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Currituck County Miscellaneous Estates

 Caleb & Lydia White (minors) - 1770

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North Carolina}
     Edenton     }
     George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, etc. to John ACKOSS and John WHITEHURST of the County Princess Anne in the Colony of Virginia Esquire, Greeting. Know Ye, that We, in Confidence of your Prudence and Fidelity, have appointed You, and by these Presents, do give You full Power and Authority, diligently to examine Juliana SIMMONS the Wife of William SIMMONS, Anne Mary MORICE the Wife of James MORICE upon certain Interrogatories, to be exhibited to you as well on the Part of Lydia WHITE and Caleb WHITE by Dorcas JASPER their guardian Plaintiffs as on the part of Daniel WHITE Defendant, or of either of them.
     Therefore we require you, that at certain Days and Places to be appointed for that Purpose, you do cause the said Witnesses to come before you, and then and there examine each of them a-part, upon the said Interrogatories, on their respective corporal Oaths, first taken before you, on the Holy Evangelists; and that you do take such their Examinations, and reduce them into Writing: And when you have so taken them, you are to send the same to our Chief Justice of the Province aforesaid, and his Associates, at the next Superior Court of Justice to be held for the District of Edenton, at the Court-House in Edenton, on the XXVth Day of October next, closed up, under your Seals, distinctly and plainly set, together with this Writ and the said Interrogatories. Witness Martin HOWARD Esq; Chief Justice of our said Province, at Edenton the twenty fifth Day of April in the tenth Year of our Reign.
     /s/ Sam JOHNSTON
               Thomas JONES

[SOURCE: Manuscript and Archives Reference System (MARS); Edenton District Superior Court Estates Records 1756-1806; MARS ID: 398.6.732 (Box)]; Microfilm C.201.1905675

Caleb White - 1807

Page 1 (the handwriting on this page was horrible so there may be errors in the transcription)
     In the Suit at the ____ of Tho. BRAY et.ux. agt you ___ now depending in the Sup. Court of the County of Chowan take notice that the testimony of Malachi JONES will be taken on the 15th Day of Aprill next at the house of Jesse TAYLER in Knotts Island in the County of Currituck before some _____ authority ______ in _____ the said cause.
     /s/ name unreadable
30 March 1807

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State of North Carolina
Know ye, That we reposing especial trust and confidence in your fidelity and prudent circumspection, do command, authorize and empower you, or any of you, that at such time and place as you shall appoint, you call and cause to come before you Malachi JONES and him diligently examine on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, what he knows in and about a certain matter of dispute now at issue in the Superior Court of Law, made in a cause, wherein Thomas BRAY & Wife are plaintiffs, and James PHILLIPS et ux are defendants as well on the part of the plaintiff as the defendant, and such examination and deposition by you so taken, you are to send closed up under your seal, to our said Court, to be held for the district of Edenton, at the Court-House in Edenton, on the First Monday after the Fourthteen day of September next; and this you are in no wise to omit. Witness William BLAIR, Clerk of the said Court at Edenton, the XXXth day of March in the XXXIth year of the Independence of the said State, Anno Dom 1807.
     /s/ Will BLAIR Clk

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N Carolina
[torn] County
     In Obediance to a commission to me directed personally came and appeared before me Jesse TAYLOR one of the acting Justices for the County afsd Malachi JONES and maketh Oath on the Holy Evanjelist of Almighty God deposeth and sayeth that in the year of 1791 that he the afsd M. JONES was appointed by the County court afsd as one to audite and settle the acts [accounts] of Samuel JASPER & Amey WHITE exrs of the Last Will and Testament of Caleb WHITE decd with said decd estate and at the time of audite the said Amey WHITE produced a note of said Caleb WHITE, to the amount of Fifty pounds curency which he the said Caleb WHITE had given her previous to their Intermarage which he the afsd M. JONES objected to allowing because the said note was given to her in the time of her being the Widow of John SIMMONS decd who loaned her the use of all his property or nearly all during her Widowhood and being one of the auditors found no such money there accounted for to SIMMONS estate nor his Heirs and in the act ware divided and could not agree. And there was another meeting appointed for the audite but he the said M. JONES did not go and afterward was requested by the afsd Amey WHITE to assign an audite which was made out by the others which he the afsd JONES did refuse to do as the Fifty pound was there allowd and she the afsd. Amey WHITE got another auditor appointed in his Room and Stead and the fifty pound was allowed as an offset to the charges against them as Exrs.  And further this deponent sayeth not.
     /s/ Malachi JONES

Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of April 1807 on which day said deposition was then sworn to & Subscribed before me.
     /s/ Jesse TAYLOR J.P.

[SOURCE: Manuscript and Archives Reference System (MARS); Edenton District Superior Court Estates Records 1756-1806; MARS ID: 398.6.731 (Box)]; Microfilm C.201.1905675

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