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Currituck County Photographs

Brumsey - White Family Album
From the Paul White Brumsey Collection - Submitted by Elizabeth Vozzella, Esq., Attorney for Paul W. Brumsey

Thomas Brumsey

Elizabeth (Jarvis) Brumsey

Thomas Brumsey was born Sept. 6, 1828 in Currituck Co., the son of Augustus & Amelia Brumsey.  He died Aug. 23, 1872 and is buried at Waterlily, NC in the John Thomas Hampton Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Jarvis in Currituck Co. on March 18, 1858 and they had 4 known children.
   1) Laura Brumsey (1858-1913) married Armistead W. Ballance (1851-1923)
   2) Wm. M. Brumsey (1861-1944) married Henrietta "Etta" Brooks (1867-1941)
   3) James Calvin Brumsey, Sr. [see data below]
   4) Cora L. Brumsey (1865-1956) married John Sawyer Midyett
Elizabeth Jarvis was born Mar. 6, 1839 in Currituck Co.  She died May 27, 1884 and is buried at Waterlily, NC in the John Thomas Hampton Cemetery.  Elizabeth's parents were Willliam Jarvis (1812-1846) and Cynthia Tatem (c1814-bef. Oct. 1865).  After William's death, Cynthia remarried John T. Hampton (1825-1884), c1848. They are found in the Coinjock Dist. of the 1850 Currituck Co. census and again in the 1860 census.
James Calvin Brumsey, Sr.

James Calvin Brumsey, Sr., s/o Thomas Brumsey & Elizabeth Jarvis, was born June 16, 1864 & died Mar. 28, 1953 [see his tombstone & Bible].  James was married 1st to Mattie Bell Sivills on July 11, 1899.  Mattie, d/o Lemuel Sivills &  Emily V. (Dudley) Forbes, was born Aug. 28, 1879 & died Apr. 22, 1905.

Mattie Bell Sivills Brumsey
Original sent from Paul W. Brumsey to Anne Dunton Gillette (1925-2008)
Photocopy submitted here by Roy Sawyer

They had one daughter:
   1) Elizabeth Olds Brumsey (1902-1969) [see obituary] who married Charles Frederick Kegebein (1899-1983) [ see obituary] circa 1927.

Elizabeth Olds Brumsey - Age 1 year

Elizabeth Olds Brumsey - Age about 5 years

After Mattie's death James married Ruth Virginia White on July 21, 1914 and they had 3 children:
   1) James Calvin Brumsey, Jr. - June 25, 1916 - May 5, 1932 [see tombstone & obituary]  [NOTE: The birth certificate for James has his name listed as Calvin White Brumsey.  I don't know if this was an error or if his parents changed his name later.  His death certificate has him listed as James Brumsey but no "Jr. is attached to it.]

Age 10 months

Age 3

Age 5

   2) Sybil Russell Brumsey - Aug. 13, 1919 - Nov. 9, 1979 [see tombstone & obit]





left: Ruth Virginia (White) Brumsey
right: Sybil Russell Brumsey








Sybil's 1919 Birth Certificate

   3) Paul White Brumsey - June 1, 1922 - Sept. 24, 2009 [see obituary]

Paul W. Brumsey

Paul W. Brumsey

Paul W. Brumsey

Caption: Ruth's husband [James Calvin Brumsey, Sr.] gave us this goose.  He belongs to a club in Back Bay and he went hunting several times this past season.  We had several geese and blue peters.  First in many years. Caption: Labor Day 1949

1941 graduate from Poplar Branch High School

Paul W. Brumsey

Paul W. Brumsey

Siblings - Sybil & Paul W. Brumsey

James Calvin & Wm. M. Brumsey

Siblings - James Calvin Brumsey, Sr. [left] & William M. Brumsey, Sr.

Sons of Thomas Brumsey and Elizabeth JarvisWilliam was born Nov. 5, 1861 & died Apr. 25, 1944 [see tombstone].  He married Henrietta "Etta" Brooks c1889.

Laura (Brumsey) Ballance & James C. Brumsey

Siblings - Laura (Brumsey) Ballance & James C. Brumsey, Sr.

Laura Brumsey, d/o Thomas Brumsey & Elizabeth Jarvis, was born Aug. 20, 1858 & died Nov. 28, 1913.  She married Armistead W. Ballance on Dec. 22, 1881.  Laura and Armistead are buried in the Brumsey Cemetery in Currituck, NC.

James Calvin Brumsey, Sr.
Laura (Brumsey) Ballance
Elizabeth Olds Brumsey

Photo taken circa 1908

James Calvin Brumsey, Sr. on the right and his sister Laura (Brumsey) Ballance [standing].  The little girl is Elizabeth Olds Brumsey, only child of James Calvin Brumsey, Sr. and his 1st wife, Mattie Bell SivillsElizabeth was born in 1902 and died Mar. 14, 1969.  She married Charles Frederick Kegebein c1927.

Jasper B. White Sarah Adelia (Whitehurst) White

Jasper Beauregard White was born Nov. 1861 to Jasper White [see his will] and his wife Chloe Baum.  He died on May 17, 1931.  He was 1st married to Sarah Adelia Whitehurst in 1885 and they had 2 children:
   1) Richard Blair White born Aug. 24, 1888; married Sallie G. Partridge
   2) Ruth Virginia White born June 2, 1892 Norfolk, Va. & died Aug. 24, 1959; married James C. Brumsey, Sr.

After Sarah's death in 1894 he married Sarah Josie Phaup in Currituck Co. on June 14, 1900.  Jasper and Sarah (Phaup) White are buried in the Hampton Cemetery [see tombstone] in Waterlily, NC.

A letter from W.L. McAtee to Mrs. J.B. White dated June 8, 1931 included his death notice.

Caption on the back of the left photo says: Mrs. J.B. White - Sarah Adelia Whitehurst born to David B. Whitehurst and Love his wife Sept. 21st 1860 in Norfolk, Va.  Married to Jasper B. White at South Mills, N.C. Sept. 2nd 1885.  Died at residence of her sister, Mrs. O.F. Baxter, near Elizabeth City, N.C. on May 4, 1894 at 12 o'clock noon--the same home she was married nine years before. [see Sarah's will here]

Richard White, born August 24, 1888.  1st child
Ruth White, 2nd child, born June 2, 1892

Richard Blair White
Age 13 months
Richard Blair White
Age 5 years
[still dressed in girls clothing]
Richard Blair White
Age about 12 Years
Richard Blair White
Caption reads:
To Ruth Virginia White from Brother - Richard B. White

Ruth Virginia White
Age about 4 years

Caption says: "To Papa from Ruth"

Underneath the caption is written: Ruth Virginia White - Born June 2, 1892 2nd child of Jasper B. White and Sarah Adelia Whitehurst White. Died August 24, 1959 at 8:00 A.M.

Miscellaneous Photos in the Collection

Mrs. Nellie Baxter

Cassie Whitehurst

Edward R. Johnston

Lockwood G. Perry

Caption on back says: To Elizabeth Brumsey from Lockwood G. Perry

Lockwood Greely Perry was born Dec. 29, 1890 in Corolla, NC to Washington Perry & Sallie Ann Belinda (Tillett) Perry.  He married Ruby Lee Corder (1901-1987).  Lockwood died in Wichita Co., TX on Mar. 13, 1978.  They had no issue.  Lockwood is buried in Austin Cemetery at Kitty Hawk, NC

Olive Perry

Caption on back says: To Elizabeth Brumsey from Olive Perry, May the 4th 1917.

Olive Hassell Perry was born in Kitty Hawk on Nov. 17, 1895 to Charles Bailey Perry & Mary Love (Tillett) Perry.  She married Frank Hayman in Manteo, Dare Co., NC on June 5, 1918.  She died in Edenton, NC on Aug. 12, 1985 and is buried in Austin Cemetery in Kitty Hawk.

Wilbur & Hilda Snow

Caption on back says: Two years old.  From Wilbur and Hilda Snow to Elizabeth Brumsey

Wilbur Graham & Hilda Guard Snow were children of Graham Gallop Snow (1878-1942) & Clara M. (Newbern) Snow (1879-1958) who lived in Poplar Branch Twp. in 1920.  Hilda was born Apr. 25, 1908 in Currituck Co. and died Jan. 23, 1984.  Wilbur was born Jan. 25, 1912 & died Sept. 29, 1934.  All of them are buried in the Olds-Newbern Cemetery south of Jarvisburg, NC

Caption says: "Jes" me.  Ellen
Anyone have a clue who she might be?

Caption says: Edith - May '14
Who is this?

Caption says: May '14 which is crossed out and Dec. '14 is inserted.

I'm inclined to believe that it was cold weather when this picture was made because they're all wearing warm clothing.  I think the photo to the left should also read Dec. '14 because Edith has the same clothes on here as she does in the one to the left.  The car is the same in both pictures.  Can anyone identify these people?