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Currituck County Photographs

Charles Wilson & Mary Susan Forbes Family Album

Charlie Wilson Forbes, Mildred Forbes Twiford Quidley and Mary Susan Poyner Forbes

         Benjamin Bray and Charlie Wilson Forbes, 1887

Keziah "Kizzie" Forbes Hall, wife of James Hall, for whom the Hall Masonic Lodge at Indiantown is named, sister of Jeremiah Forbes, father of Charlie Wilson Forbes. Aunt Kizzie spent part of each year living in various relatives' homes and stayed in the Charlie W. Forbes home for many years during the time when the Forbes children were growing up. She died about 1910.

Lydia Jane Poyner (died 1876), wife of Peter Poyner, daughter of Rev. Nathan Poyner and Lydia Dailey Poyner, mother of Mary Susan Poyner Forbes, wife of Charlie W. Forbes

Mary Susan Poyner Forbes (1871 - 1940), wife of Charles Wilson Forbes, daughter of Peter Poyner and Lydia Jane Poyner Poyner. Photo submitted by Carole Forbes Lewallen.

Charles Wilson Forbes (1862 - 1942) son of Jeremiah Forbes and Emily Dudley Forbes, husband of Mary Susan Poyner Forbes . Photo submitted by Carole Forbes Lewallen.

Gladys Forbes Sawyer, Ann Dunton Gillette, Bess Meads Forbes and Harold Forbes

Charlie W. Forbes, Harold Forbes and his first wife
Bess Meads Forbes, and Mary Susan Poyner Forbes

Peter Poyner (1844 - 1927) in buggy, and Mager Everton Woodhouse (1845 - 1930) standing. Zoeller photograph in the possession of the heirs of Gladys Forbes Sawyer.

Wedding portrait of Sue Lizzette Forbes (28 May 1889 - 12 Sept. 1954) and William Lawrence Beckwith Dunton (12 Feb. 1886 - 17 Dec. 1928) married Sept. 1907. Sue Lizzette Forbes was the daughter of Charles W. and Mary Susan Poyner Forbes Original photo in the possession of Anne Dunton Gillette.

Russell Horton Forbes (1904 - 1966), son of Charles W. Forbes and Mary Susan Poyner Forbes.

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