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Aydlett Home

Located on Old Road off US Highway 158, north of Grandy. Road connects with Poplar Branch Road. Said to be the home of the grandfather of Mrs. Sallie Owens, Mrs. Jane Mercer, Mrs. Gertie Barnard, Noah Aydlett, Mark Aydlett, Cleveland Aydlett, Isaac Aydlett, Willis R. Aydlett, and perhaps others.

Addendum by Roy E. Sawyer, Jr.--
     This is believed to have been the home of Elijah Aydlett, who married Calsie Owens 30 Apr 1874 before Col. James M. Woodhouse, JP.  He was the son of John and Allie Brock Aydlett, of the Broadneck section of Powells Point.
     The children of Elijah and Calsie Aydlett were:
1. John Aydlett and his wife, Bettie, had Lessie, Frank, and Ralph Aydlett.

2. Noah Aydlett and his wife, Gertrude, had Goldie, Willis, Horace, Mary, Georgia, and Edith      Aydlett.

3. Willis Aydlett and his wife, Sadie, had Annie, Clara, Willard, Lillie, and Calsie Aydlett.

4. Sallie Aydlett married an Owens and they had Huldia, Carl, Hazel, and Claude Owens.

5. Cleveland Aydlett married Addie Jones and they had one son, Herman Aydlett.  He married second to Nettie Barco and they did not have any children.  He was superintendent of the Narrows Island Club, whose members gave generously along with members of the Currituck Shooting Club towards the 1906/7 Poplar Branch School.  The membership at Narrows Island included William Rockefeller, who headed Standard Oil of New Jersey as New York representative for his brother, John D. Rockefeller.  Two of William Rockefeller's sons married two of the daughters of James Stillman, a member at the Currituck Shooting Club, and they joined their financial interests and today control Citibank, Citicorp, and other firms such as Salomon Smith Barney.  Another member at Narrows Island was David Dows, Jr., who founded The Wall Street Journal.

6. Janie Aydlett married Hill Bennett Mercer, and they did not have any children.

7.  Martha Ann Aydlett married Willoughby Morrisette, and they did not have any children.

8. Isaac Aydlett married Sallie Dowdy and their only daughter, Ola, married Orville L.      Woodhouse.

9. Mark Aydlett married Alethia Owens and they had Mildred, Guy, and Alethia.  He married      second to Katie Simpson and they had Aubrey, Mark, and Ruth Aydlett.

10. Gertie Aydlett married Sam Barnard and they had Elsie, Ervin, and Russell Barnard.

This photograph was taken by Elizabeth Aydlett Lewis in 2012.  Apparently this is all that's left of the Elijah Aydlett home.


This photo and information are from the project "Old Homes in Currituck County to 1860" originally compiled June 1960 by Alma O. Roberts and Alice Flora of the Currituck County Historical Society.   We are indebted to Barbara B. Snowden, president of the Currituck County Historical Society for permission to reproduce this collection on the internet, and also to Gerri Andrews and Diane Ferebee of the Currituck County Public Library who provided digital copies of the photos.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes; however, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.  Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.




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