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Currituck County Photographs

Poplar Branch 4th & 5th Grade Class of 1923-24
(Part of the picture was torn off and 4 students can not be seen)

Teacher: Miss Riddick - Students: (Not listed in order as shown on the photograph.  Names are written just as they appeared on the back of the photograph.)

Bryan Grandy Wendel Barco
Therisa Tillett Winfred Gregory
Ellis Balance Cola Bisley
Christina Wright Lula Mae Miller
Elsie Barnard Floria Perry
Margie Swain Hampton Doxey
Elsie Saunders Paul Spry
Fransis Williams Mary Gallop
Arthur Doxey Roy Sawyer
Ethel Jarvis Ruth Merrell
Wilbrin Parker Clara Aydlette
Isley Evans Weslin Newbern
Orville Woodhouse Mildred Lain
Ola Aydlette Rosalie Bateman

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