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George Grandy Home

Located on N.C. Highway 170 west of Sligo at Corner Gum.  It is said that a Mr. Partridge built the house prior to the Civil War and was living here during the war.  He hid his watch from the Yankees and forgot where he had hidden it.  It was not until long after the war was over that he located it, buried under the house.  Mr. Partridge was connected with the Ferebee family who are believed to be among the earliest owners of a great area of land reaching from Indian Town Creek northward and westward, as well as eastward.  Much of the house, both interior and exterior, is original.  Note the side door near the chimney and the "Bible and Cross" front door.  See also the three-deep upper window sashes on the first floor.

UPDATE 2/23/2006 from Anne Jennings:  The George Grandy Home is no longer standing. It was partially burned and then torn down. The land on which it stood was put back into cultivation and there is no evidence of the home today. For the first several years that the land was cultivated, the charred remains of the old house could be seen mixed in with the soil.

George Bell Grandy (b. 13 May 1884 - d. 16 Sept. 1966) married Elizabeth Dough (b. 1 Oct. 1890 - d. 7 Sept. 1966) and they are buried in Moyock Memorial Cemetery. George Bell Grandy was the son of Joseph B. Grandy (2 Sept 1840 - d. 17 March 1921) and Occa, (Wife of J. B. Grandy, b. 29 Feb. 1846 - d. 9 June 1911). The parents of Elizabeth were Eastus Lonsdale Dough ("E. L.", b. 1857 - d. 1929) and Elizabeth Humphries, ("Lizzie", b. 1867 - d. 1925). E. L. Dough, Elizabeth H. Dough, Joseph B. Grandy, and Occa are buried in the Grandy Cemetery on the west side of Indiantown Rd. between Hwy. 34 and Hwy. 158.


This photo and information are from the project "Old Homes in Currituck County to 1860" originally compiled June 1960 by Alma O. Roberts and Alice Flora of the Currituck County Historical Society.   We are indebted to Barbara B. Snowden, president of the Currituck County Historical Society for permission to reproduce this collection on the internet, and also to Gerri Andrews and Diane Ferebee of the Currituck County Public Library who provided digital copies of the photos.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes; however, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.




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