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Gallop/Wright Family Album

John Calvin Gallop (1863-1944) and wife Lydia Wright Gallop (d. 1951). John married Pattie Poyner, daughter of Jordan and Lydia Griggs Poyner on 3 July 1901. Pattie died on 7 May 1902. John then married Lydia Wright, niece of Pattie on 3 October 1903. John Calvin Gallop, of Poplar Branch, was superintendent of the Currituck Hunt Club. He was also the owner of Cheap John's Store.

Grizzel Mendora Poyner (1862-1898), daughter of Jordan and Lydia Griggs Poyner. She married John Emeriah Wright, and they were the parents of Lydia Wright Gallop. (Picture identified by John Calvin Gallop III). Ernest Wright, son of John Emeriah and Grizzel Poyner Wright and brother of Lydia Wright Gallop. This picture was taken some time during the first World War.
Middie Wright (on right), daughter of John Emeriah and Grizzel Poyner Wright and sister of Lydia Wright Gallop. Middie was a nurse and lived in Norfolk, Va. On the back of this photo is written: "Mr. Henry Parker, Adelia Saunders and Middie Wright."

Lydia Jane Wright Gallop, daughter of John Emeriah and Grizzel Poyner Wright, holding daughter Pearl Evelyn Gallop. (Note the fancy hat and outfit for approximately 1906).

John Calvin Gallop II and sons John Calvin Gallop III (standing), Ernest Gallop and Burwell Ray Gallop (kneeling). This picture was taken about 1943 in Poplar Branch.

Mary Gallop (15 Nov. 1912-23 Feb.1964), daughter of John Calvin and Lydia Wright Gallop. Mary married Ambrose Doxey, and they operated several grocery stores in Currituck County, starting with John Doxey Store at Bertha, then the Jerry Brown Store at Grandy, and finally the A&M Super Market. Following Mary's death, Ambrose operated the store until his death in 1971. Pearl Evelyn Gallop, born May 14, 1905 at the Currituck Hunt Club, where her father, John Calvin Gallop, was superintendent. This picture of Pearl was taken about 1928 at the time of her marriage.  See Pearl's marriage license here.

John Calvin and Lydia Wright Gallop c. 1935. On the back of the photo is written : "Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Gallop. Ages Mr. Gallop 70, Mrs. Gallop 50. I am grinning because got toothpick in my mouth." Lydia Jane Wright Gallop (age 69) a granddaughter, Joyce Branch Denslow (age 24) and a great-grandson, Keith David Denslow (age 10 months); Christmas, 1954 at Poplar Branch. The wreckage in the background was the result of Cheap John's Store being demolished in order to build a home for Lydia. The home is still on the property and now owned by a Grandson of "Miss Lydia" as she was always called.

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