeth Lindsey Robert Lee Sawyer
Rosalie Doxey (Dale) Ralph Aydlette Phillip Dont?? Launa Forbes Carlye McElored(?) Lloyd Banks Blanche Dowdy Dalt-- ?__opes
Sennian (?) Sawyer Louise Gallop (Pickett) ?????? Evans Marshall Gallop Gladys Palmer
(Bar __)
Ruby Wright (Sec??) Marrell Owens Mildred Ballance

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