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Currituck County, NC Estates Records

Inventory Key Feb. Term 1799 to Feb. Term 1820
(Inventories Proved)
Source: North Carolina State Archives Microfilm Reel #C.030.50012
"Miscellaneous Estates Records," beginning on p. 379 of the reel.

 [Note: this is a list of deceased people whose inventories were proved at court. Some names are mentioned more than once, probably because partial or supplementary inventories were taken at different times. The names are typed in the order in which they appear in the original record; note that some of the dates are out of order. Also note that the original record from which this is transcribed is only a list--no actual inventories are given here. Page numbers assigned by Archives are given in brackets].

    Page 1
    An Inventory Key Commenced Sept. Term 1777 (sic)

    Feby. Term 1799
    Joshua White
    Joseph Ruark
    Richard Beasley
    William O Neel
    William Mitchell
    Mary Beacham
    Carter Bennett
    Wiliam Slaughter
    Seth Holstead
    Anna Scarborough
    William Melson
    William Taylor
    Peter Bray
    John Jones
    Thomas Tatum
    Gamiel Wright
    Joseph Poyner
    John Brooks
    William Wicker
    William Robertson
    Joseph Jones
    Michael Lawless

    Feby. Term 1801
    Joseph Lindsey

    May Term1801
    Lazarous Linton
    James Meekins

    August Term 1801
    Joseph Lindsey

    August Term 1802
    John Gray

    Feby Term 1803
    Richard Williams
    Richard Flora
    John Bell Junr.
    William Forbes
    Elizabeth Wicker
    Embly Bunnell
    George Fisher
    William Mackie Junr.
    Ann Munden
    Dennis Capps
    Priscilla Walker
    Thomas Heath
    James Bates
    Thomas Ferebee

    Page 2
    May Term 1803
    John Sanderson
    John Wheatly
    John Peel
    John Waterfield
    Robert Barnard
    Austin Scarborough
    Richard Flora
    John Bryant
    Griffith Dauge
    Woods Daniels
    Elias Harris
    Zachariah Peel
    Nancy Lee
    Thomas Glasgow
    John Northern

    Aug. Term 1803
    Will Maund
    Benjamin Scurr
    Thomas Heath
    Christopher Collins
    Francis Etheridge
    Thomas Jones
    Peter Morriset
    John Mann
    Abraham Jennett
    William Sheargold
    John Saunderson

    Nov. Term 1803
    Elizabeth Wilson
    Fannie (or Fawnie?) Williams
    Letisha Bell
    George Pugh
    Robert Poyner
    Malachi Capps
    Henry White Esqr.

    Feby. Term 1804
    Brickhouse T. Kennitt
    Spencer Rodgers
    Elizabeth Ethridge
    Affiah Stewart
    Arthur Turtne (?)

    Page 3
    Daniel Ethridge
    Belcher Daniels Senr.
    Will Norton (?)
    Will. Gilbert
    Dudley Wicker
    Richard Bright
    John Sears
    Elizabeth Wicker

    May Term 1804
    Will Nicholson
    Thomas Midgett
    Samuel Lee Senr.
    Thomas Mills
    Gideon Daniels
    Will. Lindsey
    Stephen Northern
    Thomas P. Williams
    Jacob Dunton

    Aug. Term 1804
    Gideon Dough
    John Gibbins
    Penelope Gregory
    Thomas Harris
    Mary Simmons
    Thomas Paine Senr.

    Nov. Term 1804
    Joel Poyner Senr.
    Will. Nicholson
    Will Nicholson
    Stephen Dudley
    Theophilus Kallam
    Theophilus Kallam
    Will. Ballance Senr.
    Elizabeth Kinon
    Will. Norton
    Stephen Gregory
    Huldah Wilson orph.
    John Simpson

    Feby. Term 1805
    Murice Baum
    William Williamson
    Caleb Simmons

    Page 4
    James Dough
    Susanna Kinnion
    Mary Bright
    Andy L. Thomson
    Willis Gwin
    Reuben Morse

    May Term 1805
    Will. Scott Senr.
    John Gibbins
    Griffith Gray
    Will. Thomson
    Josiah Wooster
    Josiah Cherry
    William Waterfield
    Will Waterfield
    John Heath
    Mary White
    Josiah Humphries
    Malachi Read

    Aug Term 1805
    William Miller Senr.
    Will. Norton
    Francis Rollison
    Archibald McDanold
    Laban Gregory
    John McHorney
    Will. Simmons
    Tho. (?) Austin
    James Best

    Nov. Term 1805
    Joshua Gray
    Mary Baxter

    Feb. Term 1806
    Demcy Williams
    Tho. Gregory
    Matthew Ellis

    May Term 1806
    Willoughby Morris
    Will. Glasgow
    John Briggs
    Grace Jarvis
    Robert Basnett

    Aug. Term 1806
    Benja. Taylor Senr.
    Mary Austin

    Page 5
    Will. Bell
    Griffith Gray

    Nov. Term 1806
    John Poyner
    Mary White
    Doct. Patrick Garvy
    Joacum Beesley
    Samuel Brown
    Francis Morse

    Feby Term 1807
    John Bell Senr.
    James Bates
    Joseph Gray Senr.
    Sarah Cherry
    Reuben Etheridge
    Fias (?) Poyner orphn
    Cap. Demcy Douglass
    Joshua Toler

    May Term 1807
    Josiah Nicholson
    Lemuel Russell
    Thomas Gwin
    Elias Williams Senr.
    Elizabeth Ferebee
    Absalom Grieves
    Christopher Farrow
    William Rollins
    William Quidley
    Obediah West

    Aug Term 1807
    Jonathan Bright
    Nicholas Daniel
    Morris Midgett
    Letisha Brown

    Nov. Term 1807
    Stephen Weskett
    Jonathan Taylor
    Thomas Ballance
    James Hutchins
    Matthias Toler Senr.
    Joyce Shannon
    Thomas Walker

    Page 6
    Feb. Term 1808
    Christian Daniel
    John Snow
    Jabez Beels
    Levin Twiford
    Henry Kinsey
    Elizabeth Ferebee
    Enoch Paine
    John Bell Senr.
    Barnabee Ethridge
    Lewis Cox
    Edward Daniel
    Mary Poyner
    Samuel Holstead
    John Tatum
    Caleb Parr

    May Term 1808
    Spence Hall Esqr.
    Jonathan Taylor Senr.
    Jacob Dowdie
    William Davis
    Mary Tillett
    John Cudworth
    John Brabble Senr.
    Howard Farrow
    Samuel Midgett Senr.
    Benjamin Morris
    Lydia Poyner
    Benjamin Taylor Senr.
    Joshua Simpson
    John Williams K. Isld. [probably Knotts Island]
    David Carroll
    Lemuel Sanderson
    Soloman Kinsey
    Elijah Adderson

    Page 7
    Nov. Term 1808
    Caleb Bell
    James Forbes
    Wm. Holowell

    Feby. Term 1809
    William Parr
    Comfort Litchfield
    William Hutchins
    William Bryant
    Letisha Williams
    Grace Whitehurst
    Benjamin Cox
    William Brickhouse
    Demcy Dough
    David Savin
    Edward West

    May Term 1809
    Willis Morris
    Benjamin Cox
    James Conley
    Elizabeth Mitchael
    Susanna Dough
    Elizabeth Jarvis
    Malachi Mercer
    Joseph Gregory
    Mary Bryant
    Richd. S. Paine
    Edward Parker
    Wm. & Samuel Holowell
    Samuel Jarvis Senr.
    Francis Midgett
    Michael Powers

    Aug. Term 1809
    Samuel Edy
    Ann Adison
    Thomas Mercer Senr.
    Patrick White
    Daniel Austin

    Page 8
    Frederick Daily
    Andrew Pell

    Nov. Term 1809
    Anthony Douglass
    John Creeff
    Cornelius Gregory
    James Phillips Esqr.
    Jean Melson
    Caleb White
    Thos. Jarvis B. S. [Blacksmith]

    Feby. Term 1810
    William Simpson
    Daniel Midgett Junr.
    John Midgett
    Daniel Midgett
    Norris Daniel
    Francis Brickhouse
    Thomas Barrott
    Sarah Bowren
    Zebulon Lee
    Thomas Mercer Junr.
    Sarah Bright
    Francis Ethridge

    May Term 1810
    Christopher Williams
    Nancy Bray
    James Ballentine
    Harry Mcherson
    John Humphries

    Aug. Term 1810
    John Scurr
    John Daily
    Francis Farrow
    William Burrus
    Edward Taylor
    Samuel Poyner
    Charles Bradly
    Phillip Lee
    James Wall

    Page 9
    Nov. Term 1810
    Charlotte White
    Aaron Dough
    Mark Davis
    John Stewart
    Richard Sawyer
    Isaac Brown
    Richd. Ethridge
    Reuben Taylor

    Feb. Term 1811
    William Wheatly
    Zebulon Lee
    Wm. Beasley
    Alpheus Baum

    May Term 1811
    Amey Bright
    Thomas Sheargold
    Joseph Howard
    Avery Tillett
    Priscilla Miller
    James Parsons
    John Hutchings
    Samuel W. Forbes
    Luke Barnard
    Hezekiah Farrow
    Mary Hollowell

    Aug. Term 1811
    Abner Robinson
    Lemuel Walker
    Peter Chisnel
    Willo. Cooper
    William Flora
    Charles V. Herbert

    Nov. Term 1811
    William Wheatly
    Mary Conley
    Jessee Gregory

    Page 10
    Feb. Term 1812
    Robert Fletcher
    Caleb Coats
    Thos. Mercer orphn
    Jacob Gibson
    Willis Ethridge

    May Term 1812
    Charles Gilden
    Francis Farrow
    Amey Bright
    Henry Ansell
    James Green
    Isaac Bright

    Aug. Term 1812
    Stephen Rodgers
    Avery & Sally Tillet
    Rachel Daily

    Nov. Term 1812
    Gideon Marchant
    George Scarborough
    Thomas Banks
    David Jones
    Charles Ballance
    Wm. Snow Senr.
    Peter Barnard

    Feb. Term 1813
    Sarah Glasgow
    John Berry
    George Powers

    May Term 1813
    Adam Ethridge Senr.
    Caleb Cox
    Wm. Miller
    Adam Dough
    Wm. Midgett
    Robert Fletcher
    Julia Waterfield
    Paul Pugh
    Anthony Douglass Junr.
    Moses Fancher
    Asa Walker

    Page 11
    Aug. Term 1813
    Sarah Padrick
    Samuel Tillett
    Waitman Forbes

    Nov. Term 1813
    Demcy Ethridge
    Matthias Toler
    Zorabable Harrison
    Robert D. West
    John Mercer
    Amos Gray
    John Bell
    Samuel Tillett
    Solomon Alcock
    John Scurr

    Feb. Term 1814
    Phillip Lufman
    John Simmons
    Samuel W. Warner
    Joseph Ballentine Senr.
    Affiah Daily

    May Term 1814
    Hezekiah Farrow
    John Davis
    Caleb Burkett
    Jessee Tillett orphn
    Thomas Gray
    Lemuel Ethridge
    Pearceval Dring
    Nancy Perkins
    John Macoy

    Aug. Term 1814
    Caleb Manning
    William Rodgers
    Frederick Daniel
    Thomas Alleson
    Etherd Robeson
    Sarah West
    Lemuel Gregory
    Demcy Ballance

    David Daniel

    Nov. Term 1814
    Simeon Sawyer
    Wm. Ethridge
    Matthias Toler
    Abagail Spence
    Adam Ethridge Senr.
    William Lovitt

    Feb. Term 1815
    John Mercer
    Simeon Sawyer
    Solomon Jarvis Senr.
    Thomas Gibson
    Evan Dauge
    William Ethridge
    James Green
    Samuel Whitehurst
    Peter Ballantine Senr.

    May Term 1815
    Thomas Mercer
    Sarah Toler
    James Fente (?)
    John Tatum
    Elijah Marmaduke
    Sally Cavender
    Mercer Jarvis
    Mariam Gregory
    Jesee Garrett (or Garrell?)
    John Harris
    Benjamin Stephens
    Christopher Bundy
    Davis Bright
    Demcy Casey
    Benjamin Cooper
    Caleb T. Wilson
    Prudence Scurr
    Thomas Best
    Adam Ethridge Senr.
    Obediah Capts

    Page 13
    Nov. Term 1809
    Abel Ashbee

    Feb. Term 1810
    Abel Ashbee

    Aug. Term 1810
    Abel Ashbee
    Abel Ashbee

    Nov. Term 1811
    Abel Ashbee

    May Term 1801
    Henry Holowell...a copy
    Cornelius Caves
    Elizabeth Dauge
    Henry Bright
    Sally Lee...will
    John Brown
    Catherine Jones

    Nov. Term 1801
    Obediah Capps

    Grace Shergold
    Joseph Burkett
    George Caffee
    Elizabeth Turton
    Nancy Sanderson
    Giles Gibbs

    John Simmons

    Daniel Parr

    Aug. Term 1805
    Thomas Marchant

    Aug. Term 1807
    Hanson Bright

    Feby. Term 1810
    William Fentress

    Feby. Term 1811
    Amey Fentress

    Aug. Term 1811
    Samuel Dozier Senr.
    John Hutchins

    Nov. Term 1811
    James Dozier Junr.

    May Term 1812
    Edward Walker

    Aug. Term 1812
    Edward Walker

    Feby. Term 1813
    John Scurr
    John Scurr
    John Scurr

    Aug. Term 1813
    Charles Lindsey

    Feb. Term 1814
    Chloe Weskett
    William Twiford

    Aug. Term 1814
    James Greeney

    Page 14
    Aug. Term 1815
    Thomas Brown
    Mary Burgess
    Susanna Sawyer
    Henry Ballentine
    Priscilla Walker
    Willoughby Dozier Senr.
    James Gregory
    Lemuel Gregory
    Thomas Chandler
    James Toler
    William Jones
    Thomas Boswood
    Hadley Woodhouse
    William Wilson Senr.
    Solomon Bright Senr.

    Nov. Term 1815
    Benjamin Cowell
    Robert Poyner
    Samuel Berry
    Reuben Ball
    Jane Mercer
    John Hill

    Nov. Term 1814
    Evan Jones

    Aug. Term 1815
    Joseph Baxter
    Moses Capps

    Feby. Term 1799
    Thomas Tatum

    Feby. Term 1811
    Daniel Dunton

    Feby. Term 1816
    Henry Culpepper
    Doxey Jones
    Thomas Walker
    Catherine Walker
    Mary Dowdie
    Demcy West
    Daniel Morris

    Page 15
    George Rowland
    Louis Clarkson
    Mary Mercer
    John Gregory
    William Flora
    Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Williams
    John Aydelett
    Bowen Green
    Thomas Heath
    Benjamin Brickhouse Senr.

    May Term 1816
    Mary Henley
    Zachariah Taylor
    Gideon Marchant
    Robert Burrus
    Mary Woodhouse
    Thomas Midyett
    Jacob Dunton
    Mary Poyner
    Thomas Farrow
    Thomas Austin
    Southward Waterfield
    Sampson Ethridge Senr.
    Demcy Gregory
    Patsey Chittum

    Aug. Term 1816
    Wallis Bray
    Levi W. Hall
    John Lovett
    John Jarvis
    Peter Etheridge
    Stephen W. Beasley
    John Flower
    William Holstead
    John Stephens

    Page 16
    Benjamin Dough
    William Fisher
    James Hawkins

    Nov. Term 1816
    Robert Bell
    William Dowdie
    Jolliff Holstead
    Thomas Griggs
    Simon Matthias
    Simon Wilson
    Jesse Ethridge
    Sarah Bell

    Feby. Term 1817
    John Stephens
    James Poyner
    Mary Jones
    Nathan Ethridge
    Hadley Woodhouse
    Lydia Bowen
    Lydia Stephens
    Zachariah Morse
    George Poyner
    John Garritt (or Garrill?)
    Joseph Ballentine Junr.
    John M. Hall
    Aaron Bright
    Lovey Ballentine

    May Term 1817
    John Barnard
    Moses Capps
    Francis Coats
    Thomas Mitchael
    Henry Tatum
    James Hall
    Elizabeth & Wm G. Hayman
    Rachel Morris

    Page 17
    Lovey Holstead
    Aaron Bright

    Aug. Term 1817
    William Tatum
    Armstead Soals
    Enoch Whitehurst
    Benjamin Northern
    William Williams

    Nov. Term 1817
    Jeremiah Mercer
    Jacob Sandlin

    Feby. Term 1818
    Bowen Green
    John Aydelott
    Samuel Creekmur
    William Lurry
    Thomas Taylor
    Sally McKimmy
    Olliff Allison
    Wilson Woodhouse
    Nathan Tatum
    Thomas Garrett Esqr.
    John Saunderson

    Feby. Term 1816
    Mary Henly

    Feby. Term 1818 (or 1813?)
    James Ethridge Junr.

    May Term 1813
    William Perkins Senr.

    Feby. Term 1814
    John Bowen
    Hillary Morse
    Ryland Fancher

    Feby. Term 1818
    Henry Saunderson

    Page 18
    May Term 1818
    Willoughby Wheatly
    Thomas Best
    Joshua Holstead
    Letitia Lee
    Francis Farrow
    Caleb T. Wilson
    Spence West
    Samuel Ethridge
    Christopher O' Neal
    Spencer Midyett
    John Ansel

    Aug. Term 1818
    George Howard
    Elias Lee
    Gideon Whitehurst
    Tully Collins
    Benjamin Cowell
    James Dozier Senr.

    Nov. Term 1818
    Jonathan Kemp
    William Parr

    Page 19
    Feby. Term 1819
    David L. Delano
    George Howard (supplement)
    Branson Bell
    Benjamin Powers
    Josph. Gray Esqr.
    Samuel Jarvis
    Josiah Nicholson
    John Stephens

    May Term 1819
    James Duesberry
    Sarah Taylor
    Robert Simmons
    Christopher Rolinson
    Tolson Daniel
    Nathaniel Quidley
    Beseley Keziah

    Aug. Term 1819
    Burroughs Matthias
    Robert B. Poyner
    James Henry
    Mary Dough

    Nov. Term 1819
    Mary Austin
    Demcy Forbes
    Caleb Simmons (supplement)
    Thomas Ethridge

    Page 20
    Feby. Term 1820
    Dolly Cockran
    Jesse Capps
    Peter Morse
    Josias Nicholson
    Arthur Northern
    James Northern