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History of Poplar Branch High School
Dr. W.T. Griggs High School
by Mrs. O.C. Evans

    The information in this history was obtained from high school records, minutes of The Board of Education, other records from the office of the County Superintendent, The Daily Advance files, printed pamphlets and other sources.
    Sponsored by the Parent Teachers Association of The Doctor W. T. Griggs High School.  Presented April 8, 1948.


Picture of Dr. W. T. Griggs
Pictures of School Buildings
Superintendents of Schools
Principals of the High Schools
Graduates of the High Schools

    The Dr. W. T. Griggs High School is located at Poplar Branch, North Carolina, Currituck County, on the peninsula between Currituck Sound and North River.  It was built on the grounds just back of the last Poplar Branch High School building, which was torn down after the completion of the new building.
    Let us go back to the establishment of the Poplar Branch High School and one can readily see why we have a Dr. W. T. Griggs High School now.
    Poplar Branch High School was one of the original high schools established by the State in 1907.  Dr. W. T. Griggs, our beloved physician of the past, and superintendent of schools of Currituck County, was the first superintendent of schools in North Carolina to apply to Dr. J. Y. Joyner for the establishment of a high school under the public school laws of 1907.
    The following paragraph was taken from the Board of Education minutes dated Monday, June 3, 1907.

“In compliance with the laws of 1907 in regards to public high schools, the Board of Education of Currituck County established a Public High School at Poplar Branch District N. 5, white race, Poplar Branch Township and appointed the following committee:  S. M. Beasley for six years, D. W. Woodhouse for four years, M. R. Gregory for two years.”  The members of the Board of Education being J. L. De Cormis, chairman, E. D. Bowden, and Dr. W. T. Griggs secretary and superintendent.

    Dr. Griggs made arrangements for an acre or two of land to be bought from Mr. Jordan Poyner, on which to erect the first Poplar Branch High School.
    The first High School was held in the Odd Fellows Hall, which was just across the road from the present post office, until a building was erected.  Thus the first Poplar Branch High School building was erected in 1907 and 1908.  It was a two room building with a steeple in front.  The people of the community made up money and the members of the gunning clubs contributed much to the cause.  Dr. Griggs guaranteed the cost of operating the school when the Board of Education declined to do so.  He met the deficit of the school operations out of his own pocket and declined to charge tuition to any student enrolled in the school and boarded at his own personal expense many of the students who attended it.  Dr. Griggs along with many patrons of Poplar Branch worked hard to build the school up to be one of the best in the State of North Carolina.
    In January 1914 a petition was filed by the committee of Poplar Branch High School for a loan from the State Department of Education for the purpose of enlarging the crowded conditions and the new high school building was erected in 1914.  This building was used only a short time for on the night of October 26, 1915 the two buildings were burned.  Then school was held in the Odd Fellows Hall, Chapel, and a two room building which was better known as the “Tar Baby,” until arrangements could be made for another building.
    When the Board of Education met July 3, 1916 a committee appeared before the board with plans to rebuild the houses that were burned.  A new modern building costing about $18,000. was erected.  It was a large two-story structure with nine class rooms, cloak rooms, a large auditorium, office and library.  It was heated by a modern steam heating plant located in the basement of the building.  Professor N. W. Walker gave liberally toward the building up of the library, giving as much as three hundred volumes at the time.  The members of the hunting clubs and patrons gave much of the money to replace the building and equipment, Mr. Clyde giving $5,000. at one time.
    Poplar Branch High School grew and was accredited in the year of 1921 and was one of the first in the state to be accredited.  It had a well equipped laboratory for science and physic courses according to the State Course of Study, music and public school music, arithmetic courses including plane and solid geometry, history and English, two years in French and four years of Latin.
    The parents and teachers had been meeting once a month in what was called a Betterment Society.  It was around the year of 1922 or 1923 that this organization was changed to the Parent Teachers Association.  The Parent Teachers Association has been and still is an active organization.  It is untold how many things the Parent Teachers Association has done and how much money has been raised and put in the school for many different purposes.  It has sponsored buying new uniforms for the band, made money for library funds in the high school and grammar grades,  bought athletic uniforms and sponsored athletics practically every year, bought shrubbery, pianos, curtains for the stage, Venetian blinds for the auditorium, lawn mowers etc.
    In 1923 four additional rooms were added on the back of the building, running water, indoor toilets, a Home Economics Department, a Commercial Department, of bookkeeping and typing and a full time Agriculture Teacher were added.  The first Home Economics teacher being Miss Sarah Newbern, first Commercial teacher Miss Mary Moore, and the first full time Agriculture teacher Mr. Emory Smith.
    It was about this time that Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knapp began giving their help to the schools.  Additional pieces of land were bought at different times from Mr. Jordan Poyner and his heirs for the enlargement of the play ground and the building of a home for the teachers.  The teacherage, which at present consists of five bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom up stairs, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, pantry and bathroom downstairs, was erected in 1923.  It was equipped with the most modern furniture at that time, including a piano.
    Miss Maud C. Newberry came to the county as supervisor May 14, 1923.  She served as supervisor of schools until Feb. 9, 1924 and then took over the duties of superintendent and supervisor too.  With the support of Mr. Knapp, in the way of financing, she was soon able to employ teachers with four years of college.  Mr. Knapp did much for the schools under her administration.  He was responsible for the nine months school term.
    The Poplar Branch Township was divided into several districts, with small schools in each district.  The consolidation of these schools began around 1920 and the last to be consolidated was Powells Point, which was in 1940.
    When the Poplar Branch High School building, which was erected in 1916, was condemned by the state it was necessary to build another.  On May 6, 1940 the Board of Education approved the signing of the contract for construction of a brick building at Poplar Branch.  The secretary read the resolutions which had been ordered to be drawn up at the January first meeting.  The resolutions read as follows:


Whereas, Dr. W. T. Griggs has been one of the County’s most progressive citizens for many years and

Whereas, he has served in the schools of Currituck County both as teacher and superintendent and

Whereas, he built the first two room school building in Currituck County and began the first consolidation of schools in Currituck County and

Whereas, he was the first superintendent in North Carolina to apply to Doctor J. Y. Joyner for the establishment of a high school under the public school laws of 1907 and did establish the first public high school in Currituck County, and, because of the refusal of the Board of Education to guarantee the cost of said school, he became personally responsible for the expenses of running said school and maintained said school at personal expense to himself and

Whereas, he refused to charge tuition to any student in said school but invited anyone to attend and boarded, at his personal expense, many of the students in said high school and

Whereas, he personally canvassed the county and was influential in having passed a special tax an raised the school term the county over and

Whereas, he established the first eight months school in Currituck County and

Whereas, he has been the leading physician in his section of Currituck for many years and

Whereas, he was largely instrumental in completely eradicating typhoid, diphtheria, smallpox and other scourges of mankind from his section through his modern and progressive methods long before the day of Public Health Departments and

Whereas, over five thousand babies have been delivered by him during his lifetime with a low mortality rate of which any physican could be proud and

Whereas, he has been an advocate of good roads and was chairman of the Highway Commission for twelve years and

Whereas, in general he has been the moral, physical and financial mainstay of his section for many years and

Whereas, many citizens of the county have requested that the Board of Education properly recognize the contributions of Doctor W. T. Griggs to the up-building of his community and county,

by the Board of Education of Currituck County:

Section 1.  That at the completion of the new building now being constructed on the grounds of the Poplar Branch High School, the full name of said school shall be the Doctor W. T. Griggs High School of Poplar Branch, North Carolina, and full name of the school shall appear on the seal of the school, diplomas, all certificates of merit and in all other similar places.

Section 2.  That on all official records, reports, etc; the name of the school shall appear as the Griggs High School.

Section 3.  That copies of this resolution shall be forwarded to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for his approval.

Section 4.  That the original copy of this resolution shall be presented to Doctor W. T. Griggs on the occasion of the dedication of the new building.

Read and approved by the Currituck County Board of Education, May 6, 1940.
Currituck County Board of Education:

C. P. White, Chairman
I. T. Corbell
E. W. Addison
Frank B. Aycock Jr., Sec.

Clyde A. Erwin, Superintendent of Public Instruction

    The corner stone of one of the handsomest high school buildings in North Carolina was laid on May 15, 1940.  The cost of the building being in the neighborhood of $100,000.  The county issuing bonds for part of it and the Knapp Foundation furnished about $40,000. of the cost.  In addition, the Knapp Foundation furnished all the money for the Agriculture Building, which was built from scraps taken from the old building, which amounted to about $3,000.
    The Dr. W. T. Griggs High School building is so arranged that it forms a Y.  It has a furnace room and coal room on the back, an auditorium, which will seat around five hundred fifty people, a large stage with two dressing rooms.  It has about twenty five rooms, including fifteen class rooms, cafeteria, libraries, office, rest rooms, storage rooms, closets etc.
    At present the school has a faculty of thirteen, besides the music teacher and band director.
    The first commencement exercises of the Dr. W. T. Griggs High School and dedication of the building was held Friday night May 23, 1941.
    The following description of what took place was obtained from the Daily Advance.

            “The presentation of diplomas, the first to bear the name of the Griggs School followed a commencement address by Dr. Hugh Lefler, historian and professor of history at the State University at Chapel Hill, and appropriate dedication exercises in which County School Superintendent Frank B. Aycock, W. P. A. Publicity Director Fred J. Cohn, Executive Secretary Lloyd Griffin of the State School Commission and Dr. Griggs participated.  The building was presented by Superintendent Aycock and received and dedicated by Dr. Griggs.

            Recognized by Aycock for outstanding work in making the new building possible were Marvin Fisher and Cleveland Aydlett of the Board of Commissioners, Carl P. White and E. W. Addison of the Board of Education, Newton Hampton who had so large a part in carrying Coinjock for the bond issue by a majority of fifty three votes, Paul Spry and the local school committeemen.”

            Those serving on the committee at the time were:  T. S. Harrell Jr., W. P. Wright, Mrs. Clara Snow, Mrs. Pat O’Neal, and Mrs. Elsie Jackson.

            “Too much attention in our histories,” said Historian Lefler, “has been given to certain prominent leaders of state and nation and too little attention to the community leaders like Dr. Griggs, who have made the work of the more prominent leaders possible, and who, whether they were doctors, farmers, teachers or lawyers have made North Carolina the great state that it is today.”

            “I didn't know I was such an important person,” said Dr. Griggs as he arose after being presented the Resolutions adopted by the Board of Education and read by Aycock.”

            Processional and recessional were rendered by the high school band directed by Miss Minnie Nash, invocation and benediction were made by the Rev. James Overton, musical numbers presented by the girls glee club.

    The first graduates to receive diplomas were:  Elizabeth Parter, Edmond Woodhouse, and Lancelot Poyner.  The commencement address was delivered by Judge Boush Leigh, of Elizabeth City.  The diplomas were presented on April 26, 1912.  There were nine grades at this time.  No record of graduates between 1912 and 1916.  In 1916 there were eight to graduate, which was the first to graduate from the eleventh grade.  An additional grade was added in 1942, which made twelve.  There were no graduates in the school year of 1946.  The first to graduate from the twelfth grade was in 1947.  There were sixteen in the class.
    The total number of pupils known to graduate from Poplar Branch and the Dr. W. T. Griggs High School being five hundred forty three.
    All over the country you will find doctors, preachers, teachers, lawyers, college professors, and many others with different professions and occupations who have graduated from Poplar Branch and the Dr. W. T. Griggs High School.
    Following is a list of the Superintendents of Schools, principals and graduates by years.


Dr. W. T. Griggs                      - - - - - - - -     1907
Dr. J. M. Newbern                   - - - - - - - -     1907
Robert W. Isley                        - - - - - - - -     1916
W. D. Cox                               - - - - - - - -     1917
Maud C. Newberry                  Feb. 9,             1924
T. B. Elliott                               Apr. 3,             1934
Frank B. Aycock Jr.                 - - - - - - - -     1937
E. C. Woodard                        - - - - - - - -     1943
Frank B. Aycock Jr.                 - - - - - - - -     1945
W. H. Tuck                              - - - - - - - -     1947


Miss Mary Phelps                                                                     1907 – ‘08
Miss Mary Phelps                                                                     1908 – ‘09
Miss Mary Phelps                                                                     1909 – ‘10
Miss Mary Phelps                                                                     1910 – ‘11
Miss Mary Phelps                                                                     1911 – ‘12
Mr. G. H. Joyner                                                                      1912 – ‘13
Mr. R. W. Isley                                                                        1913 – ‘14
Mr. R. W. Isley                                                                        1914 – ‘15
Mr. L. L. Lohr                                                                          1915 – ‘16
Mr. L. L. Lohr                                                                          1916 – ‘17
Mr. J. C. Blaine                                                                        1917 – ‘18
Mr. J. E. Smith                                                                          1918 – ‘19
Mr. C. U. Williams                                                                   1919 – ‘20
Mr. C. U. Williams                                                                   1920 – ‘21
Mr. C. U. Williams                                                                   1921 – ‘22
Mr. C. U. Williams                                                                   1922 – ‘23
Mr. C. U. Williams                                                                   1923 – ‘24
Mr. Robert C. Mayo                                                                1924 – ‘25
Mr. Robert C. Mayo                                                                1925 – ‘26
Mr. B. Willard De Shazo                                                          1926 – ‘27
Mr. B. Willard De Shazo                                                          1927 – ‘28
Mr. B. Willard De Shazo                                                          1928 – ‘29
Miss Hilda Hughes                                                                    1929 – ‘30
Mr. Levi W. Teague                                                                 1930 – ‘31
Mr. Levi W. Teague                                                                 1931 – ‘32
Mr. Levi W. Teague                                                                 1932 – ‘33
Mr. Albert Percell                                                                     1933 – ‘34
Mr. Albert Percell                                                                     1934 – ‘35
Mr. Robert L. Shirling                                                               1935 – ‘36
Mr. D. W. Smith                                                                      1936 – ‘37
Mr. D. W. Smith                                                                      1937 – ‘38
Mr. D. W. Smith                                                                      1938 – ‘39
Mr. D. W. Smith                                                                      1939 – ‘40
Mr. D. W. Smith & Mr. Alex Ross                                           1940 – ‘41
Mr. Alex Ross                                                                          1941 – ‘42
Mr. J. S. Moore                                                                       1942 – ‘43
Mr. J. S. Moore & Mr. C. A. Elmore                                       1943 – ‘44
Mr. M. P. Wright                                                                     1944 – ‘45
Mr. M. P. Wright                                                                     1945 – ‘46
Mr. W. H. Tuck                                                                       1946 – ‘47
Mr. Robert Knox & Mr. Gilbert Britt                                        1947 – ’48



Elizabeth Parker  

Edmond Woodhouse  

Lancelot Poyner


Curtis Baum  

Beatrice Parker

Ethel Gregory  

Gladys Saunders

Eunice Jerome  

Fletcher Spry

Odessa Lewark  

Pauline White


Maud Griggs  

Marvin Overton

Worth Guard  

Annie Twiford


Lessie Aydlett   

Venia Parker

Gladys Evans  

Walter Newbern Poyner

Charles Harold Forbes   

Sudie Mae Simpson

Norman H. Gregory  

Ida Smith

Gladys O’Neill  

Harrell Woodhouse


Wyatt Rudolph Aydlett  

William Horace Harrell

Nell Barco  

John Small Newbern

Beaulah Corbell  

Winton J. Poyner

Bernice Grandy  

Fannie Simpson

Blanche Griggs  

Nell Walker


Eva Hinton O’Neal  

Thelma Sybil Parker


Elton Aydlett  

Merrill Evans

Mildred Baum  

Parron Gallop

Mildred Doxey  

William Poyner

Hilton Evans  

Wilbur Woodhouse


Orion Carlton Evans  

Robert Newbern

Elsie Grandy  

Ola Dale Lewis


Fannie Ackiss Bateman  

Albert Griggs

Annie Evelyn Baum  

Robanna Griggs

Mae Gertrude Baum  

Purnell Hall Guard

Mabel Irene Baum  

Lettie Lucille Hamtpon

Walton Dalton Dutcher  

Lula Gertrude Liverman

Russell Horton Forbes  

William Norman Newbern

Helen Hortense Gregory  

George Washington Sumrell

Minnie Grandy  

Thetis Mae Walker

Mabel Grandy  

Thomas Alton Woodhouse

Hilda Irene Wright


Mildred Grandy Ballance  

Mary Louise Morse

Clayton Forbes  

Alma Mae Owens

John Bunnell Litchfield  

Mary Elizabeth Poyner

Miriam V. Midgett  

Hazel Virginia Smith

Franklin Linwood Tillett


Marie M. Ballance  

William Sanford Gregory

Clara Madaline Bateman  

Ellen M. Hampton

Edna Earl Boswood  

Vivian M. Hampton

Sara Louise Boswood  

George Meiggs

John Richard Brown  

Mattie B. Midgett

John Elwood Doxey  

Junius Overton

Robanna Griggs Forbes  

Gladys Poyner

Pearl Evelyn Gallop  

Linda Walker


Elsie Ballance  

Carlyle McCloud

Milford Duke Baum  

Mary Newbern

Dexter Beecham  

Maude Newbern

Bennett Forbes  

Earl Pike

Alice Gray  

Kathryn Simmons

Pearl Hampton  

Edith White

Roy Kinsey  

Sara Woodhouse

Ben Wroton


Milford Ballance  

Cecil Kinsey

Elinor Bray  

Elizabeth Lindsay

Margaret Dowdy  

Elvin Newbern

Charlie Dunton  

Bernie O’Neal

Johnie Gallop  

Roxye Parker

Marshal Gallop  

Maudie Perry

Ruby Marie Gallop  

Robert Lee Sawyer

Elva Gregory  

Sermon Sawyer


Elsie Barco  

Kathleen Guard

Helen Barco  

Lindsay Hampton

Inez Barco  

Manly Lee

Hattie Baum  

Griggs Meiggs

Blanche Dowdy  

Copeland Newbern

Mary Doxey  

James Newbern

Phillip Dunton  

Lucy Owens

Iva Evans  

Goldie Saunders

Eunice Grandy  

Blanche Walker


Edward Walton Ackiss  

Edna Mae Lane

Robert Osbern Ballance  

Nellie Gertrude Lewark

Thad Hall Bray  

William Donald Melson

Bessie Irene Breeden  

Ruth Leigh Merrell

Gherman Cobb Briggs  

Zorado Viola O’Neal

Ellen Byrd Cartwright  

Anis Maxine Overton

Sarah Elizabeth Cherry  

James Hardy Overton, Jr.

Ruby White Evans  

Ruth Virginia Phaup

Martha Ann Griggs  

Lillian Thelma Ross

Zola Belle Hampton  

Charles Jacob Simpson

Isabelle Nelson Kinsey  

Maynard Emmett Wright

Wilbur Mercer Wright


Ola Louise Aydlett  

Mildred Inez Lane

Ellis Ballance  

Zola Marion Lee

Benjamin Otto Bateman  

Nell Anetah Mills

Mary Sue Boswood  

Alvin Munden

William Beckwith Dunton  

Horatis D. Newbern

Clara Elizabeth Forbes  

Kathryn Corbit Newbern

Dora Lee Forbes  

Lillian Owens

Pinnell Griggs  

Elsie Mae Saunders

Mabel Jackson Guard  

Grace Dulin Sawyer

Martha Guard  

Sarah Wilson Simmons

W. H. Hampton  

Evelyn Louise Wright


Wendell Barco  

Guertha Mae Sawyer

Elmer Dowdy  

Roy E. Sawyer

Milton Owens  

Willie L. Walker

Ida Mae Palmer  

Orville L. Woodhouse

Christine Wright


Marie Oden Ackiss  

Hilda Hayman Melson

Mary Susan Barco  

Sidney Bernice Morse

Milford Russell Barnard  

Allie Grice O’Neal

Kathryn Bray  

Edgar O’Neal

Chester Dunton  

Delma Virginia Owens

Mary Elmer Forbes  

Wibur Merrell Parker

Bill Haywood Kinsey  

Ralph Ellis Saunders

Mamie Belle Simpson


Marguerite Aydlett  

Mary Gallop

Elza Ballance  

James Griggs

Lillie Ballance  

Iona Lane

Kathryn Baum  

William Lindsay

Ruby Beasley  

Iris Matthews

Naomi Charlton  

Francis O’Neal

Edward Chick  

Iris Owens

Robert Coates  

Gwathmey Sawyer

Lila Mae Daniels  

Edward Smith

Elizabeth Dunton  

Lois Vellines

Elsie Marie Forbes  

Mary Vellines


Carrie Aydlett  

Ethel Mae Mercer

Noah Alton Brickhouse  

Gertrude Elizabeth Midgette

Judson Bunch  

Marcella Sawyer

Maggie Arvilla Dowdy  

Milburn Sawyer

Mary Forbes Dunton  

William Emerson Sears

Brantly Elton Griggs  

Estelle Sumrell

Erma Gwendyln Griggs  

Charles M. Vellines

Kate E. Hampton  

Mittie Louise Welsted

Johnnie L. Lane  

Charlie Newbold Wright


Leonard Ackiss  

Elmer Ruth Harris

Mary Louise Aguirre  

Ernest F. Lane

Willoughby D. Barco  

Gilmer H. Newbern

Boyd Briggs  

Mary Eleanor O’Neal

John H. Collins  

Samuel W. Owens

Esther Marie Evans  

Melville W. Poole

Ronald E. Evans  

Doris Velma Sawyer

Ruby Mae Gallop  

James W. Sawyer

William Paul Gallop  

Melba Cornell Sawyer

Marguerite Wilson Guard  

Dennis Edward Snow, Jr.

John D. Hampton  

Barbara Elizabeth Smith

Harry Lee Welsted, Jr.


Hulda Lenora Ballance  

Kathleen Doris Hampton

Shirley Aldine Boswood  

Nettie Hampton

Elizabeth Bray  

Virginia Eloise Krank

Kathryn Hall Doyal  

Addie Lewark

Erma Gladys Forbes  

Norma Louise Meiggs

Irene Gallop  

Edna Earl Newbern

John Calvin Gallop, Jr.  

Ruby Estelle Newbern

Charlotte Garrington  

Francis O’Neal

Clarabelle Garrington  

Wilma Rae O’Neal

Pierce Griggs Garrington  

Adelia Murden Snow

Edward Griggs  

Mahlon Sumrell

Libby Maxine Griggs  

George Swain

Will Douglas Griggs  

Elmer Woodard, Jr.

John Wright


Erma Pauline Crank  

Margaret Angeline Lindsay

Wilbur Daniels  

Lessie Holland Melson

Ruby Ernestine Dowdy  

Mildred Idell Midgett

Pattie Adair Doyle  

Alton Wilson Newbern

Ernest Wright Gallop  

Ellis Clyde Owens

Herbert D. Gallop  

Erline Harrison Sawyer

Mitchell McKinley Gallop  

Emma Eula Springle

Alison Christina Krank  

Norma Erleen Walker

Mary Washington Lane  

Grace Virginia Wright


Virginia Ackiss  

Charles Owens

Ralph Barco  

Jessie Owens

Ralph Boswood  

Margaret Owens

Evelyn Bright  

Walton Poole

Sybil Brumsey  

Martha Sawyer

Erline Gallop  

Mildred Sawyer

Faye Gallop  

Nora Mary Sawyer

Ruth Grandy  

Nellie Mae Snow

Marjorie Griggs  

Mattie Bell Springle

V. B. Griggs  

Agnes Swain

Phillip Hampton  

Burville Twiford

Mary Merrell  

Rosebud Villeran

Aubrey Midgett  

Graham Walker


Guy Aydlett  

Carlton O’Neal  [see photo]

Dorothy Ballance  

Eva O’Neal

Julia Briggs  

Melba O’Neal

Glenn Bunch  

Audrey Owens

Virginia Crank  

Idella Parker [see photo]

Louise Daniels  

Louise Ragland

Leola Doxey  

Nina Ross

Esther Evans  

Wiley B. Saunders [see photo]

Wilma Garrington [see photo]

Norma Saunders

Milton Leary  

Virginia Snow

Ernestine Meiggs  

Annie Sutton

Audrey White


Albert Bright  

Hazel O’Neal

Nelson Butler  

Mae O’Neal

Margaret Etheridge  

Vernon Parker

Thelma Garrington  

Thurman Poole

Jeanette Gray  

Carl Ross
[E-mail from Art Ross states his father's name should be Carol Grady Ross]

Lavinia Hampton  

Carl Sawyer

Hammond Killingsworth  

G. C. Sawyer

Gladys Melson  

Scott Sawyer

Alice McCarthy  

Marguerite Sawyer

Dorothy Midgette  

Wilbur Walker

Mildred Midgette  

Marvin Waterfields

Hester Newbern  

Naomi Waterfields


Alethia Mae Aydlette  

Rayburn L. Hampton

Sam Russell Barnard  

Cyril G. Matthews

James M. Beasley  

David Matthews, Jr.

Paul W. Brumsey  

Howard G. Matthews

Johnie T. Butler  

Lessie Kathleen Merrell

Clemen Casiano  

Annie Susan McLaughlin

Boyce Young Cotton  

Minnie Alene Newbern

Margaret Crank  

Pauline Sawyer

Margaret Alice Dowdy  

Dennard Springle, Jr.

Anne Dunton  

Richard Gordon Springle

Foster Forbes, Jr.  

Madge Elizabeth Twiford

Sidney Mollie Forbes  

Laura Marie Walker

John E. Guard, Jr.  

Catherine H. White

Nina Isabel Guard  

Major G. Woodhouse

Nellie Louise Garrington  

Ruby Wright


Clara Belangia  

Paul Herman Leary

Olive Bunch  

Marion Jean Meiggs

Elizabeth Abigail Cotton  

Nell Louise Newbern

Porcius F. Crank, Jr.  

Wallace O’Neal, III

Willis Melvin Dowdy  

Norma Erline Owens

Frank Doyle, Jr.  

Kathleen H. Parker

Laura Louise Doyle  

Marion Yvonne Parker

Charlie Edward Dozier  

Mary Elizabeth Pendleton

Pauline Dunton  

Martha Marie Perry

Doris Forbes  

Jean Marie Pruitt

Addie Iona Gallop  

Pearl Virginia Sawyer

Carlton Chesson Hampton  

Willia Irene Severn

Cecil Milton Harris  

Morrell McKenzie Shelor, Jr.

Sarah Lititia Harrison  

Jarvis Lee Snow

Christabell Jones  

Walton Worth Snow

Marjorie Poyner Krank  

Carolyn Parker Walker

Joyce Elizabeth Leary  

Mildred Inez Wright

William Earl Wright


Mildred Lorena Aydlett  

Mildred Lewark

Ernest John Brickhouse  

Rose Marie McCloud

Ray Elton Brown  

George Willock O’Neal

Annie Zorado Curles  

Edwin Carlton Overton

Jean Elizabeth Doxey  

Tillie Owens

Margaret K. Foster  

William Howard Owens, Jr.

Edward Carlton Gibbs, Jr.  

Pattie Elizabeth Robertson

Eddie Seals Gilden  

Nettie Hazel Sanders

Spencer Curtis Gray, Jr.  

Claude Sawyer

Madge Marie Hayman  

Norma Elouise Sawyer

George Helms, Jr.  

Mary Alice Sumrell

Margaret Waterfields


Ruth Winifred Bright  

William George Jackson

Raymond Bross Caroon  

Ruth Myra Krank

Laura Mae Crockett  

Geraldine Leary

Henry Donski  

Annie Marie Montague

Gloria Walker Dowdy  

Mary Marie Newbern

Jacquelyn Hope Forbes  

Maxine Virginia Newbern

Mollie Mae Forbes  

Claud Vincent O’Neal

Mildred Alice Griggs  

Edwin E. Pendleton

Alma Smedman Hayman  

Ernest Snow

Edna Virginia Hampton  

Naomi Lee Springle

Helen Stanley Wright


Ervin M. Ballance  

Curtis Calvin Merrell

Joyce Baum  

Bettie Doxey Newbern

Hinton Caroon  

Nellie Gladys Outlaw

Jeanette Crain  

Marious Percell Owens

Elizabeth Allene Credle  

Geraldine Palmer

Loreen Dunton  

Ruby Parker

Bernard Upchurch Evans, Jr.  

Russell Elton Sawyer

Nan Jennette Forbes  

Emma Mae Snow

Erline Davis Gaskill  

William Earl Springle

Tilden Aubrey Griggs  

Affie Marie Twiford

Lessie Kathleen Harris  

William Henry Waterfields

Ideal Helms  

Merrell Paul Wright, Jr.

Elmer William Hutchins, Jr.  

Sidney Lee Wright


No graduates


Melba Austin  

Mildred Baum Hampton

Edna Earle Beasley  

B. Carlton Harrell

Howard E. Bunch  

Elizabeth Jones

Wilson W. Corbell  

Mary O’Neal

Eunice Dunton  

Jesse N. Owens

Mary Ann Forbes  

Geraldine Parker

Dewey Foster  

Mildred Twiford Quidley

Erma Lee Hall  

Curtis J. Windley


(The following information was hand written on a separate piece of paper, folded, and inserted into the booklet that was originally prepared by Mrs. O. C. Evans.)


41 – 42

J. A. Ross

42 – 44

J. S. Moore

44 – 46

M. P. Wright

46 – 47

W. H. Tuck

47 – 48

Robert D. Knox

48 – 49

G. A. Britt

49 – 51

T. M. Grimes

51 – 52

S. C. Chandler

52 – 59

D. B. Burgess

59 – 66

Ike Williams

66 – 67

Rev. Tucker

67 – 79

M. B. Morris

79 – 80

Maurice Green

80 – 97

Fannie B. Newbern

97 -----

Greg Schwarga

(This list does not show full names and was not in alphabetical order)


(not listed)


Harry Austin  

Herbert Hassell

Oswald Aydlett  

Olive Forbes

Clarence Beasley  

Rosalyn Forbes

Earson Chappell  

Gay Morris

Edna Anderson  

Betty Newbern

Grace Austin  

Melvin McLean

Faye Barco  

Edison Midgett

Mabel Doxey  

Rupert Owens

Jim Dunton  

Marjorie Sumrell

Bernard Gallop  

Jean Walker

Kenneth Gregory   Jackie Walston

Alston Caroon  

Billy Griggs

Howard Forbes  

Colon Griggs

Purnell Gallop  

Ann Helms

Walter Lee Gallop  

Geraldine Lupton

Ruth Cartwright  

Dolly Sawyer

Dorothy Evans  

Marjorie Sowers

Garnet Forbes  

George Hall

Joan Hayman  

Dailey Williams

Colon Grandy  

Johnny Snow

Melvin Lee Gray  

Marion Toler


Grace Dowdy  

Margarette Midgett

Leroy Banks  

Gilbert Brickhouse

Ellen Hawkins  

Virginia Miller

Luther Bateman  

Gilbert Davenport

Mary McBride  

June Sumrell

Anne McBride  

Willie Garrington

Dennis Cahoon  

Elizabeth Sutton

Margaret Ragland

Warren Austin  

Jean Justus

Betty Lou Barco  

Jackie Leary

Louise Dowdy  

Seigles Leary

Ruth Evans  

James Carol Lewis

Filena Forbes  

Jeanette Merrell

Floyd Forbes  

Doris Owens

Edmund Gallop  

Donna Pickett

Gayla Griggs  

Joyce Richardson

Cherrill Ann Hampton  

Clyde Spruill

Eugene Hayman   Jack Tinnin

Larry Bunch  

Clara Needham

Joseph Caroon  

Ruth O’Neal

Julia Dunton  

Addie Outlaw

Floyd Gilden  

Connie Outlaw

Albert Gregory  

Peggy Parker

Julian Harris  

Janet Riddick

Faye Jones  

Bryan Smith

Esther Mercer   Joan Sowers

Gene Austin  

Janet Gibbs

Carolyn Aydlett  

Norman Hayman

Mary Ann Bateman  

Jean Jackson

Richard Bishop  

Shirley Justus

Martha Chappell  

Enoch Lee

Jimmy Dowdy  

Edgar Parker

William Dowdy  

Madeline Wood

Joyce Doyle  

Edwin Woodhouse

Ruth Dunton  

Phyllis Woodhouse

Virginia Gallop  

Victor Zink


Chris Aydlett  

Carrie McBride

Carolyn Bishop  

Glen Newbern

Gerald Bunch  

Leonard Outlaw

Betty Curles  

Vivian Outlaw

Hilton Dixon  

Dean Owens

Phyllis Doyle  

Faye Sargent

Johnny Fisher  

William Shipp

Susie Gregory  

Bill Smith

Harold Harris  

Ralph Smith

Wayne Jones   Joyce Springle



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