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Garrenton Home

Located off U.S. Highway 158 north of Jarvisburg.

Addendum by Roy E. Sawyer, Jr.--
     This house was likely built soon after the marriage in 1877 of William B. Garrenton and Lydia Ann Aydlett.  William B. Garrenton (1851 - 1926) was born at Riddle, NC, the son of Edmund Garrenton (Garlington) and Sarah LaGrange Garrenton.  Lydia Ann Garrenton (1855 - 1899) was the daughter of John and Allie Brock Aydlett, of Broadneck (California, Mamie, Powells Point post offices).  The house is remembered as having a very steep stairs and was shingled on the outside.  It was torn down in the 1960's.  The farm was bought by William G. Garrenton from John Aydlett, brother of his wife, Lydia Ann Aydlett Garrenton, and John Aydlett probably acquired the land through his marriage to Polly Gregory, daughter of Hiram and Julia Bean Gregory.  Willaim B. Garrenton also owned a farm on the Little River in Pasquotank Co., and he had a small amount of property on the North Banks (Duck) where he enjoyed fishing.  He was a charter member of the Poplar Branch Baptist Church and at one time was active in the Sanctified group.  He remarried in 1901 to Julia Ann Rooks, daughter of James Arthur and Melissa Cooper Rooks, but they did not have any children.
     The children of William B. and Lydia Ann Garrenton were:
1.  Enoch Garrenton (1878 - 1945) who married Annie Bowden.
2.  Thomas LaFayette Garrenton (1890 - 1952) married first Frances Gilden and after her death he married her sister, Bettie Gilden - they were daughters of Griffin and Emma Sawyer Gilden.
3.  Mathias Garrenton (1883 - 1920) married Lydia Ann Mitchell.
4.  John Q. A. Garrenton (1885 - 1951) married Linda Mae Morrisette.
5.  Dorcas Elizabeth Garrenton (1890 - 1981) married James E. Parker.
6.  William Henry Garrenton (1893 - 1964) married Sallie Morrisette.  She was sister of Linda who married William Henry's brother, John, and they were the daughters of William and Charlotte Rooks Morrisette.
7.  Sallie Garrenton (1895 - 1983) married Major Anderson Harris.
8.  Charlie Cecil Garrenton (1896 - 1984) married Minnie Mae Harris.
     Children who either died in infancy or very young were Kenneth, Lydia Ann, Mabel, and Nora Garrenton.
     Julia Ann Rooks, second wife of William B. Garrenton was sister to Charlotte Rooks Morrisette, the mother of Linda (Mrs. John Q. A.) and Sallie (Mrs. William Henry) Garrenton.  Also, Martha Parker, daughter of Dorcas E. Garrenton and James E. Parker, married the brother of Linda and Sallie Morrisette Garrenton, William W. Morrisette, Jr.


This photo and information are from the project "Old Homes in Currituck County to 1860" originally compiled June 1960 by Alma O. Roberts and Alice Flora of the Currituck County Historical Society.   We are indebted to Barbara B. Snowden, president of the Currituck County Historical Society for permission to reproduce this collection on the internet, and also to Gerri Andrews and Diane Ferebee of the Currituck County Public Library who provided digital copies of the photos.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes; however, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.




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