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Daniel W. & Mary Elizabeth (Lewark) Hayman Abigail Lillette (Tillett) Hayman

Daniel Webster Hayman, Sr., son of Henry and Rebecca Hayman, was born in Kitty Hawk, Currituck Co. on April 15, 1823.  He died Sept. 9, 1891 in Manns Harbor, Dare Co., NC.  He was 1st married to Mary Elizabeth Lewark on April 16, 1846 in Currituck Co. and to this union were born six children:
     1) Rosa Lee "Rosaline" Hayman (1848-1870) who married John Etheridge Gard, Sr.
2) Lewis Hayman (born c. 1850).  Family legend says that he ran away from home and was never heard from again.
     3) Almira Blake Hayman (1852-1928) who married Benjamin Dough Tillett.
     4) Charles Chamley Hayman (1854-1927).  Never married.
     5) Daniel W. Hayman, Jr. (c.1856 - before 1911) married Mary Elizabeth Perry.
     6) Mary Hayman (c 1858 - before 1870).

Mary Elizabeth (Lewark) Hayman died sometime between 1860-1862 and Daniel Webster Hayman, Sr. married for the second time to Abigail Lillette Tillett on Sept. 7, 1862 and to them were born 14 children:
     1) Jefferson Davis Hayman, Sr. (1863-1954) who 1st married Elizabeth Hathaway "Lizzie" Daniels and 2nd Hattie M. Dough.
     2) William H. Hayman born & died July 19, 1864.
     3) Varina Davis Hayman born Aug. 28, 1865 and died June 1867.
     4) Virginia Dare "Jennie" Hayman (1867-1949) who 1st married William Franklin Midgett and 2nd Samuel Edward Mann.
     5) Mathias Daniel Hayman (1868-1927) who married Zorado White Daniels.
     6) Varina Davis Hayman (1870-1950) who married Capt. Samuel Mann Tillett.
     7) Magnolia "Maggie" Hayman (1872-1952) who married Robert E. Lee Midgett.
     8) Sallie Ann Hayman (1873-1965) who married William Thomas Gard.
     9) Cynthia Pugh "Puss" Hayman (1875-1931) who married Thomas Avery Tillett.
    10) Mary D. Hayman (1876-1964) who 1st married James Lathan Midgett and 2nd married John Edgar Midgett.
    11) Thomas T. Hayman born July 6, 1877 and died July 22, 1877.
    12) Willie H. Hayman (1878-1892).
    13) Malvina Hayman was born in 1880.  No other information.
    14) Elizabeth Tillett "Lizzie" Hayman (1882-1943) who married Benjamin Edward Spencer.

Elizabeth (Hayman) Spencer
Mary (Hayman) Midgett

Jefferson Davis Hayman, Sr.

Elizabeth and Mary were both daughters of Daniel Webster Hayman, Sr., and his 2nd wife, Abigail Tillett.  Elizabeth married Benjamin Edward Spencer in Manns Harbor on Feb. 1, 1903 and they had two sons and one daughter.  Mary was first married James Lathan Midgett in Dare Co., NC on Oct. 19, 1898 and to them were born two daughters and a son.  James Lathan Midgett died in 1915 and Mary remarried John Edgar Midgett in Manns Harbor on July 23, 1918.  No children were born from this union. Jefferson Davis Hayman, Sr. was the first child born to Daniel Webster Hayman, Sr. and his 2nd wife, Abigail Tillett.  Jefferson was born in Kitty Hawk on June 1, 1863 and died on Nov. 4, 1954.  He married Elizabeth Hathaway Daniels on May 8, 1883 and they had seven children--3 daughters and 4 sons.  Elizabeth H. Daniels, daughter of Thomas William Daniels and Ann Debro Ansell, was born May 7, 1866 and died Jan. 10, 1932.  Jefferson D. Hayman then married Hattie M. Dough (1885-1937) on Feb. 15, 1932.  No children were born from this union.  To see a biography of Jeff D. Hayman click here.









This photograph was identified the next week by Ivadean Wilson Priest, a Roanoke Island Native, who called to say that "Uncle Jeff" Hayman was the gentleman dressing the goose.  Mr. Hayman is remembered for many walks of life, but probably most outstanding was his tenure at Fort Raleigh, operating as a vendor under the auspices of the National Park Service.  Mrs. Priest won a year's paid subscription to the Coastland Times for her identification.

Samuel Edward Mann

Virginia Dare (Hayman) "Jennie" Mann

Tintype photo - Samuel Edward Mann was born in Manns Harbor on June 3, 1866 to Joseph B. Mann and Elizabeth Ann Caroon.  Samuel died Oct. 7, 1921.  He married Virginia Dare Hayman.  [see facing photo] Tintype photo - Virginia Dare "Jennie" Hayman was born in Kitty Hawk on Jan. 25, 1867 and died in Manns Harbor on Sept. 1, 1949.  She married William Franklin Midgett (1862-1888) on May 27, 1888 but he died 3 months later.  On Jan. 3, 1894 Jennie married Samuel Edward Mann (1866-1921) and to them were born 4 children: Calla Lee Mann (1895-1986); Carl Delton Mann (1897-1976); Joseph Caroon Mann (1901-2001); and Lucy Belle Mann (1903-1977).

Avery H. & Mary (Walker) Tillett

Thomas Avery Tillett

The inscription on the back of this picture says "Grandpa Ave and Grandma Mary".  Avery H. Tillett, son of Samuel Avery Tillett, Sr. and Sarah "Sally" Beacham, was born in Kitty Hawk on Sept. 17, 1838 and died Dec. 25, 1913.  He was first married to Penelope Ann Elizabeth Mann (c1846-c1873) and they had 5 children: Samuel Mann Tillett (1862-1941); Sabra Ann Elizabeth Tillett (1865-1945); Ella Frances Virginia Tillett (1867-1931); Dolphis Tillett (c1869-bef. 1880); and Cynthia Ann Elizabeth Tillett (1872-1938).  Avery H. Tillett's second marriage was to Mary Virginia Walker on Oct. 16, 1873.  Mary Virginia Walker was the daughter of Cary Walker and Nancy Midgett.  She was born on Roanoke Island, Currituck Co. on Sept. 10, 1851 and died in Manns Harbor on May 31, 1917.  To this union were born nine children: Thomas Avery Tillett [see facing photo]; Virginia Penelope Tillett (1876-1964); Dora L. Tillett (1878-1947); Calcedonia Tillett (1880-1946); George Avery Tillett (1881-1962); Avery Beloved Tillett (1888-1953); Beulah Tillett (c1889-????); William Morris Tillett (1892-1966); and Mary Frances Tillett (1892-????) Thomas Avery Tillett, son of Avery H. Tillett and Mary Virginia Walker, was born in Manns Harbor in Aug. 1874.  He died Dec. 20, 1951.  He married Cynthia Pugh "Puss" Hayman in Manns Harbor on June 20, 1894.  To them were born five children:  Bessie Belle Tillett (1895-1895); Marshall Tillett (1897-1897); Marvin Troy Tillett, Sr. (1901-1977); Thomas Nevada Tillett (1904-1983); and Elsie M. Tillett (c.1906-1963)

Daniel W. Hayman, Jr. & family

Paul G. Mann & Cynthia "Puss" Hayman, friends

Back row left to right:
Louis Demaro Hayman
(1885-1973); seated, Daniel Webster Hayman, Jr. (1856-bef. 1911); Daniel Webster Hayman, III (1886-1952)
Front row left to right:
Lucetta Tillett Hayman
(b. 1890) and Carrie Lee Hayman (b. Jan. 1888)
Paul G. Mann, son of William Mann & Sarah Barnett, was born Oct. 17, 1870 and died in Elizabeth City, NC on June 13, 1949.  He never married.  Cynthia Pugh "Puss" Hayman, daughter of Daniel Webster Hayman, Sr. and his 2nd wife, Abigail Tillett, was born in Kitty Hawk March 8, 1875 and died June 7, 1931.  She married Thomas Avery Tillett [see his vitals and photo above].

Shirley Jeannette Tillett Ambrose offered this information in an e-mail:
     "Puss" [Cynthia Pugh Hayman Tillett] was my grandmother  and Paul Mann was brother of Clark Mann and son of Sally (Barnett) Mann.  He used to visit at the home of Grandma Abby when her daughters were young.  He was also postmaster at Manns Harbor at one time.

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