Currituck County Photographs

Doxey Family Album

William James Doxey
April 13, 1857 - Feb. 1, 1924

William James Doxey was born on April 13, 1857 in Currituck Co. N.C. He was the son of James B. and Lydia Forbes Doxey. He married Josephine Elizabeth Saunders on February 26, 1882. He became a prosperous farmer in Virginia and had a franchise with Smith Douglas fertilizer company. Upon Josephine's death he remarried four times to Leatha Whitehurst, Lovie Civils, Clara Brown and Leila Mae McCoy and fathered eight children. He died on February 1, 1924 and was buried in the family plot at Doziers Corner Cemetery at Great Bridge Virginia.

Lloyd James Doxey
Jan. 11, 1883 - Nov. 15, 1947

Lloyd James Doxey was born on January 11, 1883 in Currituck N.C. to William James and Josephine E. Saunders Doxey. He married Flossie Jean Bowden of Knotts Island N.C. on July 11, 1912. He fathered Clifton, Edward, Joseph, Geneva, Elizabeth and Marion Doxey. He farmed a parcel of land in Great Bridge Virginia that he inherited from his father William Doxey's estate. He fell upon hard times and lost his farm and family during the 1920's. Recovering somewhat he went on to live and farm other parcels of land until his death on November 15, 1947. He was struck and killed by a drunk driver while walking on the highway near his home in Magnolia, Virginia. He was buried in the family cemetery at Doziers Corner Great Bridge Virginia.

World War I draft card taken from

Flossie Jean Bowden Doxey Ventura
March 3, 1895 - January 20, 1963
Flossie Jean Bowden Doxey Ventura was born on March 3, 1895 on Knotts Island N.C. She was the daughter of Cornelius and Lydia Elizabeth Beasley Bowden. She married Lloyd James Doxey and had six children: three sons Clifton, Edward, Joseph and three daughters Geneva, Elizabeth and Marion. She was remarried to Anthony Michael Ventura of Cleveland Ohio. Together they owned and operated a successful Auto and Wrecker Service in Portsmouth Virginia for many years. She passed away on January 20 1963 and was buried in Olive Branch Cemetery in Portsmouth Virginia.

Marion Virginia Doxey Talbot
November 21, 1923 - December 28 1995

Marion Virginia Doxey Talbot was born on November 21, 1923 in Great Bridge Virginia. She was the daughter of Lloyd and Flossie Bowden Doxey. She married Judson James Talbot of Portsmouth Virginia on January 19, 1940 and had five children: Rose Virginia, James Edward, Carol Ann, Mary Frances and Michelle Renee. During her childhood years when hard times fell upon her family she went to live with Bill and Carrie Gregory of Jarvisburg N.C. She was in the home when Bill Gregory lost his life in the wreck of the Milton S. Lankford (see separate article). She moved in her later years with her family to Katy Texas and passed away on December 28, 1995. She was buried beside her husband in Katy Magnolia Cemetery in Katy, Texas.




Carrie and Bill Gregory with Marion, Geneva, Joseph and Edward Doxey. On the original photo is written "Jam" as if maybe the child that Mr. Gregory is holding may be named James. Fragments of black scrapbook paper cover some of the name and cannot be removed without damaging the photo. The date on this photograph is incorrect since the shipwreck that took Bill Gregory's life occurred on August 3, 1932.

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