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Edward & Lydia White Bray Hardy


Rev. Edward Hardy (1770-1837) was a son of Rev. William (1729-1783) and Sarah Sowell (?-1809) Hardy of Bertie Co., NC. At 21, Edward was ordained in the Methodist Church. In 1795, he was assigned to Mt. Zion Church in Currituck Co. He married four times. His first wife was Lydia Jarvis (1780-1807), daughter of Col. Thomas Jarvis, Sr. (?-1795). Edward and Lydia Jarvis Hardy's children were Charles Wesley Hardy, Edward Washington Hardy, William Jarvis Hardy and Thomas Asbury Hardy.

Rev. Edward Hardy and Lydia Jarvis Hardy's son, Thomas Asbury Hardy (8 May 1800 - 27 Jul 1876) married Elizabeth Margaret Pierce (15 Dec 1812 - 16 Mar 1881).  Their daughter, Mary Pinckney "Pinky" Hardy (22 May 1852 - 3 Dec 1935) married Arthur MacArthur (2 Jun 1845 - 5 Sep 1912).  The oldest son of the MacArthurs was Capt. Arthur MacArthur, III (1 Jun 1876 - 2 Dec 1923), who married Mary Hendry McCalla (1877 - 1959), and their son, Douglas MacArthur, II (5 Jul 1909 - 15 Nov 1997) married Laura Louise Barkley (1911 - 1987), daughter of Alben W. Barkley, Vice President of the United States under Harry S. Truman.  Capt. Arthur MacArthur, III, served in the US Navy, was Ambassador to Japan, and served in the diplomatic corps.  The youngest son of Gen. Arthur MacArthur and Mary Hardy MacArthur was Douglas MacArthur (26 Jan 1880 - 5 Apr 1964), who became a Five-Star General in the US Army.  He married/divorced first Henriette Louise Cromwell Brooks and second to Jean Marie Faircloth.  At 9:25a.m. on 2 Sep 1945, General Douglas MacArthur signed the Instrument of Surrender, as Victor, and as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, completing the surrender of the Imperial Government of Japan, formally ending World War II.

Edward Hardy's second wife was Elizabeth Murden (1782-1815). Their children were Benjamin B. Hardy and Sarah F. Hardy.

Edward Hardy's third wife was Dorcas Woodhouse (1775-1816), daughter of Hadley and Mary Woodhouse. There were no children born of this marriage.

The fourth wife of Edward Hardy, pictured above, was Lydia White Bray (1784-1853), daughter of Caleb and Amy White and the widow of Capt. Thomas Bray, Esq. of Knott's Island. The children of Edward and Lydia White Bray Hardy were Lemuel Coke Hardy, John Butt Hardy and Henry Clarke Hardy.

Rev. Edward Hardy and Lydia White Bray Hardy (1784 - 1853) were the parents of Henry Clarke Hardy (10 Nov 1826 - 24 Jul 1912), who married first to Huldah Dozier Etheridge (1828 - 1875).  Their son was Caldwell Hardy (13 May 1852 - 26 Aug 1923).  Caldwell Hardy was President of the American Bankers Association in 1902, and he is who signed the warrant with the Pinkerton Detective Agency for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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