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Samuel McHorney


There were at least two Samuel McHorney's in Currituck County--father & son.  Samuel Sr. was born in 1874 and Samuel Jr. in 1898....both died in the 1950s and are buried in Grandy, NC.  This picture had no date and only "Sam McHorney" as the inscription.  It was made at the Frederick Gutekunst Studios at 712 Arch Street in Philadelphia, PA.  Given the style of his suit and hat, this photo appears to have been made around 1905-1910.  Mr. Gutekunst died in 1917 so, assuming this picture was made by him and assuming the 1905-1910 date is accurate, then this could be Samuel McHorney, Sr. who would have been between 31-36 years of age.  If anyone recognizes this man please drop me a note.

More information on two Currituck County Samuel McHorney's was received Oct. 14, 2012 from Ben Bateman--
There were two Samuel McHorney’s in Currituck until their death and they were born two years apart.

Samuel McHorney [1872] s/o Thomas & Theocia “Thursday” Flora McHorney.  He married in 1897 to Anne Laura Berry.  He died in 1946 and was buried in New Hollywood Cemetery, Pasquotank Co., NC

Samuel McHorney, Sr. [1874] s/o Manliff & Carrie Ann Graves McHorney Jr.  He married Margaret “Maggie” Evans.  He died 1954 and his son Samuel McHorney Jr. died in 1955.  Both were buried in Grandy.

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