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Currituck County Photographs

James E. H. R. Woodhouse and Others
at the Dam Neck Mills, VA U. S. Lifesaving Service Station

James Edmond Hodges Roberts Woodhouse (seated, center) was born at Poplar Branch, Currituck Co. on Jan. 14, 1865 and died at Virginia Beach, VA on June 3, 1934. He was a career U. S. Lifesaving Serviceman, serving at the Currituck Inlet and Poyner's Hill stations as a Surfman, and later at the Dam Neck Mills, VA station as Keeper. He retired in 1918.

James E. H. R. Woodhouse, known to his family as "Poppa Daddy," was the son of Col. James Monroe Woodhouse (1835-1887) and Sarah Melson Hodges Gallop (1842-1881), both of Currituck Co. He married in 1888 Sarah Stevenson Frost (1868-1946).

This photo was taken at the Dam Neck Mills, VA U. S. Lifesaving Service station, probably in the 1910s. If anyone can identify any of the other gentlemen in the picture, please let us know.

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