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Jesse Saunders/Saunderson Home

Located off U.S. Highway 158 north of Jarvisburg.  This was purchased from Caroon in 1859.

Addendum by Roy E. Sawyer, Jr.--
     This house was torn down in the late 1970's and the property is now owned by Caroline Wright, daughter of Charlie Austin and Mattie Newbold Wright.
     The Caroon Family which owned the property prior to the 1859 purchase by Jesse Sanderson, was the family of Joseph R. Caroon, son of James Caroon (d. 1845) and his wife, Crisey.  On 25 Aug 1855 Joseph R. Caroon married Ann Susan Etheridge, possibly a sister of Nathan Etheridge who owned adjoining property to the north.  Among the children of Joseph and Ann Susan Caroon
were:  Sarah Caroon, who was the second wife of George Dallis Newbern (who had married first Resia Etheridge); Thomas A. Caroon, who married Aletha C. Toler; Nathan H. Caroon who married first Etta W. Daniels (daughter of Bethany Daniels), and second to widow Waltman; Joseph G. Caroon, who married Nettie L. Melson; Thomas Caroon who married Mary R. Melson; and Sidney C. Caroon, who married Absolom Cherry.
     Jesse Sanderson (1825 - 5 May 1908) was a son of Caleb and Dorcas Lindsey Sanderson.  He married Mary "Polly" Jarvis (1831 - 28 Feb 1919).  Their children were:  Thomas Sanders (changed spelling of name) (9 Apr 1871 - 1 Jul 1960), who married Nettie Parker (in later years he lived in South Norfolk and frequently walked home to Jarvisburg - approx 50 miles, in one day); Nathan Sanders (1 Nov 1866 - 18 Oct 1902), who married Sarah Morse; Annie Sanders (10 Feb 1859 - 8 Jun 1909), who married Noah Owens; Jenny Sanders (18 Feb 1856 - 1 Nov 1948), who married the same Noah Owens after the death of her sister, Annie; and Ella Sanderson (1871 - 1911) who married Johnson Cartwright.
     The house is believed to have been built by Jesse Sanderson probably c1880.  There were plastered walls inside and typical wainscoting was made of beaded ceiling.  The house stood along the Grandy-Jarvisburg Road directly west of the Banister H. Jarvis homeplace.  Tenant families lived in this house for many years.  Once, while Mackie and Rosetta Gallop lived there, the barn was full of moonshine whiskey and caught on fire.  Neighbors rushed to help put out the fire because they feared a massive explosion if the whiskey was ignited.


This photo and information are from the project "Old Homes in Currituck County to 1860" originally compiled June 1960 by Alma O. Roberts and Alice Flora of the Currituck County Historical Society.   We are indebted to Barbara B. Snowden, president of the Currituck County Historical Society for permission to reproduce this collection on the internet, and also to Gerri Andrews and Diane Ferebee of the Currituck County Public Library who provided digital copies of the photos.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes; however, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.




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