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Contributed by Ted Creekmore and Jim Hilton from the originals given to them by Jo West, daughter of Rupert E. West

It appears that it's a school paper dedicated to the schools of Currituck County.  The publisher was W.D. Cox, Superintendent of Currituck Co. schools.  This article appeared in Elizabeth City's Independent on Sept. 14, 1923.

CURRITUCK NOW HAS A PAPER OF ITS OWN - "The Picayune" is the name of a new publication of twelve generous pages published this week in the interest of education in Currituck County.  It is proposed to make the publication monthly.  The first issue of The Picayune is one of the most creditable school publications this newspaper has ever seen.  It is different from so many such publications in that it is interesting and thoroughly readable.  It not only tells about Currituck Schools, but gives a lot of other interesting facts about Currituck life as well.  It carries a number of illustrations and humorous that give it color and breeziness.  The editorial excellence of The Picayune is due to R.E. West of Moyock.  West is something of a crank, a genius, something of a philosopher and a darn clever writer who has gotten stuff into some of the high-brow publications up North.  Without any previous experience in getting out a paper, he has made the first issue of The Picayune look like the product of and experienced craftsman.  The Picayune was printed in the shop of The Independent.  There are 3,000 copies of the first issue.

November 1923



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