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Currituck County Photographs

Willis Hodges Gallop, Sr. & Alice (O'Neal) Gallop Family

Willis Hodges Gallop was born Oct. 1, 1864 at Martins Point, Currituck Co. and died in Alachua, Florida on Nov. 5, 1947 [see Willis' biography].  He was the son of son of Rev. Hodges B. [Bensham] Gallop (1807-1877) [read about Rev. Gallop here] and his 2nd wife, Janie Elizabeth Owens (1830-1913).

Willis married twice -- 1st to Alice O'Neal (1870-1936) in Currituck Co. on July 13, 1887 and they had 13 children.  After Alice's death in March 1936 Willis married a much younger woman, Alma I. Brockington (1892-1971), in Alachua, Florida later in 1936.  Willis & Alice, as well as their son Raymond, are buried in the Newnanville Cemetery in Alachua, Florida.

Willis and Alice's 13 children were:
   1) Willis Hodges Gallop, Jr. - b. Nov. 4, 1890 Currituck Co.  d. May 13, 1963 Los Angeles, CA; married Mamie/Mary East before 1920.  Mamie was born in Tennessee.  They lived in Norfolk, Va. in 1920 and by 1930 they were in Los Angeles, Ca.
   2) Rebecca A. Gallop - b. July 14, 1892  d. Aug. 31, 1975 Gainesville, Alachua Co., FL and is buried in Forest Meadows Memorial Park East Cemetery in Gainesville; married Copeland Davis Newbern, Sr.
   3) Lucullus William Gallop - b. July 18, 1894 Point Harbor, NC  d. Aug. 6, 1945; married Mildred Gertrude Baum in Currituck Co. in 1922. Buried in New Hollywood Cemetery in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC.  His tombstone reads: "NC Pvt. 1CL, Med Dept."  After Lucullus' death Mildred married a Schafer and died in Grand Rapids, MI in 1980.
   4) Zebulon Vance Gallop - b. July 30, 1896 Currituck Co.  d. Feb. 17, 1989 Prince Georges Co., MD; married Edith ______
   5) Raymond F. Gallop - b. Feb. 1, 1898  d. June __, 1955; married Loiselle Dowling in 1933 in Alachua, FL
   6) Janie E. Gallop - b. Aug. 15,1899  d. Oct. 18, 1906 [see tombstone]
   7) Alice I. Gallop - b. May 18, 1901  d. Nov. 11, 1982 Petersburg, Va.; married 1st Charles Jennings McCotter (1897-1940) on Christmas Day 1921 [see the Jan. 1922 marriage announcement]; married 2nd Clarence Moore.  Alice and her first husband are buried in Sandhill Cemetery in Pamlico Co., NC.
   8) Parron Graham Gallop - b. May 19, 1903  d. Nov. 5, 1982 Jacksonville, FL; Buried Raleigh National Cemetery in Raleigh, NC; married 1st Agnes Powell in 1931; married 2nd Iva May Lord in 1945 in Duval Co., Florida.  Iva was born c1920 and died Feb. 22, 2009  [see her obituary]  [see Parron's biography]
   9) Robanna Gallop - b. Mar. 1906  d. July 6, 1906 [see tombstone]
 10) Marshall Clayton Gallop, Sr. - b. June 5, 1907  d. Mar. 17, 1981 Alachua, FL; married Louise E. Dubose in Columbia Co., FL in 1934
 11) Clarence Marcellus Gallop - b. July 9, 1909  d. Mar. 10, 1992 Virginia; married Mary _______
 12) Janie Elizabeth Gallop - b. Aug. 1, 1911  d. Sept. 27, 1981 Green Grove, Clay Co., FL; married 1st Wilbur Lee Brown c1930 & divorced in 1948, married 2nd Wendell Beck c1961
 13) Birdie M. Gallop - b. Sept. 2, 1913 Currituck Co.  d. _________; married Cecil Roberts (b. c1908)

A young Alice O'Neal
(Photo from the Alma Roberts Collection & submitted by Anne B. Jennings)

Portrait of Alice O'Neal Gallop holding her first child, Willis Hodges Gallop, Jr.

Willis Hodges Gallop, Sr. and his 1st wife Alice (O'Neal) Gallop

Willis Hodges Gallop, Sr.  at different stages of life

Willis Hodges Gallop, Sr.  Home in Currituck County

Willis Hodges Gallop & 2nd wife, Alma

Willis Hodges Gallop, Sr.  Family in Alachua, Florida - late 1940s
(These 2 photos and identification courtesy of Roger Gallop, son of Parron G. Gallop)

Standing (left to right):

Kneeling (left to right):

Raymond (Ray) F. Gallop Zebulon (Zeb) V. Gallop (took the right picture)
Loiselle Gallop   (wife of Ray) Alice Gallop McCotter
Alice Virginia Barnard Frank (Frankie) McCotter
George Barnard (husband of Alice Virginia) Janie Gallop Brown Beck
Charlie McCotter, Jr. Dorothy Newbern (holding Becky Gallop)
Alma Brockington Gallop

Children (left to right)

Worth Newbern Nancy Gallop Gay (with doll)
Willis Hodges Gallop (Grand Pa) Billy Brown (with guitar)
Louise Gallop (wife of Marshall) Patti Roberts
Birdie Gallop Roberts Jimmy Brown (holding doll)
Marshall Gallop Connie Roberts
Rebecca (Sissy) Gallop Newbern Charles Roberts
Copeland Newbern (husband to Rebecca) Billy McCotter
Parron Gallop (took the left picture)  

Annie L. Vansciver Ferry

From c1882 - 1907, Willis G. Banks ran a boat line and owned the General Lee.  His line was acquired by the LeRoy Steamboat Company of Elizabeth City probably in 1907, and the LeRoy Line ceased to exist in 1911 due to some banking improprieties.  After that, the Elizabeth City Boat Line served Currituck briefly.  On  July 29, 1911 corporate papers were filed in Elizabeth City for the Pasquotank and North River Steamboat Line, Inc.  The line purchased two LeRoy boats, the Harbey and the Virginia.  Its homeport was the Norfolk & Southern Railway freight docks in Elizabeth City.  In Aug. 1912 the Virginia was completely destroyed by fire.  On April 14, 1914 an amendment to the Certificate of Corporation changed the company name to North River Line, Inc., and the homeport was Jarvisburg, to avoid paying taxes in Elizabeth City.  Built in 1905 as Annie L. Vansciver at Camden, NJ, she was acquired by the Navy March 20, 1918 and and renamed Samoset.  She was placed in service as Samoset and placed out of service on March 24, 1922 at New York.  She was sold June 16, 1922 and struck from the Naval Register the same day.  She returned to mercantile service under her original name Annie L. Vansciver. [see another photo made prior to WWI here].  The Annie L. Vansciver  was originally a passenger ferry in Boston Harbor and later in New York City Harbor.  It weighed 194 tons, was 127 feet long and 27 feet wide.  Probably in Sept. of 1922, Capt. Monroe Richardson, first mate Charlie Gaskins, and several stockholders of the line went to Camden, NJ, and bought the Annie L. Vansciver.  A 3-hr. afternoon run commenced in Elizabeth City and also stopped at Shiloh and Old Trap in Camden Co., and then at Newbern's Landing, Maude's Landing, Fisher's Landing, and Barnett's Creek - all four Currituck docks were within three miles of each other.  The Annie L. Vansciver was last seen about 1964 docked at the Colonna Shipyard near the Campostella Bridge in South Norfolk, Virginia.   Some shareholders were:
     Dr. John Melvin Newbern, President (d. 29 Apr 1928) (brother of Horatio D. & Nicholas C. Newbern)
     Walter Scott Newbern, Jr., Secretary (d. 25 Mar 1929)
     Willis Hodges Gallop (may have become President after the deaths of Dr. J.M. Newbern, Jr. & Walter Scott Newbern)
     Horatio Drinkwater Newbern
     Nicholas C. Newbern (d. 29 May 1930)
     Herman Newbern
     Walton W. Newbern (moved to Florida in 1929, brother of Copeland D. Newbern, son-in-law of Willis H. Gallop)
     William B. Newbern
     Robert Lee Griggs (wife, Martha Ann Newbern was sister of Walton & Copeland D. Newbern)
     John W. Fisher (owned Fisher Wharf at Jarvisburg - his son, Isaac moved to Florida 1929 and was married to Mary Newbern, sister of Walton & Copeland)
     Marshall P. Gallop (brother of Willis, lived in Elizabeth City)
     David R. Scott (storekeeper at Jarvisburg, moved to Elizabeth City)
     Nathan H. Caroon (moved to Elizabeth City)
     L. C. Bean
     William Pearse
     Charles H. Brock (d. 3 Jun 1936, brother-in-law of Walter S. Newbern)
     L. J. Gregory (possibly Lemuel Gregory of Jarvisburg)
     William T. Brickhouse
     James F. Brown (storekeeper and builder, of Grandy)
     W. K. Leary & son (Camden farmer)

Willis Hodges Gallop, Jr. & wife Mamie

Willis H. Gallop Jr. lived in Norfolk, VA and signed his WW I draft card in June 1917 when he was 26 years old and unmarried.  He worked for himself as a "commission merchant".  He had brown eyes, black hair, was tall and listed with a medium build.

Rebecca A. (Gallop) Newbern

Rebecca A. (Gallop) Newbern enjoying the beach

Rebecca A. (Gallop) Newbern

l-r - Dorothy (Newbern) Haythorne, George Barnard, Alice Virginia (Newbern) Barnard, Copeland Davis Newbern, Sr., Rebecca A. (Gallop) Newbern, Copeland D. Newbern, Jr.

Rebecca A. (Gallop) Newbern

Worth Newbern (1850-1912) and his wife Virginia Carolina (Harrison) Newbern (1851-1914) and parents of Copeland D. Newbern, Sr.
Worth was the son of John Jackie Newbern (1815-1888) and Margaret Woodhouse (1815-1887)

Lucullus William Gallop



This World War II Draft Card was filled out Apr. 27, 1942 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  At that time Lucullus stated that he was 5'6" and weighed 190 pounds.  He had brown eyes and hair and had a dark complexion.

Lucullus in his WW I Uniform


Zebulon Vance Gallop

            Photo probably made in the late 70's or early 80's

Raymond F. Gallop

 l-r - Raymond F. & Marshall Clayton Gallop

Evelyn Baum & Raymond F. Gallop Raymond and his daughter Dianne

Alice I. (Gallop) McCotter Moore

Alice I. Gallop Alice and her 1st husband, Charlie Jennings McCotter

Parron Graham Gallop

Roger Gallop, son of Parron, thinks this may be a photo of his father when he was Superintendent of Schools and the people with him were more than likely the faculty.  Parron served 2 years as the Pamlico County School Superintendent and 6 years as Superintendent of Hyde County schools from 1935-1941 and was President of the first Hyde County Chamber of Commerce.

Parron G. & Iva May Lord Gallop wedding in Duval Co., Florida on March 7, 1945

Front Row in front of the table: Becky Gallop, daughter of Marshall & Louise Gallop; Sandy and Sylvia Barnard, daughters of George Barnard & Alice Virginia (Newbern) Barnard.
Back Row (l-r): lady in the hat is unidentified; man standing behind her and partially cut off is unidentified, Raymond Gallop and his wife Louiselle directly behind him; Willis Hodges Gallop and his 2nd wife Alma Brockington Gallop beside him; the newlyweds, Parron Graham Gallop and his bride Iva May Lord Gallop; Louise & Marshall Gallop; Janie Gallop Brown; Alice Gallop McCotter (between Janie & Rebecca);
 Rebecca "Sissy" Gallop Newbern and husband Copeland Davis Newbern, Sr. and their 2 daughters, Dorothy Newbern & Alice Virginia Newbern Barnard.

Marshall Clayton Gallop

Marshall Gallop in Canada

Marshall & Jayne Gallop

Clarence Marcellus Gallop

Clarence Marcellus Gallop l-r - Pat (daughter), Mary & Marcellus Gallop

Janie Elizabeth (Gallop) Brown Beck

 l-r - Janie Gallop & Birdie Gallop c1918

Comments from Roy Sawyer July 3, 2011 whose mother currently owns and lives in the Gallop house: This shows the south (side) view of the Gallop house.  The picket fence would have been directly north of the Gallop store which also housed the post office in one corner.  It was replaced after Hurricane Barbara's devastation with the 1954 Dutcher store [seen here].  When I lived there, this was my grandmother Sawyer's room.  My bedroom was on the right upstairs with two windows facing south and two windows facing east.  The front of the house faces west.  The walls are plastered, and the attic is finished with beaded sealing (not a knot anywhere in the house - all heart pine) (floors are 4" wide boards).  We were told that the boys slept in the attic - there are three separate areas, yet it is entirely open.  I have an 8-ft. long table for my electric train which is in the attic.  On rainy Mondays, the washing was hung to dry in the attic before the days of dryers.  My grandfather, Emerson Sawyer, died in 1942 in the downstairs bedroom (two windows to the right - the side door opens into the sitting room), my grandmother Garrenton died there in 1963, my grandmother Sawyer died there in 1980, my father died in the same room his father died in 1998, and my sister died there in 2005. The Dutcher Store/Post Office was moved to another site about 1972, and the post office was located in a trailer north of the house.  Today the post office is across the highway.  The property where the store/post office once stood is now an extension of Mama's yard to Forbes Rd. The house is in "downtown" Jarvisburg facing west on US Hwy 158 north of the intersection with Forbes Rd. The yard is well maintained with lots of flowers and flowering shrubs.

Willis Gallop moved to an earlier house at this same site which had been occupied by his brother, Parron Gallop, until his death in 1903.  This older house is believed to have been earlier than the Thomas Forbes (married Dorcas Woodhouse) home, and it was described by older people who remembered it as being close to identical to the Banister Jarvis house, and it was a larger house than the one which Willis Gallop had built. Gladys Evans Simpson, granddaughter of Mager and Margaret Banks Woodhouse told of visiting her great-grandmother, Jane Gallop (widow of Rev. Hodges Gallop) in this older house, and she said that Jane Gallop died there.  This older house burned on 17 Feb 1917, and the current house was constructed during the summer and fall of 1917.  The builder was a black man, Melton R. Pugh, and there was a law suit afterwards due to changes in plans which added what was probably the first inside bathroom in the southern part of the county plus a small  bedroom for the live-in maid, Ina Jarvis, who was a small hunch-back delightful black lady who lived until the late 1950's.  Ina was said to have stood at the bottom of the stairs after discovering that the house was on fire, where she screamed at the top of her voice trying to get Mrs. Alice Gallop to leave her sewing upstairs and get out of the house (Mrs. Gallop was said to have been hard of hearing).  Interior woodwork was milled at Kramer's Mill in Elizabeth City.  One of the most unusual features is a cellar below the kitchen.  (Only one other house in southern Currituck County is known to have a cellar, and interestingly that is the former home of Capt. B. F. Sykes, who was the second husband of Alice O'Neal Gallop's mother).  Another unusual feature is a "dumb server" between the kitchen and dining room for the placement of trays or plates on a shelf  for serving at the dining room table.  The house was served with a Delco plant for electricity, and many of the original push-button fixtures remain on the walls today.  Downstairs lights can be turned off by a switch in the upstairs hall.  The Gallops boarded school teachers in their home.  After the Willis Gallop family left in October, 1929, First and Citizens National Bank in Elizabeth City passed title to a receiver during foreclosure proceedings.  Later the house was purchased by Mrs. Hester Combs Fisher (Mrs. Richard), who lived there for a few years before renting it.  One of the renters, Mrs. Sydney Cherry died while living there.  My grandfather rented the house from Mrs. Fisher from 1937 until his death in 1942.  Our family moved away and my father bought the house from Mrs. Hester Fisher and moved back after my sister was born in May, 1943

Unless otherwise noted, photographs were kindly submitted by Sylvia Rust Ellis, great-granddaughter of Willis Hodges Gallop.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution.  However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.