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Currituck County Photographs

Peter Gamil Gallop and wife Flora Belle (Montague) Gallop
May 9, 1875 - Dec. 10, 1951 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Mar. 19, 1879 - Feb. 23, 1958

Taken in front of their home in Harbinger, N.C. 

Peter Gamil Gallop was the son of Levi M. Gallop and Martha Ann Murrell/Merrill.  Peter was a mail carrier at the age of 17.  At the age of 18 he married Flora Belle Montague in Manteo, Dare Co., NC on August 8, 1895.  He was average size, but put on more weight as he grew older.  Peter was lighthouse keeper in Lowland for a time but by 1910 the family had moved back to Currituck County.  He was also a lighthouse keeper in Chrisfield, Maryland and at the mouth of Pamlico Sound in North Carolina.  In 1913 he lost his little four year old daughter, Minnie, (she is buried in Chrisfield, Md)  but due to a bad ice storm he was alone in the lighthouse for 30 days, not knowing if the light would go out with the ice or not.   In 1920 Peter was living with his oldest daughter, Martha Ann, and her husband in Portsmouth, Virginia where he worked as a boat builder in the Navy yard.  Flora Belle was the daughter of Isaac Montague and Paragon Shannon.  She stood about 5' 4" tall and had a slender build.  She had black hair and brown eyes and was always neat and well dressed.  She was considered an attractive lady.  She was a good Christian, no-nonsense mother, who taught her children right from wrong.  She died on a Sunday night at 8:43 p.m. and was buried on a Wednesday.  She was 78 years old.  Peter & Flora had the following children:

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