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Currituck County Photographs

 Moyock School - 1943
Moyock School burned down in November of 1942, leaving only the rear gym.   The elementary school kids met at various places, one being upstairs at Powers and Winslow’s store.  The high schoolers divided the gym into cubicles for their classes.  Number 3 in the photo below should be Earline Sawyer. #14 should be Wilton Walker and #15 should be Miriam Flora.

The first 2 photos are from the Mary (Smith) Ruckle Collection.  She was from Shawboro and is #1 in the photo below.  Mary got a job with the phone company in Norfolk.

The second 2 photos are from the Mariam Flora Davis collection.  Mariam graduated in 1943 and was from Moyock.  She remained in Moyock and worked with her father at J.J. Flora and Company, Grain and Furs for many years.

E.C. Woodard, Principal and Miss Mohn (later Mrs. Woodard)

l-r: Wilton Walker, Raymond Sawyer, Charles Perkins

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