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Currituck County Photographs


Gilbert & Ann Elizabeth (Brickhouse) Bateman

Gilbert Bateman, son of Oliver & Margaret Bateman, was born Jan. 18, 1852 and died May 21, 1921 [see his tombstone here].  Ann Elizabeth Brickhouse, daughter of Benjamin & Mary Brickhouse, was born Nov. 11, 1849 and died May 12, 1932 [see her tombstone here]. They were married on Dec. 22, 1870. To this union were born 8 children:

1. Benjamin Bailey Bateman Dec. 5, 1871 April 10, 1953  
2. Margaret Ann "Maggie" Bateman Mar. 16, 1873 Oct. 16, 1927 [see her marriage record here]
3. Victoria Bateman Aug. 18, 1875 Oct. 2, 1880  
4. James Bateman Aug. 18, 1877 Sep. 13, 1877
5. Oliver Bateman Oct. 1, 1878 Oct. 19, 1896  
6. Lloyd Linwood Bateman Apr. 9, 1881 Nov. 18, 1969  
7. Mary Elizabeth Bateman Sept. 22, 1884 Oct. 3, 1884  
8. Martha Louisa Bateman Oct. 24, 1885 Sept. 1, 1886  

For more information on this family see the Gilbert & Ann E. Bateman Family Bible.

Benjamin Bailey Bateman Family

Standing in back - Charlie Mathias Bateman; Center left to right - Benjamin Bailey Bateman, Fannie Ackiss Bateman, Clara Madaline Bateman, Martha (Owens) Bateman; Sitting in little chair in front - Cecil Shaw Bateman

Benjamin Bailey Bateman son of Gilbert & Ann Elizabeth (Brickhouse) Bateman, married Martha Ann Owens, daughter of Noah & Clara Hunter W. (Gallop) Owens, on Nov. 22, 1899.  Martha Ann was born Aug. 23, 1877 & died Oct. 10, 1950.  To this union were born the following children:

1. Charlie Mathias Bateman  Sept. 24, 1900 Jan. 30, 1910 Charlie M. Batemon tombstone photo
2. Cecil Shaw Bateman   Sept. 3, 1902 Jan.  3, 1910 Cecil S. Batemon tombstone photo
3. Fannie Ackiss Bateman Nov. 13,  1904 Mar. 31, 1958 Fannie B. Corbell tombstone photo
4. Clara Madaline Bateman Dec. 28, 1906 Mar. 18, 1995 Madaline B. Evans and  Madaline Bateman Brown
[She has 2 tombstones and is buried between her 2 husbands,
Orion C. Evans and James Ferebee Brown, Jr.]
5. Mildred Irene Bateman Apr. 4, 1909 June 20,  1995 Married George Fleetwood Garrington
Buried in Evergreen Memorial Park, Sumter, SC
6. Benjamine Otto Bateman Aug. 12, 1911 Mar. 19, 1989 Buried in New Hollywood Cemetery, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, N.C.

Note:  The death certificate of Benjamin Bailey Bateman shows his mother as Ann Elizabeth Brickhouse. The informant was his daughter, Madaline B. Evans; but, the marriage license of Benjamin Bailey Bateman shows his mother as Eliza Ann Bateman.  The Gilbert Bateman Family Bible shows Gilbert Bateman married Ann Elizabeth Brickhouse.

     Benjamin Bailey Bateman                                   Martha Ann (Owens) Bateman

Left to right - Clara Madaline (Bateman) Evans, Mildred Irene (Bateman) Garrington, Martha Ann (Owens) Bateman (also seen below with turkeys), Benjamin Bailey Bateman, Benjamine Otto Bateman, Fannie Ackiss (Bateman) Corbell

Photographs kindly provided by Ben Bateman.  No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.