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C. [Clement] F. Dozier - 1869

Jan Term 1869 - The petition of Z.M. DOXEY, admr'. of C.F. DOZIER, states that he qualified as administrator on Sept. 7, 1868 and that from the best information he has, the debts due from the estate amount to about $1500.00 and he is of the opinion that the personal estate is worth about $200.  He further states that at the times of the intestate's death he was seized and possessed of two tract of land, to wit: One tract in Currituck Co. adjoining the lands of Isaac AYDLETT, Adam FORBES and others containing 240 acres and worth about $1000.00, being the land that the said DOZIER resided on at the time of his death.  The other tract in Currituck Co. adjoins the lands of Quinton COTTER, Isaac SNOWDEN & H.E. BAXTER and contains 75 acres and is worth about $400.00.  He owned no other real estate and that the said land upon his death descended to his nieces Dozier Ann McBRIDE, an infant without guardian, and Margaret GORDON, wife W.R. GORDON, subject however to the dower of Mary Aletha DOZIER, widow of the intestate which has not yet been allotted to her.  He states that it is necessary that the land be sold in order to pay the debts & charges of administration.  /s/ L.D. STARKE, Atty. for Petitioner.  January 3, 1869

Jan Term 1869 - J.B. LEE was appointed guardian ad litem to Dozier Ann McBRIDE, orphan of C.F. DOZIER, and Z.M. DOXEY was granted license to sell real estate to pay debts.

9 July 1869 - Account of Sales of the personal property of C.F. DOZIER.  Various buyers were Daniel GRIGGS, John EVANS, Tilmon WOODHOUSE, Joshua HARRISON and Mager E. WOODHOUSE.  /not signed/

not dated - Report of Sale.  Z.M. DOXEY, adm'r. of C.F. DOZIER, states that after due advertisement he proceeded to sell on March 6, 1869 the lands of C.F. DOZIER at which time John BROCK was the highest bidder of the home tract for $318.00.  The Guinea tract adjoining the lands of Quinton COTTER and others was sold for $75.00 to J.J. BAXTER.  /s/ Z.M. DOXEY

Aug Term 1869 - Mary A. DOZIER, widow of C.F. DOZIER, states that her husband died intestate in June 1868 and that she has had her one year's support allotted to her but the commissioners have failed to file their report and she prays that the Court has them to file.  /s/ P.H. MORGAN

30 Aug 1869 - Commissioners Report of one year's support to Mary A. DOZIER, widow of C.F. DOZIER.  Total allotment was $353.75.  /s/ W.S. HARRISON, J.M. WOODHOUSE, Josephus BAUM, Hezekiah [x] OWENS

[Source: Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926; Vol. Brumsey-Ferebee (Microfilm G.030.1862909)]

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