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Currituck County Photographs

Children of Susan Jane O'Neal & 1st husband, William Paine

Susan Jane O'Neal, daughter of Nathan Francis O'Neal and his 2nd wife, Frances Payne, was born on Feb. 21, 1832 and died Oct. 18, 1907.  Susan married twice -- 1st to William Paine/Payne (1819-1852) before 1850 and this union produced two daughters, Mary Morgan Paine and William Ann Paine.  After the death of her first husband, Susan married Willoughby Owens (1841-1913) who was almost 10 years younger. [see the Willoughby Owens house]  This union produced 4 known children.

Mary Morgan Paine

Mary Morgan Paine was born in Currituck Co. on Apr. 4, 1850 and died in Grandy, NC on Nov. 3, 1915 of pneumonia.  She is buried in the Olds-Newbern Cemetery.  According to the marriage records, Mary Morgan Paine was first married to Josiah Owens on Oct. 24, 1871 but by 1880 she was listed as widowed/divorced.  Mary married for the 2nd time to widower Dr. Henry Gaskins Land on Apr. 2, 1884.  [Note: Mary M. "Lande" died in 1915 according to her death certificate, however, her tombstone is erroneously inscribed 1916]

William Ann "Aunt Mann" Paine

William Ann Paine was born Mar. 27, 1853 (after her father had died) and died Nov. 8, 1927 of acute colitis.  She is buried in the Olds-Newbern Cemetery.  She married John C. Gallop (s/o Zadock & Mahala Gallop) on Oct. 7, 1870.  John C. Gallop was born c1853 and died 21/2 years after their marriage on May 10, 1873 at the age of 20.

Half-sisters --William Ann (Paine) Gallop on the left and Bettie Paine Owens on the right

Children of Susan Jane O'Neal & 2nd husband, Willoughby Owens

Samuel Jackson Owens
June 20, 1863 - May 19, 1916
Never married
Buried in the Olds-Newbern Cemetery


Nathan O'Neal Owens
Jan. 30, 1866 - Apr. 5, 1933
Married: Bessie May Walker
Buried in the Olds-Newbern Cemetery


Bettie Paine Owens
Feb. 13, 1871 - Feb. 22, 1938
Never married
Buried in the Olds-Newbern Cemetery

William E. Owens
1872 - Aug. 3, 1888
Never married
Buried in the James Owens Cemetery

Memorial plaque honoring William Ann Paine's husband, John C. Gallop, and her half-brother, William E. Owens.  This plaque was found in a barn in Corner Gum, NC and was owned by Alma Owens Roberts.  The plaque, along with many other photographic items, were donated to the Museum of the Albemarle by Anne B. Jennings, granddaughter of Alma.  Thanks to Wanda Stiles, Associate Curator, for scanning and sharing this with us.  [see a close-up of the inscription on the plaque]

Photographs from the Alma Owens Roberts collection and  kindly provided by Anne Jennings, granddaughter.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.