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By a Line of Marked Trees:
Abstracts of Currituck County, NC Deed Books [1], 1-3

compiled by John A. Brayton, 2000
[Copies may be obtained from the author:
1503 Union Ave., Ste. 220
Memphis, TN 38104].
Abstracts of the earliest extant Currituck Co. deeds, spanning years 1708-1774. Fully indexed.
[Unfortunately, there are some large gaps--not all deeds from this period have survived].

Kay Midgett Sheppard

Currituck Legacy: The Baum Family of North Carolina
pub. by the Baum Family History Trust (1985)
Info on seven generations of the Baum and allied families in Northeastern NC Kay Midgett Sheppard
1850 Census for Camden and Currituck Counties . Jean Spencer

Leigh Leonard Smith

1860 Census for Currituck County . Jean Spencer
1930 Census Dare, Cumberland & Currituck Counties   Leigh Leonard Smith
Abstracts of Land Grants, Tax Lists, Orphan Dockets, Inventories and other Records of Currituck and Dare Counties, NC 1666-1831.
compiled by: Gordon C. Jones 1982
  1. Land Grants prior to 1729
  2. NC Land Grants 1663-1695 Index and Abstracts
  3. 1715 tax list
  4. persons mentioned in deeds prior to 1725
  5. jurymen 1739
  6. orphan docket 1772-1827
  7. inventories 1799-1820
  8. Capt. Jacob Farrow's co., prob. 1776
  9. pay roll of Capt. Whitehall's Co., 1780
  10. 1812 war veterans
Jean Spencer

Kay Midgett Sheppard
Abstracts of Wills and Other Records, Currituck and Dare Counties, NC 1663-1850
compiled by: Gordon C. Jones
  1. persons mentioned in deeds prior to 1725
  2. Jurymen (Freeholders) 1723
  3. Taxables 1755
  4. Quit Rent Rolls 12 Jun 1735
  5. Co. of Capt. John Woodhouse, 1758
  6. List of Taxables, 1779
  7. Married Men Poll Tax
  8. Single Men Poll Tax
  9. Head of families - 1790
  10. Abstracts from Grimes NC Wills 1663-1760
Jean Spencer

Kay Midgett Sheppard
Currituck Co., NC, Eighteenth Century Tax & Militia Records
by: William Doub Bennett
. Jean Spencer

Kay Midgett Sheppard
Currituck County Marriage Bonds (Book A 1851-1867)
Pub. by the Albemarle Genealogical Society
  Darleen F. Ricci

Bryan Davis
Currituck County Heritage
Pub. by the Albemarle Genealogical Society
Family/County info 1670-1985 Donna O'Malley

Jane M. Whitty

Currituck County, North Carolina Cemetery Records, Based on the Records of Margaret W. Walker, Compiled by the Albemarle Genealogical Society, Published by Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1995 Most of the cemetery records contained in this book are from the 1800's and 1900's. It is unlikely that any very early Currituck ancestors can be identified by records in this book. Marty Holland

Jean Spencer
Province of NC 1663-1729
Abstracts of Land Patents
by: Margaret M. Hofmann


Land patents from Patent Books 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 13.  About 200 of these entries are known to be in Currituck Precinct. Kay Midgett Sheppard

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