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Currituck County Photographs

This photograph was kindly submitted by I. Tunis Corbell, Jr. of Garden Grove, California who stated that " grandmother, Sadie Corbell, lived in Aydlett from about 1898 until 1917 [and was] married to John Wilson Corbell. They were friendly with Ben Bateman and other Bateman's that I heard her talk about. Just before she died on Knotts Island in 1966, she marked up and gave me her albums showing names which she scribbled across the front. One of the pictures was of Otto Bateman in his younger days- probably 1910 to 1916..."  [Note: Otto Bateman, was born August 12, 1911.  This photo was made when Otto was about 3 years of age which would put the photo date at circa 1914-15.]

Mr. Corbell was raised on Knotts Island and left home when he was 17 to join the Navy and then graduated from NC State in 1950 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Until he retired he lived in many places across the U.S., but kept in contact with Knotts Island and still visits relatives there and in Va. and other places in Currituck County.

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