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Currituck County Photographs

Raymond Johnson Morse, Sr., son of John Meredith Morse & Helen Poyner, was born September 27, 1892 and died Nov. 1, 1963. He married Nellie Mae Russell (Nov. 1, 1893 - Jan. 26, 1996).  In 1940 the family lived in Marshallburg, Carteret Co., NC where Raymond was a fisherman for a seafood market.  Raymond and Nellie are buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Norfolk, Va.

Julian McDonald Bell, Sr., son of Tully M. Bell & Nancy Willroy, was born Apr. 4, 1896 & died Sept. 2, 1990.  He married Chloe Adelaide Flora (Feb. 1, 1896 - Aug. 11, 1972).  Julian & Adelaide are buried in Moyock Memorial Cemetery.


Left to Right - Raymond Johnson Morse, Sr.; Julian McDonald Bell, Sr.  [WWI Photo]

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