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Currituck County Photographs

Swan Island Hunt Club
built in 1913-14

A document attached to the first Swan Island Game Record Book states the following: Swan Island Club was founded by a group of hunters who were proceeding south from Good Ground, Long Island, New York in November 1870 in their yacht Anonyona.  During a storm they entered the Currituck Inlet and anchored next to an island in Currituck Sound.  As a result of the tide subsiding the hunters were not able to get the boat out of the sound and there it remained until it was abandoned in the autumn of 1877.  The club was initially known as Crow Island Club but was later changed to Swan Island Club.  The first members came from New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and were from well known, wealthy, Harvard-educated families.  Some of the members prior to 1900 were H.B. Endicott and H. Wendell Endicott, shoe manufacturers from Rhode Island; Henry Palmer of Philadelphia, and B.W. Palmer of Boston, attorneys; W. Cameron Forbes, grandson of Ralph Waldo Emerson and ambassador to Japan; and Isaac Hinckley of Boston, president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad Company.  The club property consisted originally of approximately 9,000 acres of beach, marsh, and shoal areas.  It has the distinction of being the only property in Currituck on the shoal area (shallow water).  This area having been granted to the club by the Governor of North Carolina.

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