North Carolina Freedman's Savings & Trust Co. Records

The Freedman's Savings & Trust Co. or the Freedman's Bank, as it is universally called, was chartered on March 3, 1865.  It was the outgrowth of military savings banks in Norfolk, Va. and Beaufort, S.C. which had been established earlier for black Union troops who needed a place to deposit their wages and bounty money.  Its founders, who were influential Christian philanthropists, humanitarians and businessmen, convinced the United States Congress to establish a bank so former slaves could learn the values of thrift and savings.  In North Carolina there were three branches of the Freedman's Bank.  The branch at New Bern was established in January 1866.  The Raleigh and Wilmington branches were chartered two years later in January 1868.

The following bank records were abstracted from registers of which the originals are housed in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.  They can be found in Record Group 101; Records of the Comptroller of the Currency.  They have been microfilmed and are available on reel M816.4.  Included are New Bern registers from Sept. 3, 1869 to July 25, 1874; Wilmington registers from Sept. 3, 1869 to Oct. 30, 1869 and Dec. 11, 1872 to Aug. 26, 1873.  Unfortunately the only Raleigh register that survived is one page from April 9, 1868 to April 20, 1868.  The Freedman's Savings & Trust Co. records contain a wealth of information on African-American genealogy and local history.
Source: North Carolina Freedman's Savings & Trust Company Records; Abstracted by Bill Reaves and published by the North Carolina Genealogical Society in 1992.

New Bern Branch

David Simmons
Date of Application: Nov. 3, 1869
Born: Currituck County near Court House and raised in same area
Residence: with Aunt Charlotte WILLIAMS, my mother-in-law.
Age: 49
Complexion: black
Occupation: lumber getter, shingler, etc. and works for Dennis SIMMONS in Williamston
His wife is the former Catharine WILLIAMS and is blind.  They have been married 6 years.  Children include Stephen, 19, by Sarah WOODUS; also Abner, 18, Sabra, 16, and Betsey, 15, by Margaret JARVIS.  His father is Abner HALL, living in Currituck County.  His mother is Betsey WILLIAMS living in Norfolk, Va.  His brothers include Joseph WILLIAMS who lives in Norfolk and Spencer FORBES who lives in Currituck County, also his sister, Darkis GORDON.  His sisters, Maria and Sarah WILLIAMS were sold away.  "Money to go to wife or if she dies first to my wife's mother, Charlotte WILLIAMS".  His signature is signed by an "x".

Parmelia Bateman
Date of Application: Dec. 16, 1869
Born and raised at Powell's Point, Currituck County
Residence: near Currituck Court House
Complexion: white
Her husband was Harmon BATEMAN of the 1st NC Reg, who died in hospital at Morehead City.  Her son is Thomas Henry, 12 years old.  Her father was Thomas JARVIS who died in Currituck County when she was small.  Her mother Lydia JARVIS died 25 years ago.  Her own sister is Harriet OLDS.  Her half-sisters are Susan WOODUS, Annie CARWELL and Bettie FULFORD.  Her signature is signed by an "x".




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