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Hettie Gertrude Doxey

This photo was found among other photographs of people from Poplar Branch.  On the back is written "Miss Hettye Doxey P_____ given to Middye Wright".  If you can tell us more about Miss Doxey, please do!

UPDATE on 9/26/2005 from Roy E. Sawyer, Jr. ---
     The lady is Hettie Gertrude Doxey (12 Jan 1888 - 13 Aug 1973).  On 11 Oct 1906 she married William Henry Hampton (21 Jun 1863 - 15 Oct 1915).
     Their oldest child was Ellen Marjorie Hampton (7 Jul 1907 - 29 Jun 1994).  After graduation from Wake Forest College, she taught in Washington, DC, where she met Albert Campodonico (21 Apr 1902 - 25 Jul 1963), a young attorney.  His mother became quite ill, and his family had him return home to San Francisco, where they owned the Pepsi Cola franchise, known as the Campodonico Bottling Company.  He was madly in love with Ellen, and sent her a telegram while in distress over his mother's approaching death asking Ellen "Please come now.  If ever I needed you, I need you now".  Ellen resigned her teaching position and boarded a train for San Francisco.  They were married as soon as Ellen could convert from her Baptist roots to Roman Catholicism.  They lived on Vallejo Street in an Italianate mansion, and Ellen became active in local cultural and civic affairs such as fund raising for the Legion of Honor and the Palace of Fine Arts.  Ellen was always active in the local DAR chapter and attended national conventions in Washington.  After her husband's passing, she assumed management roles in the bottling company and was also a director of Home Federal Savings and Loan, and served on advisory boards for the Bank of America.  Three sons were born:  Albert Hampton Campodonico, John Richard Campodonico, and Angelo Anthony Campodonico.  During Miss Hettie's later years, Ellen visited Currituck twice annually, and she was an active financial supporter of the Currituck County Historical Society.
     The second child was Zola Bell Hampton (b. 1909), who married Kenneth Palm Gregory, and they had Kenneth Hampton Gregory, Ellen Elizabeth Gregory, William Albert Gregory, and Bettie Gray Gregory.
     The third child was William Henry Hampton, Jr. (14 Dec 1912 - 6 May 1990).  His big sister, Ellen, convinced him to come to San Francisco and work in the advertising department of the Campodonico Bottling Company.  He married Bette Diane Davis, and their son is William Henry Hampton, III.  Bill Hampton left the bottling company and moved to Portland, Oregon, where he ran a successful advertising agency.  In the early 1970's he moved to Palm Springs, Ca, and owned Hampton Realty.
     The fourth child was John Doxey Hampton (1914 - 1965), who also moved to San Francisco and worked at the Campodonico Bottling Company.  He married Janis Isenbach, and they did not have any children.
     After the passing of William Henry Hampton, Miss Hettie married Spencer Curtis Gray (14 Aug 1874 - 21 Mar 1949).  They had two children:  Jeanette Gray (11 Jul 1923 - 22 Sep 1961).  Jeanette was raised by Russell and Bernie Griggs (sister of William Henry Hampton), who owned and operated the Hampton Lodge on Churches Island and the Croatan Hotel in Kill Devil Hills.  The other child was Spencer Curtis Gray, Jr., (23 Dec 1925 - 1 Mar 1997).  Curtis retired from First Union National Bank, and was for many years president of the Currituck County Historical Society.

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